December 2011 Happy New Year from Creating the New World! As we say farewell to 2011, may we feel the peace, abundance, joy, and freedom in our hear

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December 2011

Happy New Year from Creating the New World!

As we say farewell to 2011, may we feel the peace, abundance, joy, and freedom in our hearts and build our lives, communities, and the New World on that scaffolding in 2012.

Welcome to the second edition of New World News™, where we're gearing up for a busy year introducing Creating the New World in person and online, and inviting people everywhere to begin world-building with us. If you missed our introductory edition and want to get a bit more context, you can find it here.

As we close out 2011 and look forward to 2012, we see signs everywhere that it is, most definitely, time for what we've been working so hard to develop. If nothing else, 2011 made three things abundantly clear:

1. The Old World, based in violence, scarcity, fear, and oppression is dismantling itself.
2. Our existing systems and structures are broken beyond repair, unable to take us forward.
3. Humanity is ready to start creating the New World.

In this edition of New World News™, we'll share what we've been doing over the last year to gear up to be of service in this time of great change, the exciting things we've put in place to empower you to get this world-building party started, and what we're planning for 2012.


Looking Back and Moving Forward

2011 Highlights

2011 was a productive year of development here at CtNW. We refined our presentation materials, launched the Phase I web site and blog, started New World News™, produced new brochures and videos, made presentations, started development on the CtNW Facilitators Guide, and established some key partnerships.

We also developed a one-sentence statement that captures, as well as one sentence can, the breadth and depth of what we’re offering:

Creating the New World is a design for a locally autonomous, globally coherent world-building movement in which, “We, the People” literally create a world that reflects our deepest truths and highest aspirations as human beings.

We’ve been so encouraged by the amazing work many of you are doing out in the world to address each of the national and global challenges we face. We’re very happy to see ordinary people in cities around the world standing visibly in solidarity for a peaceful, abundant, joyful, and free world for all. And, we’re super excited to start empowering us all as one coherent world-building force to take all our efforts to the next level, which we plan to do in 2012.


2012 Aspirations

In 2012, the active world-building begins. We’ll be introducing CtNW and inviting all world-builders to join us to build out and mobilize the movement. To that end, we’ll be focusing on four priorities this year:
* Community engagement, speaking, gathering the world-builders.
* Curriculum development.
* Phase II web site development.
* Writing the book that will serve as inspiration and reference manual for world-building.

We’ve already hit the ground running on our first priority of community engagement. We’ve just launched a creative, grassroots way to get things started in four communities this Spring. We hope one of them is yours! Learn more below about how you can bring a pre-paid, empowering workshop to your community, and about how you can help jumpstart a people’s movement to create of a thriving new humanity and abundant, sustainable world.


Juicy Important Stuff

After years of preparation, we’re ready to engage humanity in creating it’s own bright future. We’ve got two exciting news items to share and engage you in that we believe will allow us to do just that.

"Empower Your Community. Transform the World." Crowd-Sourcing Campaign

Screen shot 2011-12-31 at 7.39.39 AM

World-building doesn't happen on web sites or in newsletters. It happens in person, in community, by direct experience.

We’ve launched a creative, grassroots way to get things started with our “Empower Your Community. Transform the World” crowd-sourcing campaign. In true grassroots fashion, the campaign pre-pays CtNW workshops in four communities this Spring by inviting “We, the People” to vote for their community and contribute small amounts to ensure that anyone who wants to participate in the workshops can.

This campaign is about more than “funding workshops.” It’s the start of doing things in New World ways. The New World won’t be created by the elite, with policy, in the halls of power. It will be created by ordinary people like us, with passion, in the heart of community. By crowd-sourcing this movement right from the start, CtNW intends to demonstrate that ‘We, the People’ can rise to the occasion and create our own future together. Let's prove it to ourselves that we can do it!

We invite you to participate in and share the campaign with your community, social networks, friends, and family. The campaign site makes it super easy to get involved. Click the campaign image above to see the video, learn more, contribute, and share.

Partnership with Power of One

Power of One Logo ONLY

CtNW and Power of One are teaming up to “Be the Change.” Our work together on collaborative projects over the last 18 months has made it clear that our visions, missions, principles, and activities powerfully complement each other.

Power of One’s mission is inspire and empower integrated action by people and organizations toward transformation to a peaceful, sustainable global society. To this end, they develop initiatives, partnerships, and collaborations that stimulate creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovative financing and business models in service to the whole.

CtNW is a key initiative Power of One will be supporting in 2012 and beyond. They’ve initiated several exciting projects intended to attract investors, partners, and world-builders for CtNW as part of the Founding Family of the New World. Through Power of One, you can make a tax-deductible contribution to CtNW. Learn more and get involved here.

You can also check out the video from one of our early collaborative projects: Humanity’s Date with Destiny.

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CtNW Info Corner

We’re often asked: What makes CtNW different than other initiatives?

