Mayo Clinic Studies, Advances Understanding Of Concussions In Motocross Awareness of concussions among high school athletes playing football, hockey


Mayo Clinic Studies, Advances Understanding Of Concussions In Motocross


Awareness of concussions among high school athletes playing football, hockey and other sports has increased dramatically in the past few years. Parents and coaches are beginning to understand the dangers associated with concussions. Now, new information is emerging about concussions in motocross riders, thanks to studies at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

How do you know if a rider has suffered a concussion? When do you take them to see a doctor? When is it safe for them to get back on their machine?

Mike Quinn is trying to answer those and other questions for motocross racers, trail riders, and their parents; and is very qualified to do more

Thinking About Building A New Trail? First, Process The Process


First In A Series.

The NOHVCC Public Lands Advocacy DVD, and the workshop and webinar series it is based on, are designed to assist OHV enthusiasts, government agency personnel and other interested parties with creating and maintaining sustainable OHV trails. This article series highlights key points of that information.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” goes the old saying. The same goes for trail-building. Whether you’re building your first trail or your next trail, it will be a long trip, with successful steps worth celebrating along the way, as well as any number of unexpected obstacles and detours.

For the first-time trail builder, taking that first step can feel daunting. Mapping out a route that leads to success begins with knowing how it’s done. “There’s no way you can influence the process unless you understand the process,” said Karen Umphress, Project Manager with NOHVCC, and a moderator for the popular NOHVCC Public Land Advocacy Webinar more

Cooperative Effort Helps Knott County, KY, Put The Focus On OHV Safety


Knott County, Kentucky, had plenty of ATVs and dirt bikes, and hundreds of miles of unmanaged trails in the Appalachian Mountains to ride them on. The trouble was, it also had its share of OHV-related fatalities. So the community rallied together and built the Knott County ATV & Motorcycle Rider Training Center. Opened in 2007, it is one of the finest education facilities in the country for ATV, dirt bike and street motorcycle riders.

Knott County Judge-Executive Randy Thompson led the charge to build the facility. “Our terrain is mountainous and we had a lot of people riding, me included. We were having a lot of accidents,” said Judge Thompson. “By doing the training facility first, we felt like we were sending a message that it was an extremely important component of what we were trying to do.”

Judge Thompson visited a Honda Rider Education Center for ideas, then partnered with the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA), American Honda, and the Kentucky Recreational Trails more

Woodland Mini Enduro Puts Kids On Course For The Future


During the trophy presentation at the Woodland Mini Enduro in central Minnesota, the winning riders are handed one-of-a-kind, vintage trophies from the personal collections of motocross and flat-track racers of the past. As you might expect, the kids, parents and racing legends are all smiles. “The kids don't seem to mind getting a used trophy, especially when it's a big one,” said Bob Maki, enduro trail boss.

The Woodland Mini Enduro is a special "youth only" enduro for riders ages 4 to 15. It’s held by the Norsemen Motorcycle Club, that promotes enduro, hare scrambles, dual sport and dirt track TT events in Minnesota AMA District 23. Mini enduro classes include “Micro & Macro” for boys and girls ages 4 to 8, “PeeWee” for ages 7 to 11, a separate “Girls” class for ages 9 to 15, and a “Premier” class for riders 7 to 15 with larger dirt more

Does Your Trail Project Have What it Takes?

CRT2010 Agassiz

The Coalition for Recreational Trails (CRT) is a federation of national and regional trails related organizations including motorized and non-motorized organizations. The purpose of the group is to support the continuation of the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) which funds trail projects in all 50 states. To help create awareness of the program and its benefits to the states, CRT created its annual achievement awards in 2000.

This year, it is even more important than ever to make sure our legislators understand the need for RTP and how it impacts our trail systems. The awards will be presented during the Great Outdoors Week (June 2 – 10) in Washington DC. If your trail project has what it takes and wins an award, your legislators will be invited to the awards ceremony. Can you think of a better way to show your legislators the value of your motorized trail projects? read more

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