December 21, 2010 Volume 1, No. 5 Do you have any friends or colleagues? Our little newsletter here is growing week by week, but we'd just love it s

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December 21, 2010 Volume 1, No. 5

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AWWA answers questions on Hexavalent Chromium

Making sense of chromium in the news

An Environmental Working Group report identifying low levels of chromium-6 in 31 of 35 cities tested has made national headlines this week, prompting a lot of consumer questions.

If your customers are wondering what the study means and how this substance is regulated, we found a great, balanced article from AWWA for you to share. Also, just today, EPA released a statement regarding the report.

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Full text of the final bill

New standard likely for "lead-free" fixtures

Last Friday Congress passed a bill that, if signed into law by the President, reduces the allowable amount of lead in service lines and fixtures from a little bit to almost none at all. The bill amends the Safe Drinking Water Act and we've linked to the full text of S.3874 in the sidebar (don't worry - it's short and fairly free of legal jargon). will be following the story and will help you understand the implications for small public water systems.


Weekly Reading for December 21, 2010

Each week we'll provide a collection of our favorite links we know you'll love too!

1. American public needs to make water a priority - In this commentary for the Huffington Post, Michael Deane says "Sustainable water infrastructure, the basic physical and organizational pipe structures needed for the operation of our communities' water works, is necessary to ensure that Americans will continue to have access to high quality water no matter their annual income level." couldn't agree more!
2. Dire straits for state budgets - This 60 Minutes video explores the looming crisis facing state and local governments, touching briefly on the impact to infrastructure.'s home state of Illinois is by far the bad seed. If you're hoping to keep your holiday spirits in tact this week, maybe bookmark this one for later.
3. Breaking fuel from the rock - If you've been curious about hydraulic fracturing as a method of recovering natural gas for energy purposes, this infographic from National Geographic provides an educational lesson. EPA is currently studying "fracking" and its potential impact on sources of drinking water.
4. New document helps systems minimize water loss - This EPA technical guide looks to be a helpful manual for establishing and maintaining a leak detection and water loss management program at a public water system of any size. Information is providing on standards for conducting an audit and appropriate interventions for various problems. Examples are provided on using various tools to help with calculations.


Miss Out On Recovery Act Funding For Your Project?

This week on the blog...

Did you check out the blog this week? We offered a helpful tip to speak up and ask about what funding opportunities are available, even when it seems like a window of opportunity has passed!


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