Hey Moon Cricket, it’s AdVerve Newsletter time! Listen to the show now. What makes a good ad writer, or for that matter a good ad creative? David Bu


Hey Moon Cricket, it’s AdVerve Newsletter time!


Grow up to be Blogger Dan.

Listen to the show now.

What makes a good ad writer, or for that matter a good ad creative? David Burn of AdPulp fame joins us for riffs on why we’re all broke bloggers. That’s okay, we still have our pride (RIGHT?). Speaking of rig... writing, we ponder why good writin’ is so hard to find and why the Huff Post sucks.

Next stop: Detroit as we jump on car ads. Hey, don’t blame us—they came up with them. Then we question what it takes to sell out these days. Free pizza? $5 million dollars? A hug? Choices, choices.

That’s a lot of excitement for one show—you may need a nap.

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Hey, Ad Law Guy!

Wherein attorney Michael McSunas of law firm CBS tackles legal issues relating to copyright and advertising. (Catch him on Twitter as, naturally, adlawguy.)

Protecting Your Pitch

You're a small agency or a freelancer. You get invited to a pitch for a great potential client. You make your pitch; things went well but ultimately you don't get the business. Yet, six months later you realize the client is basically using your idea in its new campaign...they stole your pitch!! How can you protect yourself?

The best way to protect a pitch idea is enter into a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) with the potential client. Unfortunately, the potential client may not agree to do that. Since the advertiser generally holds all the power in the nascent relationship (what there is of a relationship) there can be little incentive for the advertiser to execute an NDA.

However, sometimes the advertiser will ask you to sign an NDA to protect any confidential information regarding the Advertiser that may be disclosed to the agency. If this is the case, you should revise the agreement to a make it a mutual NDA (in other words, both parties agree not to disclose the other party's confidential information).


Don't be caught pants-down without it.

Even if you can't get the advertiser to execute an NDA, you need to make sure to mark any pitch materials as "CONFIDENTIAL". If you you are doing a pitch presentation with visuals - make sure first image and the last image be "CONFIDENTIAL - PROPERTY OF [NAME]. COPYRIGHT 2010 [NAME]." Make sure that all materials submitted to the Advertiser are clearly labeled with a copyright sign (c) 2010 [NAME].

Date all material produced. Keep a record of who produced it and conserve all working drafts. With web-based designs and ideas, it is useful to keep downloaded versions. I would also orally reiterate before any presentation that the material they are about to see are Confidential and copyrighted by you.

Lastly, I know some agencies (more so in Europe than on this side of the pond) have filed a Pitch Protection Notice or Registration Form with either their attorney or national advertising federation/association. I am not aware of any American or Canadian organization that does that. You can do this (contact me for a form) and file it with your attorney. It basically just acts as proof of what you pitched to the advertiser.

Michael J. McSunas


Quotes from AdVerveCon!

Howie from Skypulse Media inspired this section by recapping show soundbytes and sometimes Tweeting them under hashtag #adverveconf, to lend the uninitiated masses the impression that AdVerve is actually an ad conference they missed out on. *dun dun duuuuun*

Some from this episode:

"We provide hipster creatives with an opinion. Because they are incredibly insecure." - Angela

"A lot of them don't give a shit about awards" - David (talking about most of the 10k agencies in the US)

"If it had a fin on it he bought it." - Bill

"Cupholders! Think what your life would be like without cupholders!" - Angela

"And the Jettas don't hold the big gulp." - Bill

"Trying to sell your car with a flag is bullshit." - David

"If we had taken the quickest way to make money we would have started an archive or gone into porn." - Angela


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