Newsletter Week 47 Now, you have heard that we chose International Student Ambassadors to represent you the international students, but you wonder- w


Newsletter Week 47

SAM 0085

Now, you have heard that we chose International Student Ambassadors to represent you the international students, but you wonder- what exactly have they been doing? Are they for real? Well-they have been working super hard helping out at events and even planning many that you will be attending! This Newsletter is all about the Ambassadors and all the great work they have been doing.

Not only are they great people, but super creative! Need examples? Well how about: The Scavenher Hunt, Cooking Class, End of the Year Party, Lectures, Blogs and a Photo Contest! All done by the Ambassadors. So next time you see them running around at an event, give them a big Swedish TACK for all they have done!

Emma, Erica, Linnea


On Campus

SAM 0085

Ambassador Blogs

Our amazing International Student Ambassadors write blogs, check them out here!

A picture is worth a thousand words by Claudia
Stockholm Loves Students by Rhys

holt von conf big

Connected Viewing Seminar

November 18th

Connected Viewing is an important strategy recently adopted by the moving image industries. Connected Viewing aims to change the experience with feature film and television by introducing digital, networked conversation into the process of media consumption.

More information click here
To register for the seminar email:

267364 10150227744880918 502195917 7901400 7389193 n


November 3rd - November 27th

Do you love Stockholm? Do you want your pictures printed out professionally and put on display at a Grand Opening? Prizes to be won if the public chooses your pictures?

Click here for more information

Want to vote for the pictures or your friends? Click here

Sponsors for prizes: HP and Fotografiska


End of the Year Party

December 2nd 20:00 - ?

Juristernas Hus (The law building at Campus)

The final party of the semester will take place December 2nd and the theme is 007/Casino Royale.

Join us for a night with martinis, black dresses and poker.
Cost: Updated soon. Cheaper to buy pre-tickets!

You register by coming by the Glass Room between 10:00 and 14:00 and pay. Leave your name and P-number.

L.C logo

The Language Club

The Language Cafés that we have had every other Thursday have now become a club! Check out the site here. and join us on Facebook

The next session of Language Café will be held on Nobember 24th!

To join the club send an email to linné


Cooking Class

To be announced

Gröna Villan (Campus)

Curious of the Swedish cuisine?
Learn how to make a typical Swedish dish before you go back home! More information to come. Brought to you by your Ambassadors.


Opportunities off Campus

glasrummet malin 3

Opportunities for English Speaking Students billboard

Outside Glasrummet on SUS billboard

Jobs? Volunteering? Being a research guinea pig for money? Looking for opportunities for english speaking students? SUS has now introduced an Opportunites for English Speaking Students Billboard! It is right outside Glasrummet on The Student Union´s billboard and has announcements all in English!

Will be updated every Monday with new opportunity announcements!

student barometer 0

Vote and win 11,000kr!

Now until December 8th

Stockholm University wants your opinion! Help improve the exchange experience for students in the future by filling out a less than 5 minute survey!

Click here for more infomation

Off Campus


At Night I Fly Film Showing

Friday November 25th- Following Weeks

At Night I Fly is a prison documentary (shot in the most maximum-security prison in California), but not your average one: the life-sentenced inmates that director Michel Wenzer followed for 10 (!) years are tough, but try to change their life's perspective through arts: poetry, drawing, gospel choir singing et cetera. The result is a very inspiring documentary that takes on a whole range of prejudices about hardened prisoners.

How does this relate to this weeks theme? Well an exchange student from this year found work at the production compay who made this film! One of your own! Small world eh?

Place: Movie Theatre Zita (in Stureplan) running the next couple weeks