"Wish Upon A Blackstar" Official Release Date + Free Download of "Unshakeable" The anticipated Celldweller full-length sophomore album, Wish Upon A B

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"Wish Upon A Blackstar" Official Release Date + Free Download of "Unshakeable"

The anticipated Celldweller full-length sophomore album, Wish Upon A Blackstar will be officially released on June 12, 2012. The expansive 16 track album has been years in the making and has been recently delayed a few times due to the album's expansive marketing and release strategy.

In the coming 10 weeks we will be launching a Free Track, New official Celldweller site, Free iOS App, New Music Video and Merchandise as well as Worldwide Online and North American and UK Print, TV and Radio promotional campaigns and new Tour Dates!

Pre-Order "Wish Upon A Blackstar" Starting May 4, 2012

We are excited to announce that pre-orders for Wish Upon A Blackstar will begin on May 4, 2012 and feature a variety of bundled merchandise, collectibles and accessories, including a 2-CD Limited Edition Version featuring the main album plus the instrumental version of the album. The final album art and track list/sequence will be revealed when pre-orders go live!
Pre-Order on May 4 at: http://fixtstore.com

Free "Unshakeable" Single Download on May 15, 2012

Download the radio edit of the new single "Unshakeable" For FREE on May 15, 2012 at http://facebook.com/celldweller


Celldweller - Klaybot (All-Over Print) T-Shirt


Celldweller - Klaybot (All-Over Print) T-Shirt

All-Over Sublimation 1-Sided Print on American Apparel Unisex White T-Shirt
Original "Klaybot" image by Katya Malina


Live Upon A Blackstar Album & Merch


Live Upon A Blackstar T-Shirt


Live Upon A Blackstar CD or Mp3 Album

While hard at work on his upcoming sophomore album Wish Upon A Blackstar, Celldweller mastermind Klayton took to the road on his first tour in five years. Now you can share the experience with Live Upon A Blackstar, the new live tour album that features audio recorded at shows in the US, Russia, Canada, and Japan. Live Upon A Blackstar is the definitive document of the 2010/2011 tour, capturing a unique era of the live Celldweller show, which will expand and mutate into new experiences as time goes by. Live Upon A Blackstar features twelve songs from Wish Upon A Blackstar, Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head, and the self-titled debut, all revamped, remixed, and mashed up for an exclusive live experience. Includes an exclusive live recording of “I Believe You” not available on the DVD/Blu-Ray tour video.

Buy the "Live Upon A Blackstar" Audio Album Now:
FiXT Store - CD or Mp3 Album
Amazon MP3 - $5.99 Special Until April 31st!

LUBS dogtag side1

Live Upon A Blackstar Dog-Tag

LUBS dogtag side2

Live Upon A Blackstar Dog-Tag


Live Upon A Blackstar Blu-Ray/DVD Delay


Celldweller - Live Upon A Blackstar (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo)


Celldweller - Live Upon A Blackstar (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo)

Release Date: May 22, 2012

The first ever Celldweller full-length Blu-Ray/DVD has been delayed due to technical complications at manufacturing. The Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack features over 150 minutes of footage, HD Video, Surround Audio and tons of bonus content and will begin shipping on or before May 22nd, 2012.

We sincerely apologize to those who have already pre-ordered this release and have had to endure a longer-than-expected pre-order period. This project has been an exhaustive process of documenting, editing and presenting a world-class experience of the Celldweller Live Show and we believe you will all be thrilled with the final product!

Pre-Order Now


Celldweller + Tommy Noble - "Meteorite" Single


Tommy Noble + Celldweller - "Meteorite"

Buy Now from:
FiXT Store

FiXT Store Version includes the "Instrumental" Version!

What happens when one of California’s hottest up-and-coming Electro House duos combine forces with Detroit’s ascendent master of hybrid Electronic/Rock? You get "Meteorite", a track that will leave craters where once there were dance floors. Klayton of Celldweller lays down a smooth vocal hook that glides over Tommy Noble's arpeggiated synths before a touch of Klayton's precise guitar licks kick the track over into an irresistible drop of hard electro beats and sharp synth stabs. The result is a song that placates before impact and is sure to scorch the dance charts.


Celldweller Hot Topic Exclusive Shirt | Get Your Pic on the Celldweller Facebook Page!

Celldweller Picture

Celldweller Hot Topic T-Shirt Instructions:

1 - Buy the Celldweller Hot Topic Exlcusive T-Shirt In-store or Online

2 – E-mail a photo of yourself wearing the shirt along with your Name & City/State/Country to store@fixtstore.com and we'll post your picture on the Celldweller Facebook Page to over 120,000 fans!

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April 27 Lubbock, TX Show Cancellation Notice

This is a notice to anyone who was planning on attending the Celldweller & Cyberoptics show in Lubbock, TX, on April 27.

Celldweller & Cyberoptic's agency has canceled this event. The show was never 'officially' confirmed and the agency has received no communication from the promoter. The promoter should not have made tickets available for sale and we strongly advise everyone not to buy tickets for this date and anyone who has to seek a full refund.

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