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OPPORTUNITIES ------------------


Build It

Hear about The Founding Summit? It's a monthly meeting of the minds for innovative, no-nonsense entrepreneurs. In twelve exclusive sessions with thought leaders, business experts and fellow mom entrepreneurs, Summit members will learn how to significantly increase their profits and build a strong and enduring brand. We'll be meeting in a beautiful Chicago venue. Not in Chicago? Stay tuned; we'll be headed to your neck of the woods soon. If you have enthusiasm for your venture, commitment to continuing education, and a drive for profitability, apply here .


Eat It

Homemade candy? Yes, please. Sea Salt Candy Company was born in Leucadia, CA, to two mom entrepreneurs. Their focus? California goodness. Salty Sisters Toffee and Caramels are made with Cali-centric ingredients like Chico almonds, Santa Barbara organic and San Francisco Guittard chocolates, Central California dairy, and Sonoma sea salt. These California girls believe in simplicity, which is why their caramel and toffee is so blissfully delicious. And we're getting a great discount! All founding moms are entitled to 25% off your next online order at SeaSaltCandy.com using coupon code foundingmoms.


Sort It

Is an unorganized desk or office inhibiting your productivity? Enter Shoeboxed.com. Shoeboxed is the easiest and simplest way to convert paper clutter into useful, organized data. Users send in receipts and documents via pre-paid envelopes or mobile phone cameras and Shoeboxed scans, data enters, and categorizes everything into a secure online account. The service is great for receipts (taxes, bookkeeping, IRS audit protection) and business cards (converting leads and creating email marketing lists), as well as bills, invoices, and financial statements. The site is integrated with many popular bookkeeping, accounting and tax prep programs, and it employs hardcore security measures. The bottom line? No more crinkled, unorganized receipts, no more expensive scanners, and no more data entry or lost documents. Start a free trial at Shoeboxed.com right this very minute.


Lean Into It

Most startups fail. That statement has been true for over 30 years--until now. What's changed? Two words: Lean Startup. Lean Startup is a new, field-tested philosophy that provides you with a toolset to minimize failure and increase your chances of success. The good folks at Udemy.com have brought in the Godfather of Lean Startup himself, Eric Ries, to teach us all about it. Not only has he written the book on The Lean Startup, but he has also created the course on Lean Startup (and you get a hard-copy of the book upon sign-up). This course is the real deal, and you can see a list of what you'll learn here. Learn the basic principles of Lean Startup methodology and how to implement the methodology into your company culture. The course is jam-packed with 9+ hours of content and over 60 lectures from experts. This week, Founding Moms get 54% off or the lean price of $69 (retail price: $150). Sign up right here.


Crave It

CRAVE, an organization that supports, spotlights, and connects female-entrepreneurs and those who support them, wants you to become a part of its community. For ten years, CRAVE has promoted women-owned business in 30 cities all over the world through its gorgeous coffee table Guides as well as their local events. Apply to be in your city’s beautiful CRAVE Guide. Sign up for their newsletter. Learn about upcoming events. Comment on the blog. That not enough? Then find them on Twitter and Facebook, too.

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In Good Company

Read here about some surprising results regarding women and investing. The going stereotype is that women are quite cautious when it comes to investing. A recent study found that when more than 10 percent of an investment group were women, their presence became associated with increased investments. More women, more investments -- and it turns out we're not such a cautious bunch after all.

Our good friends at NYC's co-working space,In Good Company, have a book coming out! The Big Enough Company: Creating a Business That Works For You comes out September 15 and you can watch a trailer for the book here. Then you can pre-order it here.

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Dance Off

It's summertime. A time for laughing, sharing drinks on the porch (if you have a porch), and learning how to dance properly. My college buddy, Ze Frank, posted this tutorial some years ago, and I find it worth reviewing every few weeks so that I can practice, practice, practice. You can learn from Ze here. (It's pretty funny.)

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Check It

ShowMe allows you to create lessons on a virtual whiteboard with a voice-over and share them with your community. The technology is a great tool for learning and an exceptional new resource for those that instruct others.

Minus lets you easily share pictures, documents, music and videos instantly and for free. Focused on simplicity, the interface is minimal and clear.

Tango offers free video calls for iPhones, Android phones and tablets, and works over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. The service has over 17 million users in 190 countries, and it delivers millions of minutes of voice and video calls a day, 80% of which are video.

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