WHO IS CLANESE MONAE? ▪ Age: 24 years old▪ Weight: 135 lbs▪ Height: 5’4▪ Stats: 37c-27-41▪ Shoe size: 71/2, 8 (depending on shoe) Clanese Monae’



Age: 24 years old
Weight: 135 lbs
Height: 5’4
Stats: 37c-27-41
Shoe size: 71/2, 8 (depending on shoe)

Clanese Monae’ born and raised in San Diego, California never thought that she would develop a passion for modeling. It wasn’t something that she ultimately thought she would want to make a career out of.

Growing up Clanese played volleyball, soccer & was a tomboy who wanted to be a veterinarian when she got older. It wasn’t until October of 2009 did she step out into the modeling world. Deciding to turn the hurt and pain of her boyfriend's passing into something positive she did her first photo-shoot;something that he had wanted so much for her to try when he was alive.

Two years later Clanese has worked hard to live up to her unique name and be something different to the modeling industry. One of her greatest accomplishments have been being featured in DreamGirls Magazine and on XXL magazines eye candy section. She hopes to be in more magazines, music videos and becoming a household name while remaining humble and appreciative to all the opportunites that have came and are coming her way.