Message From Susy Welcome to Edition 11 of Fair News. As we have lots of things happening, we have decided to keep in touch with you every month inst

Message From Susy

Welcome to Edition 11 of Fair News. As we have lots of things happening, we have decided to keep in touch with you every month instead of quarterly so that we can share all the wonderful things that we are doing.

Fair Trade Fortnight has finished for another year. In 2012, every State around Australia took part in the celebrations. It has been great year for fair trade in Australia – we have seen the rise of fair trade universities and sales of fair trade products continue to increase . See fairtrade

Moral Fairground got right behind the Fair Trade Fortnight and celebrations, hosting a number of events around Melbourne. Check our website for photos of the events, public feedback and video links to some of the talks MFG

After a week of unwinding, planning for Fair@Square has begun and we are very very excited. This year we are introducing some great new components, so keep in touch to see what you can expect for Fair@Square 2012.

Fair Trade Markets Oxfam IMG 0249

Fair Trade Markets


The Big Fair Trade Morning Break

FT Play IMG 6092

Fair Trade Play

Fair Trade Markets LM IMG 0245

Fair Trade Markets

Meet our Fair Play Program Partner for Fair@Square 2012

GD Veggies1IMG 0404

Giuseppe in his garden

Fair@Square strives to explore different ways to unite like-minded people and organisations, to share knowledge and expertise and in turn demonstrate how individuals have the power to make positive change.

We are excited to announce some exciting new programs and partners for Fair@Square 2012. We have partnered with Giuseppe D'Alto to transform the kids’ tent into a living and thriving holistic garden with lots of opportunities for hands on activities for kids and parents.

Giuseppe D'Alto is a holistic garden designer and has spent over a decade working overseas. Giuseppe is now writing a book on the theme of holistic gardening for children as a means for reversing the present day child – nature divide with the hope that parents everywhere may choose to experience for themselves the indispensable role of nature for nurturing their own children. This is especially important now, at a time in human and global development where a return to nature is more than ever required for safeguarding the health of children, wellbeing of humanity and the planet in general. We recently interviewed Giuseppe in his garden.

Beatrice and veggies melbourne 002

Giuseppe's daughter Beatrice with garden produce

Q. Do you think that interacting with nature has the impact to create positive behaviour?
A. I believe that there is a positive relationship between the time we spend interacting with nature and the way we interact with each other and contribute to positive social behaviour as well as achieving a healthier lifestyle. Holistic gardening is a practical means for every household to make nature available to children on a daily basis and restore empathy for nature in the place of apathy as we learn to appreciate how everything is connected.
Nature allows children to experience objects and thoughts in a sensory way appropriate to each child's individual stage of development. Interaction with nature teaches cause and effect through natural receptive awareness, creativity and living thinking.
Q. Do you think reduced accessibility to nature is causing a change in our society, particularly in urban environments?
A. In recent decades the world has witnessed an increasing urban lack of access to nature and the development of a new cultural family paradigm, largely displacing outdoor time with indoor time and green time for screen time. Children in particular have been denied daily interaction with nature and lost touch with the natural world. Interestingly over the same period, various research and studies indicate a new pattern of health issues associated with children such as attention deficit related disorders, rising levels of myopia and obesity at rates unheard of in previous generations.

JuneGarden melbourne 009

The garden in winter

Q. What solution do you propose given that the world population is increasing and the lack of accessibility to nature will continue to rise?
A. A major skill set required for the future will be creativity for humanitarian purposes; ‘humanitarian creativity’. Given that holistic gardening means interacting with nature on three levels (mind, body and spirit), it follows that a person’s awareness of the causes and effects of natural processes are heightened in a way that cannot be absorbed by text book learning alone. The more we learn to view any phenomenon with empathy, the greater the chances of obtaining a complete vision of what we are examining or interacting with. The ability to do this is a fundamental precursor to creativity and wisdom which are essential to preserving human welfare and social evolution.
Q. What do we expect to see at Fair Play this year?
A. Children will marvel at the fun and educational garden program in this year’s Fair Play Tent. They will be given the opportunity to interact with nature in a practical way. Fair Play will provide fascinating experiences and activities for children and parents alike.

Giuseppe will be available to offer advice on the 1st and 2nd of December at Fair@Square 2012. Alternatively, you may contact Giuseppe
or send your enquiries to Moral Fairground Info

Do you want to be part of Fair@Square and be a leader of change?

For sponsorship opportunities and enquiries contact Melinda

For Program Partner Opportunities: To express an interest in becoming a program partner to explore how your organisation/business can co-ordinate a component of Fair@Square, contact Susanna

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