The NewsPetter - - - July, 2011 - - - Vol. 9 No. 7 If you have problems viewing emails with images, please read the July issue of the NewsPetter onli


The NewsPetter - - - July, 2011 - - - Vol. 9 No. 7

If you have problems viewing emails with images, please read the July issue of the NewsPetter online here.

A note from Patricia


Ever think you know what you're doing and then you find out you don't? That's what happened with me and Facebook. I've supposedly had a page for for some time and there's been some nice activity on it. But recently, a few readers have told me they couldn't find on Facebook. Huh? Well, I checked it out and they were right. There has been no Facebook page for Seems I originally signed up for an account, but didn't realize it wasn't a business account. So all this time, I've been unknowingly using a "personal" page as my "business" page. I've been busy fixing the matter and you can now visit the "official" page on Facebook.

What's New Around


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Hot off the presses: Mercantile Bank, recently taken over by TD Bank, has become the first pet-friendly bank in Florida. Dogs are welcome in many of their branches and receive complimentary dog biscuits and treats. Read more about it here.

The heart of hurricane season is here. And the 2011 Pet-Friendly Emergency Shelter Guide is ready. We're constantly updating it as we get new info, so be sure to
bookmark the Guide
and refresh the page every time you visit in the future.

Speaking of the Shelter Guide, we'd like to give five paws up to Okaloosa County for recently finalizing plans for a people/pets combo hurricane shelter. If you live in a county without public pet friendly emergency shelter, make your voice heard! Check out our Guide for contact info for your area's emergency management office.

Trend to watch: Some condo owners with pets in Jupiter are having to pay $200 to keep their dog's DNA on file with the DNA Pet World Registry. Poop found in common areas of the condo will be sent off for comparison with the registry and any guardian whose dog matches up with the negligent poop could be fined or have a lien placed on their unit. Although the lawfulness of this sort of activity has not yet been established, condo officials claim a dog that's a repeat offender could be confiscated.

Speaking of dogs, seventy-eight million of them reside in more than 46 million U.S. households, according to new statistics recently issued by the American Pet Products Association.

I'm seriously happy to have found a way to get dog food/treats delivered to our house - prices are affordable and free shipping is available. You can get this kind of convenience by checking out PetFlow. You can choose from many brands for both dogs and cats, it's a great way to save time and money, and you'll never run out of pet food again. I love it and hope you'll try it.

Quote of the month: "The freedom of choice is what this is all about. It's our responsibility to give our restaurants a choice." -- Cape Coral Councilmember Chris Chulakes-Leetz, who co-sponsored the ordinance recently approved to allow doggie dining in Cape Coral.

Holland Park Dog Park in Palm Coast has been renovated. It now has a double-gated entrance, concrete walkways and pads around water stations, and handicapped parking.

Our choice for cool site of the month is Winter Park Lost Pets, a free community resource for posting area lost/found pets.

Darbster, a vegan eatery located at 8020 S. Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach is dog friendly. One of our readers visited recently and said it's named after the owner's 17-year-old poodle.

Navarre has a second dog park; this one for large dogs. Read about it here.

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Important Links on

Dog parks, beaches, more: Here are the places to romp with your dog - leash required at some, not all, but always check first.
Hotels, motels, private rentals: New & improved way to find pet friendly places to vacation.
Dog friendly eateries: Where happy doggies are dining - new listings!.
Aid for Pets: Important resources for people who love their pet, but who might be finding it hard to afford vet care, pet food, or other services.

A closing note

That's it for this month. I really appreciate everyone continuing to "tail along" with and the NewsPetter. Please write me anytime you have comments or suggestions, or would like me to feature your pet or a pet friendly event in your area.~ Patricia ~

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