October 2011 Let the World Building Begin! Welcome to the first edition of New World News™, Creating the New World, Inc.’s monthly e-newsletter. If

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October 2011

Let the World Building Begin!

Welcome to the first edition of New World News™, Creating the New World, Inc.’s monthly e-newsletter. If you’ve visited the web site or heard our founder, Nancy Polend, speak, you know that we’re offering a concrete, coherent way for “We, the People” to create an amazing New World together. Consider this newsletter an open invitation, a source of inspiration, a catalyst for action, and the story of world building we create together.

Hearing Humanity's Voice, Seeing the New World Emerge
Ultimately, this newsletter will be the voice of humanity speaking to itself for the first time about who we TRULY are and how we TRULY want to live. It’ll be a reflection of the concrete world-building work being done around the world, supported by CtNW’s coherent building framework. It’ll show the New World emerging, as it emerges. You’ll see reports from the field, local highlights, global impacts, new projects, and featured New World Innovations.

First Things First
Initially, the newsletter will familiarize you with what CtNW is, provide news about key developments in getting this world-building party started, and offer you opportunities to learn, engage directly, contribute your voice, bring your talents, and lead the world-building process.

We hope New World News™ will inspire you, but most of all, we hope you’ll join us. After all, there will be no movement and nothing to report here if we're all sitting in front of our computers reading. There will only BE New World News if there are people engaging in the world-building process!


CtNW Info Corner

What is Creating the New World?

Creating the New World is a grassroots, global movement to create the lives, communities, and world we TRULY want. It’s a design for a locally autonomous, globally coherent world-building movement in which “We, the People” literally create a world that reflects our deepest truths and highest aspirations as human beings.

How does it work?

By direct experience. Transformative World-Building Workshops people host locally are the vehicles for world building. It all rolls up and out coherently on a global scale because people are working toward a shared vision and using a common framework to build on.

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Who's behind it?

Creating the New World, Inc. is the non-profit organization established by Nancy Polend in 2009 to support this work. The organization and its founder work in service to all of humanity and are not affiliated with any political party, religious organization, or special interest group.

Visit the web site to learn more.


Notes from Nancy

“Build it and they will come.”

Several years ago, an alarm went off inside me. It urged me to wake up, that there was something important to do. At the time, I didn’t know what that “something” was, but I could feel how enormous it was. It felt huge, important, and deeply meaningful, not only to me, but to humanity.

I became aware that our current way of living is destroying people and planet at a rate and scale that is simply not conducive to sustaining human life, and therefore, that it was time for a fundamental change in how we live.

I could see that each systemic challenge we face is inseparable from the others and I knew that fundamental change would have to happen on a global scale, with all parts of the system working together. I recognized that no one person, organization, sector, or government alone could bring about the kind of systemic change required. I also saw that our existing institutions we’d relied upon all our lives are not capable of taking us forward.

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And yet, the single biggest obstacle to creating a world that can sustain human life and support a thriving new humanity is mobilizing the hearts, minds, and efforts of people and organizations everywhere to work coherently toward a common goal. Among us, we have the reason, vision, power, and technology to create this New World, but we’ve not had a way to translate it all into a coherent global action movement—no way of moving forward TOGETHER.

And so, my Life’s Work became designing a way for us to create a whole New World together--TOGETHER.

Believe it or not, that’s what I’ve done.

Those of you who know me well know I’ve had my own difficulty believing it myself and that the greater part of my work was the inner work necessary for me to show up and even make such an audacious claim. The truth is that I was called into something much larger than myself and it simply took over.


So, while my mind might sometimes still have difficulty wrapping itself around what I’ve actually created, my heart has no trouble whatsoever because it’s the place it all came from. My heart knows this is mine to do, regardless of anything my mind or others would say.

I’ve invested every cell of my body and all the resources at my disposal to bring it to this point. Now, it simply needs people to show up to take it forward with me. There is a lot of work to be done just to build out and mobilize what I’ve created so far, and it needs people with talents, skills, and resources I don’t have. Like everyone else, I only hold a piece of the puzzle. I’m standing by, eager to teach, collaborate, catalyze, and support our unified effort to create the New World. I hope to hear from you soon.



Juicy Important Stuff

CtNW Web Site Launched

The CtNW “phase I” web site was launched in mid August. There is much more to come in phase II, and that development is under way as we speak. Additional funds and/or pro bono services are required for full implementation to support the local-global work of world-building. If you or someone you know would like to help move this forward, please let us know here.

Signals of Readiness

Screen shot 2011-10-16 at 10.21.13 AM

U.S. cities where 'We, the People' are standing for a New World. (Source: Chris Bowers, Daily Kos, 10/4/11.)

Screen shot 2011-10-18 at 9.33.25 AM

Locations worldwide where the people are standing for a New World. (Source: OccupyTogether.org)

Look at all the potential world-builders!

The Occupy Movement, which started in September and is now in hundreds of cities around the world, is a clear signal that We the People are ready to create the New World. This is precisely what CtNW is designed to empower us to do. As people feel ready to take the next step into world-building, CtNW will be here, ready to facilitate. Check out our invitation to humanity and to the Occupy Movement on the CtNW blog here.

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From the CtNW Blog

The Day Has Finally Arrived

A fun and heartfelt little piece about a regular gal taking a huge leap into the great unknown of Creating the New World. Favorite quote:

"Don’t get me wrong. I may be a regular gal, but I didn’t fall off the truck yesterday. It was at least a week ago."



Upcoming Events

We will be offering introductory training, World-Building Workshops, and Facilitator Training in 2012. Because we're committed to empowering a truly grassroots movement, we hope all the dates and locations will be those that people from around the world determine by stepping up to host them. Anyone can be a host, and it's a great way to become a community or organizational leader. Plus, hosts participate free! Find out more here or put your community on the schedule by contacting us here.

Introduction to Creating the New World Training


The intro training is a half- or full-day workshop introducing the Creating the New World Architecture™ and its potential as a concrete, viable way forward for humanity. The workshop includes tools for individual, organizational, community, and global transformation, and provides information on opportunities for world-building. The workshop is useful for general audiences and for those considering hosting or becoming a facilitator for the World-Building Workshop. It is also offered for innovators, organizations, potential strategic partners, and communities considering their role in creating the New World.

World-Building Workshop


The flagship weekend world-building workshop in which groups of 20-80 people directly experience that we have the reason, vision, power, and technology to create the New World, and literally begin creating it together using a common framework. The global roll out of this workshop is the grassroots vehicle for world-building, each one producing personal, local, and global alignment with the shared vision of our deepest truth and highest aspirations, concrete projects, plans for building physical New World Communities, a growing population of world-builders, and contributions to Humanity’s Global Vision™.

Facilitator Training

team effort

A 2-day introduction to Creating the New World, the World-Building Workshop, and the CtNW Facilitator Program. We’ll hurry up to offer this if you let us know you’re interested! Let us know here. Note: We are currently accepting mutually beneficial offers to help develop the full Facilitators Program. Let us know if you are a facilitator or curriculum developer who’d like to help make history history and a bright future reality here.

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Simple Actions for World Builders

Spread the word and engage!

People need to know there IS a concrete, viable way for us to create the New World together before they can show up to start doing it. So, to get that ball rolling, you can:
* Forward or share this newsletter.
* Visit the web site and share pages you like on Facebook.
* Host an intro workshop. Invite us here.
* Help us build the back office and infrastructure to support this work. The world is heading this way and we want to be ready! Contact us here.

And, as always, you can contact us, join us in other online spaces, or donate below.

Let's get going. We have a New World to create together.

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