Flea Food Shoulders slumped, hazel eyes cast down, she leaned in whispering, “My sales couldn’t feed a flea.” I thought . . . Ugggg.  Man, this bus

Flea Food

Shoulders slumped, hazel eyes cast down, she leaned in whispering, “My sales couldn’t feed a flea.”

I thought . . .

Ugggg.  Man, this business can be brutal.

I said . . .

It’s fixable.  The solution is a simple as 1, 2, 3.  Sorta.  It’s simple, but it not easy.  If it was easy, everyone would be successful.  Here’s the thing:

People list and buy real estate in your market everyday.  There are only three reasons they didn’t choose you.”

Reason One:  They Didn’t Think Of YOU

How do your friends, past clients, friends of friends and strangers choose a real estate agent?

They contact the first person they think of, sometimes the first two.  Or, they ask someone they know for the name of a trusted real estate agent. Either way, if you’re not the first or second person they think of, or their friend thinks of, you’re screwed.

In this case, you have some sweaty Top Of Mind Awareness work to do.  I say sweaty because creating Top Of Mind Awareness requires work.  Remember the True Two Secrets To Success - "Knowing What Others Don't and Doing What Others Won't"?  Creating Top Of Mind Awareness is the kind of thing that others don’t know about, and those that do, aren’t willing to do the work to create it.

Reason TWO:  YOU Didn’t Know THEY Were Thinking of Selling or Buying

Out-and-about real estate agents collide with opportunity, some call it lucky, I call it, The Pinball Principle.

Prosperous agents push themselves away from distraction, out of the office, and into real life adventures, with real people.  They’re out-and-about, engaging in On-Purpose and In-Person Conversations.  They’re connecting with people about shared passions.

No Contact = No Conversation

No Conversation = No Connection

No Connection = No Discovery

No Discover = No Opportunity To Share, Serve, or Solve

No Opportunity To Share, Serve, or Solve = No Business

No Business =  Why You Can’t Feed A Flea

Make or take the time to surround yourself with people who are passionate about the things you are.  People hire and referral recommend real estate agents people they like and trust.  People like and trust, people who are sincerely interested in the same things they are.

Reason 3:  You Had A Shot, But They Chose Another

The good news is, you were invited to the presentation party.  The other news is, nobody wins all his or her opportunities.  Don’t beat yourself up, or dwell on it.  Turn your experience into a learning lesson; evaluate what went right and what needs improvement.  Make adjustments and move forward with a smile.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is, you can’t control the outcome, you can only control what you do for others, and how you respond to what others do for you.

The Easy Part Is . . .

Figuring out which of these is holding you back?

The Hard Part Is . . .

Deciding to DO things differently, and better, with more flair.  Doing things more consistently, On-Purpose and In-Person.  Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The Good News Is . . .

You’ve made it this far.  You’re bright. You’re strong.  You’re talented.  You’re on your way.

Keep going.


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