Herbie friends and beloved Amrita family I've been remiss in my newsletters! Life has gotten SO busy - but I truly love connecting with you! So, in


Herbie friends and beloved Amrita family

I've been remiss in my newsletters! Life has gotten SO busy - but I truly love connecting with you!

So, in order to bring you something more personal to make up for it, I've begun working on a SPECIAL Q & A ISSUE.

If you've got something you want to ask me, now's the time! It can be anything herbal, product making, wild plants, trees, medicine making, or about my life as a homeschooling mom of two teenagers :)
Anything! What car I drive or favorite music! lol

I'll pick the most relevant and/or compelling.

SEND YOUR Q's to plantjourneys@gmail.com or simply reply to this newsletter.

I promise to lace it with pretty photos.

Can't wait!

In the meantime ... here are some snippets of the things keeping life full to the brim .... ( and a PINK TEA recipe for your sipping pleasure)

Mug  heron 002

My morning cuppa: french press coffee spiked with Lapsang Souchong tea. Mmm

Mug  heron 005

Our Great Blue Heron friends are back for frogging time!

Chocolate Rose Cream 008

Whipped up 3 batches of my famous Chocolate-Rose Cream, and oooh la la it came out divine! There are only a few left in the shop.


I gave my daughter McKenzie her first driving lesson <3

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My hubby Eric and I have gotten our home business up and rolling - a welcome change after brutal job market failures.

Sage flower

My son, Sage, who prefers his photo to be not of him :) has been singing at the top of his lungs, and is preparing for two shows: Seussical, and As You Like It. His repeat list is likely filled with songs from GLEE.

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I seem to by slightly obsessed with making herbals that are pink, or red. These are chocolate-rose balms leftover from making tubed lip balms.

Talon Team Hike 006

I've been watching the transformation of the trees as they blossom from flowers to seeds to leaves. This is an American Elm tree.

Temple Teas 010

And I've been making more teas! My favorite lately are teas that are .... you guessed it, pink and red.

Pink Pleasure Potion

To a heat proof 1 Quart Jar, add:

1/3 Cup Red Clover blossoms
1-2 TBsp Hibiscus flower
1 TBsp Elderberries
1 TBsp Hawthorn berries
1 TBsp Dried cherries
1 Teaspoon Roses

Pour in boiled water, cover.

Steep 4 hours, strain and enjoy! Always nice with a splash of sparkling kombucha or fizzy water and lemon. And honey if you wish.

This is the perfect tea for surprisingly hot spring days. (We just had one of 90 degrees!) It's refreshing, cooling, adaptogenic, and the astringency helps the body to retain hydration, thus preventing hiking headaches and sports fatigue. I push this one on McKenzie who's a Soccer Goalkeeper and needs to be alert and ready for lots of physical exertion every day, rain, shine, or heat! Plus, it's mineral packed, making muscle recovery much easier.

Definitely a good one to take on your hike.

April Cheers!!

Mt Tom Hike 3.11.12 033

Ananda Lakshmi Wilson

Herbalist, Guerrilla Mom ;)


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