Hello there, We're resisting the temptation to start this newsletter with some kind of April fool, especially since we've got this crop of photos rip

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Hello there,

We're resisting the temptation to start this newsletter with some kind of April fool, especially since we've got this crop of photos ripe for a big announcement about how Otesha's going corporate.

ANYWAY, we digress. Welcome our April musings, bursting with great opportunities (be a green jobs campaigner! have the adventure of your life this summer!), great news, and one great two-wheeled challenge.

A big huge thank you to everyone who's become an Otesha member this past month. If you want to play a key role in helping us flourish and you want to get more involved in our community, perhaps you'd like to become a member too?

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Cracking down on food waste                         Climate change still not a hoax

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Our green jobs campaign needs YOU!

Calling all potential community organising superstars!

Here at Otesha, we are passionate about green jobs. We lurve them. That’s why we have been working hard over the past year, coordinating the East London Green Jobs Alliance.

The exciting news is that our ambitions aren’t just local. We want to spread this movement BIGGER. We will be travelling the UK this year, visiting communities to help them start conversations and get some green jobs stuff off the ground. If you are an organiser (or just a really enthusiastic person with good networks) who would like to host an event, or start something up in your community, then get in touch and we will come on down!

p.s. Don’t know what a green job is? Check out the UK Youth Climate Coalition’s definition here.

Seeking cycling troublemakers!


Been thinking about joining us on the road this summerr?

We're pleased to say that there are still a few spots left on the following tours for people who want the adventure of a lifetime. No expert cycling skills required!

Totally Tasty: Spend 4 weeks pedalling round the sunny south east of England from the coast to the capital, learning all about sustainable food and inspiring world-changing action. What's more, this tour is now open to all adventurers over 18.

Western Quest: Whiz round the west from Wales to Devon, Somerset and finally to the pirates of Penzance, inspiring thousands of people along the way to take action on global issues. Open to everyone aged 18-28.

Tastetastic 3 weeks of tastebud-tantalising foodie exploration in Scotland, with no upper age limit.

Straddle your saddle and apply now to join the ride

Monthly challenge: revive your ride

wild bikes

It's officially spring. And that means lovely cycling weather.

Now perhaps you're a committed year-round cyclist (if so, hold tight for your challenge). On the other hand if, like many people, you haven't exactly been riding all winter, before you dust off your panniers and break out the high vis you'll want to show your bike a little love to get it ready for the road.

So this month, we're challenging you to revive your ride: get your bike shipshape for spring or help a friend do the same.

Read on for listings of DIY bike repair spaces and maintenance courses around the UK.

Update on the March Move your Money challenge: Two of us over at Otesha HQ are still hoping to move to ethical bank accounts and intend to do it in April. Everyone else has switched over!

Can cross-stitch can save the world?

Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 14.27.36

What do you get when you combine needlework, social justice, introvert-friendly activism and a good-sized dose of whimsy? A whole new form of craft-based activism: craftivism, if you will.

This month, we interviewed Sarah Corbett, founder of the Craftivist Collective. As she says:

Craftivism is activism using craft methods: provoking people to think about global injustices in a non threatening, non preachy way, normally as street art or as gifts to people, and through cross-stitch, hand-embroidery and other craft methods.

Read our interview to find out why Sarah thinks Craftivism is a great antidote to activism burnout, why it suits introverts, and how she was inspired by her nan.

p.s. Still haven't had enough? Watch what happened when Otesha friend & comedian Josie Long got her craft on with the collective.

Postcard of the month

change bank and fairtrade

This month, we have been mostly....

Reflecting on the ever-so-lovely workers' co-operative, telling the world that twenty's plenty, celebrating Olivia's youth achievement award and settling into our new home at Toynbee Hall.


Yours with spanners & social change,

Liz, Edd, Iona, Calu, Luci, Gavin, Tamsin, Laura, Jasmine, Claire & Sam
The Otesha Project UK