January 2013

Amy Thompson

Amy Thompson '96, Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

Happy New Year!

Each year SC sets out goals. We have financial goals, recruitment goals, win/loss goals, retention goals, graduation goals, job placement goals, etc.

However, most importantly, we have goals to encourage students in their faith. We have goals to help students dig deeper into Scripture so that they may make wise decisions based on the Word of God.

I want to thank you for helping us reach toward these goals. You do this in so many ways not the least of which are praying for us through the Prayer Warrior and contributing financially to improve the education we can provide - in and out of the classroom.

I share with you these words from Dr. Francis Marion Spencer, Sterling College president 1889-1909. Dr. Spencer puts this all so eloquently into perspective in Reminiscences.

"The work of Christian education is unsurpassed.

"Helping to train young men and women is service immeasurable. It has to do with the home, with business, with the state and with the Church of God. It begins in time, and goes on through eternity.

"It is like a colossal machine with many wheels. Each institution is a wheel. Every person who gives help in carrying forward this work is a cog in the wheel. It is worthwhile to be a cog.

"God is the inventor, the owner, the Master Mechanic of this machine, and anyone who by gifts of money or of service becomes a cog by that fact, becomes a co-worker with God."

Thank you for joining us as co-workers with God at Sterling College.

Interview with Alumnus Vernon Groth '34

Sterling College: When did you graduate from Sterling College? 1934

SC: What courses of study did you Major in? Music

SC: What activities were you involved in while on campus?
I was involved in the choir. But we didn’t have a combined choir— the girls and boys sang and toured in separate groups.

We didn’t have sports teams. We were just a small college; so small we talked about closing the school. We didn’t have more than fifty or one hundred students. We didn’t play football or anything—that football field was a bunch of sand burs. The only thing there was Cooper Hall and down the street were Campbell Hall and then the gym, Wilson, and Spencer. Although, Cooper had a steeple at that time. It blew off once and we had to put it back in place.

SC: What residence hall did you live in?
The boys all had to find places of their own. I lived with a family in town. When I was a sophomore, my grandma went to the college to keep a house for my cousins and me. It was pretty close to the college.

SC: What are you doing now?
After college, I taught a little bit. My dad was ready to leave the farm and so that then opened up the opportunity for me to farm. I farmed the rest of my life until ‘76 when I retired. Farming went well for me. I married and raised a family.

SC: Do you have children? What are their names? Did they go to Sterling College?
I have two children, Alyce and Wayne. Neither of them went to Sterling.

SC: Where do you live?
Now I live at the Rice County District Hospital, Lyons, Kansas. We have a church—we just had a communion service. That’s where I came from today.

SC: How did your experience and time at Sterling College shape you?
Sterling College had good instructors and good teachers. I took piano lessons from Leo Lawless and I even played a recital one time. I can’t image doing that now!

SC: Do you have any children or relatives who attend or work at the College now?

SC: How are you remaining involved on the campus?
I was in the parade at Homecoming this year and have attended Alumni Banquets during homecoming in the past.

Legacy Students Gather for Pizza and Parent Photos

Legacy Students - Children of SC Alumni - enjoyed a time of fellowship, Pizza Hut pan bread, and their parents yearbook photos.

Our alumni are our best resource for student referrals. This year, 80% of the new student class came to Sterling based off their experience at a campus visit, and more than half of these students visited because of a referral by a friend or family member. According to Dennis Dutton '82, director of admissions, referrals are Sterling’s backbone. “SC is best communicated person-to-person and to refer someone to Sterling is ‘gold’ because we know someone has taken the time to recommend us.”

Because referrals are so important, SC makes sure to thank those that have referred students. Any Alumni who refer a student who is new to our system receives a 25% coupon applicable at the SC bookstore. Refer someone to Sterling College today and help continue the legacy for generations to come!

Pictured in this photo are some of our Legacy students for 2012-2013, children of alumni: Lou Ann (Watts) Buckwalter '85, Ron Heard fs72, Mike Allen '92, Jill (Bontrager) Jacobson '79, Kathryn (McFarland) Gardner fs78, Melody (McFarland) '64 and Lauren '64 DeBuhr, Ron '78 and Carol (Ray) '77 Cheyney, Ben '82 and Tiffany (Herrington) '89 Ray, Donella (Graves) Young '75, Dawn (Pomeroy) Slifer '89, Linda (Gilmore) Tank '76, Shelby Ringering '13, Marcia (Gilmore) Sparks, Roy Stucky '88, Dorothy (Whitson) Faulkner '78, and Brian '86 and Angela (Braun) '86 Spencer.

In the News

You can read all current and past news items on our webpage.

News stories such as our debate team winning first place at the Christmas Classic; students in one of top programs - athletic training - receiving certification; and the announcement of an interim president for Sterling College.

Make Plans!

Homecoming is just around the corner - ten months from now. Make plans now to join us the weekend of Oct. 19, 2013.

We will be having reunions for the Classes of 1963, 1983, 1993. There will also be a decade reunion for the 1970's and the Young Alumni Reunion (Classes 2013-1998).

Come enjoy the annual Lady Warrior Basketball Pancake Feed; Legacy Visit Day - for high school children of Alumni; musical; Alumni College; Hangout - complete with bouncy castles, petting zoo, campus tours, and lunch; football game; alumni softball game; and Alumni Banquet - where we will salute alumni honor recipients and Fine Arts Hall of Fame inductees.

Guest and Conference Services

Cooper Lodging

If you are looking for a location to host a retreat or reunion, we would love to have your event on campus! The campus provides a variety of meeting spaces, guestrooms, great food in our newly renovated cafeteria, while the logistical details of your event are taken care of by our Guest and Conference Services staff. During the summer months, we also have dorm rooms available, perfect for housing your larger gatherings.

If you are just passing through, we have four guestrooms available. Our rooms are affordable, convenient, and keep you in the center of Sterling for your visit. Call 620-278-2173 to make your reservation. For more information visit us online.

We are bringing back Robert Burns Night on January 25, 2013, in the newly renovated cafeteria, and you are invited! Tea and scones will be served at 6:00 and dinner will begin at 6:30. The meal will include traditional Scottish food and of course, we will pipe in the haggis! We shall celebrate Burns with poems and songs and fond memories of Scotland.

Reservations need to be made by January 18, 2013 and can be done online.

Meal tickets are $15.25 each. Registration can be made by online by credit card or by mailing in a check written out to Sterling College to Sterling College, 125th Committee, 125 W. Cooper, Sterling, KS 67579.

If you have any questions or have trouble with registration, contact Karin Swihart at kswihart@sterling.edu.

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