Brrrr. Ooh, it's nippy, isn't it? At Grumpy Young Women The Blog, we are never satisfied; we hated summer, got all sticky in our sun cream and melted

Hot water bottle

Brrrr. Ooh, it's nippy, isn't it?

At Grumpy Young Women The Blog, we are never satisfied; we hated summer, got all sticky in our sun cream and melted half to death in our stuffy non-ventilated London offices.

But now we're annoyed because we're really, really cold, and it keeps raining and then going suddenly hot again. We don't know what to wear. We can't get enough tea. We'd like a hot water bottle brought to our desk, please. Thank you.

Grumpy Young Women: every bit as grumpy as the old girls.


Meet our new Grumpy Young Woman

Rosie Davies

We're delighted to welcome new contributor ROSIE DAVIES. Join her on a tour of deeply irritating, misguided winter fashion trends, including flip-flops worn by stupid male students, Ugg boots worn with summer dresses, and the wost offender: girls who refuse to wear suitable coats when they go out for the night. Won't they get a chill on their kidneys? Wrap up warm: there's a nasty bout of under dressing going around, says Rosie, and we bet she'll have plenty more to grump about during the winter months.

Recent highlights from the blog

Grumpy Young Women don't like public places very much. Other people are just so irritating; they walk too slowly, take too long at the checkout, talk idiotically, play their music too loudly, and generally get in our way. We're also not terribly patient with anything related to 'customer service'. Here are just a few irritations we've endured since you last heard from us:

Sam P

No exit: hell is public transport

SAM PECZEK doesn't like the bus. The people on the bus, the voice of the misleading announcements, the actual bus itself. Read Sam's bus-related woes here.

Selina New Pic

Trouble at the tills

SELINA NWULU quite likes mooching around the supermarket, actually, and tends to feel very zen - until she gets to the checkout. People taking an age to pack their bags, machines breaking, gormless staff. Oh it's enough to drive you to the self-service checkout - almost! Read about Selina's trouble at the tills here.

Shermaine W

Mind your backs! Shermaine coming through...

SHERMAINE WILLIAMS points out that even the pavement is an irritating place to be. Recycling bins, parked cars straddling road and curb, cyclists, scooter riders, and, ugh, couples holding hands and taking up the entire pavement - it's a wonder any of us can bear to walk anywhere, says Shermaine.


Plumbers: what a joke!

MADDIE YORK has a bad history with customer service; she usually gets forgotten, overlooked or deleted from the system at some point. Her recent attempt to get a plumber round was no exception. Just how many plumbers does it take to fix a leaky sink? Find out here.


It only takes a minute, girl

NAOMI SAFFERY generally needs a glass or two of wine before she can bear to call a customer service helpline. One ill-fated Friday night, she got out the Pinot Grigio, and made a call to her mobile phone company. Big mistake. Find out what happened.


Kindly spare me the details!

ROSIE MCGEE has had it with mindless chatter. There is nothing more irritating than having to endure someone on the phone in public wittering on about what they've had for lunch or what's for dinner. Can't everyone just save their chatter for behind closed doors, pleads Rosie.


I've started, so I'll finish

SHELLY BERRY can't leave anything unfinished, and she finds this an infuriating habit. Whatever it is - a book, a crafts project, a DVD - she just has to get to the end. Perseverance is a good quality, but sometimes it's a right pain, says Shelly.

The Lady

In other news:

Our very own NAOMI SAFFERY is now writing a blog for one of our favourite magazines, The Lady. Read her blog, 'Life in the Shire', here.


It's our birthday and we'll moan if we want to...

It's nearly our first birthday! This blog was launched on 26th November 2009. The very first post was this one. And, if anyone's counting, there have been 103 posts since then. We think this warrants a birthday celebration.

But, being Grumpy Young Women, we find birthdays (our own and other people's) irritating and stressful, and have a lot to say about them. Look out for a bit of birthday bother on the blog over the coming weeks.


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