It’s a fair question typically asked to help differentiate between “competitors.” CtNW is so different, the question itself doesn’t apply! Although there are many things that distinguish our offering from others, the whole purpose of it is to empower cohesive collaboration, rather than promote competition. So, we answer this way:

CtNW is a unique meta-strategy. It responds to all our global challenges simultaneously and holistically, not by competing with other initiatives, but by empowering, uniting, and leveraging them. It’s the only initiative that frames creating the New World as a concrete task, lays out the body of work necessary, offers a viable participative way to carry it out, and that is also:
* Foundational—Addresses and acts on the foundational source of all challenges.
* Transcendent—Focuses on creating what we most deeply want without the limitations of the current structures.
* Unifying—Harnesses energy with inclusion, acceptance, and deep truths common to all and treats differences as resources, rather than as sources of conflict.
* Holistic—Treats systemic, interconnected challenges as such by engaging, empowering, and focusing the whole system on the whole system.
* Concrete—Empowers people to create the New World through direct experience and concrete projects.
* Complete—Includes the entire manifestation process, from awareness to action.
* Creative—Taps into our innate power, ability, and joy as creators.
* Scalable—Implements local solutions on a global scale.
* Practical—Translates our deepest truths and highest aspirations into practical reality.
* Empowering—Creates, supports, and amplifies individual and collective power.
* Fun—Uses fun, joy, and humor as strategic assets.


Notes from Nancy

The Last Chapter in Humanity 1.0: The Old World.

New Years’ is always a time of reflection and looking forward. I find myself reflecting back several years, rather than on just this past one. It’s as if these last few years can’t be separated from the hum-dinger that was 2011. To me, they feel like plot-thickening paragraphs in the last chapter of “Humanity 1.0: The Old World,” and 2011, the cliffhanger that set the stage for the sequel, “Humanity 2.0: The New World.” Taken together, they’ve been quite the page-turner, leaving us in anxious (if not eager) anticipation of what’s next.

I also find it harder and harder to separate my own personal journey from the larger one humanity is experiencing. I see the journey from “Humanity 1.0” to “Humanity 2.0” as just a super-size version of the personal one many of us are experiencing in our own lives, where we feel compelled to recreate ourselves in response to our rapidly changing world. Or, in response to an evolutionary impulse to rapidly change our world, whichever the case may be. My sense is that for many of us, it’s a little bit of both.

It feels like the final paragraphs of “Nancy 1.0: The Old World” coincide with those that culminate humanity’s “1.0” story, with 2011 as the cliffhanger, and 2012 as the sequel, where the story of 2.0 is written as it is lived—for me and for all of us. My sense is that the “2.0” version of ourselves is what will bring forth the New “2.0” World, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that Nancy 2.0 will be right there in the thick of it.

So, my year-end reflections go back a few years and weave humanity’s journey—your journey and mine—together, and look to 2012 as a book we’ll write together. As co-authors of our future, I hope you’ll read on!

Years ago, when I started this endeavor to assemble a viable way for us to create a whole New World together, people thought I was crazy. I can certainly understand why... CONTINUE READING ON THE BLOG.

All the best,

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From the CtNW Blog

Beyond a Yellow Ribbon: Honoring Veterans Soul to Soul

A deeper honoring of all those who have fought, suffered, and died over the long history of human warfare than typically offered. Favorite quote:

"Soul-to-soul honoring comes from and goes to a place deeper than nationality, pride, politics, or patriotism. It speaks from one human heart to another, where our common Source energy resides and where things that divide us do not."



Upcoming Events

Introduction to Creating the New World


Spring 2012

The community workshops generated through our IndieGoGo crowd-sourcing campaign will be offered this Spring. The locations will be decided by the crowd! That means you! Place your vote to bring one to your community.

We'll let you know where and when they are, and how to register once the campaign is over in mid-March.

You can also host a workshop anytime and anywhere you want! All you need to do is find a space and contact us to get things going. Contact us here.

The intro workshop is a half- or full-day workshop introducing the Creating the New World Architecture™ and its potential as a concrete, viable way forward for humanity. The workshop includes tools for individual, organizational, community, and global transformation, and provides information on opportunities for world-building. The workshop is useful for general audiences and for those considering hosting or becoming a facilitator for the World-Building Workshop. It is also offered for innovators, organizations, potential strategic partners, and communities considering their role in creating the New World.


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Spring 2012

We'll be offering 90-minute webinars this spring, as well. They'll inspire you, empower you, and offer you a way to synergize with other world builders in a way working alone can't. Stay tuned to New World News™ for all the info.

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Simple Actions for World Builders

It's easy to be a world builder!

Here are some quick, easy actions you can take now to step into your world-building leadership role:
* Contribute to our Empower Your Community. Transform the World campaign here.
* Become a member of the Founding Family of the New World here.
* Forward or share this newsletter (below).
* Share web site pages on Facebook.
* Contact us here to invite us for an interview or dialog, or to explore other ways to engage.

You can also contact us, join us in other online spaces, or donate below. Also, if you would like to keep receiving this newsletter, be sure to click subscribe below.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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