You can Clear your Christmas list at Red Shed Cottage Chic! Drop by or Order for Mailing! For hundreds of thoughtful, unique,& one of a kind gifts,

Red Shed Santa Hat

You can Clear your Christmas list at Red Shed Cottage Chic!

Drop by or Order for Mailing!

For hundreds of thoughtful, unique,& one of a kind gifts, look no further than the Red Shed. We are open 6 days a week, with easy in and out parking!

Here are a few fun ideas....

Ornaments handmade from vintage keys and crystals from France, as well as beautiful heavily beaded mini wreaths, are fabulous enough to embellish a home all year long. Each under $20.

IMG 5005
IMG 5008

Light up a smile with an excellent selection of hand embellished candles. All are custom wired with mostly vintage rhinestone baubles. Everyone loves a beautiful candle! These look great in a group, on a mirror, or on candle holders, which are also available.

IMG 25ABE7FB-8C45-4BAD-92E4-9A3824792645 2

Pick up a lovely candle adorned with vintage handwritten French music, original French love letters, as well as burlap, vintage lace, antique French crystals, rhinestones and hand dyed ribbon!Lovely scents and most are less than $20! (You won't find these anywhere else, because we make them by hand)

IMG 4970
IMG 4965
IMG 4890

Handmade jewelry is always a hit! Gather great necklaces with French medallions and crystals, or for the perfect $10 Teacher, Church or Girlfriend gift, our handmade, unique initial necklaces (new style! below,middle)

IMG 5029
IMG 5026
IMG 5028

Too gorgeous, and ONLY at the Red Shed. Hand cast ceramic angel wings with a wall hanger and 1800s book page on the back from "Angelic Wisdom" (talks about what angels do in Heaven). Handmade "soap on a rope" was just brought back from France. These are large and beautiful! A great selection of vintage Book Stacks look great in every home and every montage. Ours are are adorned with antique French lace, hand dyed ribbon, vintage lace or paper roses and always little bling.

IMG 5011
IMG 5027
IMG 5023

If you have not experienced one of our French Gypsum Sachets, trust us, you will have one Happy loved one! We bring them back from Paris, and we are the ONLY ones in the US that have them. These wonderful sachets are infused with lovely perfumed scents that last for months! This is what WE give for gifts!


You can still find a great selection of handmade Christmas decor including wreaths, velvet ornaments and muslin & rhinestone Christmas trees.

IMG 5015
IMG 5009
IMG 5020

Of course you can always find great French and Cottage Style antiques, and all the furniture you will need to make your guests comfortable. We have 20% off all non handmade Christmas, and a free fabulous & sweet gift for yourself of Lindor Truffles, a Lindor discount coupon, and a chance to win $1000! (No purchase needed...our Thank You)

Gift Certificates! The PERFECT Gift!

Make it easy on your loved ones and tell them you want to get (or give) a Red Shed Gift Certificate for Christmas! We have beautiful certificates that come with a matching envelope for easy giving or mailing.

The Ultimate Gift! A trip to France

Give or Get the Ultimate Gift of shopping the French flea markets with the Red Shed Girls! We are starting to fill our trips for Fall of 2012. Call for more details.


Many of the items on this email are not on our website, so please call to order: 817-310-6006.
Many more items are on our website, just visit HERE: to order.


Thank You!

Finally, Thank You for being our wonderful customers and friends. We love it when you drop by just to visit us or to get a "Red Shed" fix. We Thank You for appreciating the spirit we try to create and for supporting us in all of our hard work. Please come by to pick up your gift of chocolate so we can wish you a Merry Christmas and tell you Thank You in person!

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