August 2010 News Time flying is becoming an ongoing theme in these newsletters. It seemed like summer just started, and now it's nearly over. Soon, t

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August 2010 News

Time flying is becoming an ongoing theme in these newsletters. It seemed like summer just started, and now it's nearly over. Soon, the kids will be back in school, and I'll be back to my "normal" routine -- whatever that is. Apparently it involves some amount of writing and artwork and -- upon occasion -- actual publishing.

Next month, I also hope to have a lot more stories up on Amazon than I have now - as I've spent quite a bit of time on writing and art lately. But we'll talk about that more below, as well as where you can get more of my writing for free on a regular basis.

The Sharks Are Circling! (But they're not editors, this time.)

Last month, I previewed a few of my upcoming stories, thinking, at the time, that I'd probably have some of them up online by now. However, Muses work in mysterious ways, and part of being a writer/artist is following the Muse when she tugs on your metaphorical leash.

I thought that this past month I would write an Umira story, and I did -- just not the story I thought I was going to write. Instead of doing "Haunter from the Depths," I ended up being inspired by Shark Week (on the Discovery Channel) and wrote"Monster Shark" instead. Then I did a cover for it.

"Monster Shark" (visual above and below) is one of 6 stories that I've written recently. My Muse likes me writing; she also likes me doing art - which is why I've done some nifty new covers, too. Trouble is, doing all that has left me precious little time for polishing/editing. And as we all should know by now, I rewrite everything at least 3 times before I release it. So, "Crimson & Dragons," the Dungeons & Dinosaurs story, and Snowraven, as well as Umira and several others will have to wait a bit longer before you read them. They're "done," but they're not done. Not quite.

As a result, not a lot of new stuff for you to buy this month, but soon, a veritable deluge -- and some of it -- including Umira herself -- has sharp, pointy teeth.


No New Stories for Sale Yet - But Some Very Cool Free Art

Check out the covers above. Pretty cool, eh? You've seen at least one of them before, "Crash of the Titans," (though this is a revised cover image) and another is a re-work for a new edition of a book you may already have, Luck o' the Irish. The other two are brand new images done for stories I'm in the process of polishing and editing.

Here's the cool part, though, they're also the basis for a brand new set of wallpapers that I've just put up on my site. You can download them for free just by clicking this sentence!

So, saddle up, go to and put them on your desktop. Oh, and don't forget to drop me a line and tell me what you think. (Which one you like best, etc.) I look forward to hearing from you!

Time War in Stalking the Wild Hare (featuring Crimson)

Last month I announced the release of my new all-SDS-mythology story, "Time War," contained in the Stalking the Wild Hare anthology. TW features references to just about every piece of creator-owned work I've done over my career - and homages to other work as well. It stars fan-favorite Crimson, and introduces a new character, Orm: the Demon-Borne. It also features a homage (if I were British I'd say "an homage") to my favorite time traveler. Not only is it a great primer to my work, but I think those of you who are already fans will really love it.

But if you read this newsletter last month, you already knew all that. The good news is that any day now, the book should be available on So, right after you read this, type my name and "Time War" into the Amazon search engine, and see if it comes up. If not, try again tomorrow. (Any day now, really.)

And remember, there are more than 20 other great authors in on this project with me, including: Jean Rabe, Mike Stackpole, and Tim Waggoner. As always, my books you buy on Amazon can be used as part of their free shipping program.

Still Available - But Not in This Form Much Longer!

As I said last month, there will be new versions of Zombies, Werewolves, & Unicorns and Luck o' the Irish coming out in the very near future. The new format of Luck (see the cover above) should be out in September. Zombies might make it then, too. So, if you want the original editions, it's "Get 'em now or pay EBay prices later!" Order your copies of the original editions by clicking the book covers right now!


Want more of my writing for free? Check my blogs!

For those of you Jonesing for more of my writing - and too impatient to wait for the next story (especially when my Muse keeps me writing and doing art rather than editing and finishing) -- there is relief in sight! In addition to my main website -- -- I also maintain several blogs. Usually, they feature similar content to each other, and often that content is reviews of supernatural programs on TV. So, if you want to know what's going on in current supernature - the kind of things I often write about -- the blogs are the place to go! So, since the two blogs are similar, I'll just mention Howls & Growls for now. You can click through from there to my blogspot blog if, say, you're not fond of dark-themed blog presentations.

Help me keep the world of the paranormal "honest" by tuning in and checking out what I have to say!

Coming Soon! (Really! I promise!)


Free Stories Still Available!

As you all should know by now, my "write a review, get a free story" policy continues -- and some folks are having fun building up their free story collection! So, if you've posted something on your blog, or Facebook, or Amazon (or elsewhere), let me know. You can contact me through those services, my website, or just write to

For your efforts, I'll send you a free story in PDF format. I'll even try to send something you haven't seen before. And, those who put up reviews are also likely to get a first look at my new stuff -- like "Monster Shark," "Snowraven," Dungeons & Dinosaurs, "Crimson & Dragons," or something cool you haven't even thought of yet. So, what are you waiting for? Get typing!

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