MARCH FOCUS: This month we are pondering the season of Lent and to do so we will be offering to you, the reader, some thoughts and meditations. See th

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MARCH FOCUS: This month we are pondering the season of Lent and to do so we will be offering to you, the reader, some thoughts and meditations. See the News Item: Lenten Blog Tour . Why do we want to stop and ponder this and not just focus in on April and Easter? Often times in our busy scattered society we find that our time has become fractured due to the many constraints upon us. The early church offered this season as a time to stop and reflect what Christ has done for us in order to prepare us for the Easter season. Perhaps this quote from Ken Boa’s article Time Management will help us put this into a proper perspective: The great saints of old learned the wisdom of having only two days on their calendars: today and that day (the day they would be with the Lord). If we want a heart of wisdom, we will learn to live each day in light of that day. When we daily remind ourselves of the purpose for our sojourn here on earth, we will cultivate an eternal perspective on time; and it will influence our work and all our relationships.


New Ministry Opportunities


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Looking to join a global ministry?
(Volunteer with the opportunity to move to a paid position) Needs:

(1) Last week the site was down for several hours (sigh) due to a disk going bad and no tech available to fix it. We would like to correct this using an enterprise cloud computing solution with high availability for our main site. NEEDED: A person with experience in enterprise cloud computing. Contact us.
(2) We are in the process of putting together the Chinese NET Bible project team. NEEDED: Additional Chinese scholars, programmers and people to help build a web site, software products and distribution (read more) Contact us.
(3) I would like to put a similar focused effort for Spanish. Our NET Bible online tool could be modified to support Spanish. Is there any Interest out there to put a team together to make a world class study environment for Spanish? If so Contact us.
We need people with knowledge of how to help Sunday school teachers and bible teachers worldwide be more effective. One idea we have is to build ancillary reading material for all the major Sunday school curriculums. NEEDED: A person (perhaps a retired pastor) to help the exec director put together a team to do this and help direct new ministry projects like this. Contact us.
(5) We would like to work with church missions committees to build study and resource material that was tailored to the needs of the missionaries they support. The idea would be that we would pull from and the Internet material that would help the missions committees be more effective and their supported missionaries more productive for the Lord. NEEDED: a person to lead this effort. Contact us.


Darren Ehlers

NEW PERSONNEL: The Lord has graciously granted a new staff member, Darren Ehlers. Darren will join the team to focus in on the mobile apps utilizing his experience as a programmer who understands the underlying principles. looks forward to a partnership with Darren to move forward into the addition of far reaching computer technological formats for the NET Bible to be used in mobile apps, iPad, iPhones and other areas. We thank the Lord for this new addition to our staff.


Rave Reviews:
The new Bible Study tool (see below) developed and now in use has received rave reviews by our users. Here’s just one review from Pastor Dan: I utilize the NET Bible site with some regularity. Today's visit was eye opening. They've changed the format and added some nice features. I am still tooling around, but notice I can put in notes if I want, and post to Facebook, etc. ... (Thanks Pastor Dan!)


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2010 Report: We are still praising the Lord for you and our anonymous donor that gave our community a very successful fall 2010 fundraiser. As a result of everyone's donations we wiped out the 2009 deficit and finished 2010 in the black. We have hired additional development staff to make content freely available in the mobile space and get the bible, trustworthy biblical material and study tools into the hands of everyone around the globe. In addition we are working on a way to rank our articles so you can better find articles targeted toward the new believer as well those better suited for more mature believers. As we discussed above we are also looking for additional workers for the Chinese NET Bible project and ways to support church mission boards and their missionaries overseas. If you are a member of a mission board we would be glad to offer your overseas missionaries and any of their overseas pastors a 1 year subscription to the Premium edition of the new NET Bible on line study environment with access to 700 volumes of Theological Journals. See offer. Finally you can help us continue to harness the Internet for God by supporting us through your donation.

Note- All income (Donations and Bible sales/revenues) are accounted for. As store sales exceed store expenses those profits will be reported as a donation to the foundation.




MAILROOM: Once again we thank you for your kind notes that we have received. Here are just a few to share with you. The more letters we receive the more we can share and encourage our readers. Our office sings God’s praises when we read your notes so please keep them coming our way.
Dr J: I am a Vet turned Missionary Pastor now serving in Western India. I am a Bible Teacher. I found your site very useful. This study (site) is superb.
Minister Rodney: Dear staff, I cannot begin to tell you how much of a blessing your website has been to me. Thank you for making yourselves available for God to use. Thank you for humbling yourselves for Him to use.
Rev John: I enjoyed your newsletter, my wife and I are praying for your ministry. Keep your eyes on our FATHER and keep up the good work. Your Brother in CHRIST, Rev. John.

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Blogs: Check out the blogging team not only on Tapestry, Heartprints, Impact, Bock, NETBible but also now the Blogs Team on the users page. We have been challenged by the writing of Nate Leigh, Brother Francis and Christina Wilson. Check each out as they write from their hearts.

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Users Groups: We have many groups now on the user’s site of Join a group and blog your ideas and thoughts to the rest of the group. What is your interest? Are you a reader? Join the readers group who review new and interesting books. Are you fluent in Spanish and looking for a place to share with other Spanish speakers? Check out the Group titled: Spanish Speaking Ministry Interest. Are you part of the Children’s Ministry in your local church? Share some of your ideas on Children’s Ministry Corner. Are you a SS teacher looking for ideas and how to do a lesson? Stay tuned as the Ministry: Sunday School Teachers begins a new format soon with a distance education course…time line hopefully June.


Forum: Opening the forum is like opening your newspaper with news items for everyone in any stage of life. If you open the Board Index you will see all the current posts and ideas that are being circulated along with questions, comments and ideas being shared. Our Forum Moderators are quick to respond, open to answer, and biblically accurate with their answers. Here are just a few ideas to consider: In 3b1: Marriage there is an on-going discussion on divorce. In 3c4: Music you will be challenged to share what your listening preferences are in the area of music in “real time”. In 3c5: Family Friendly Jokes and Laughs you can play the word association game with others. In 4a: Pastor's Corner people pose questions about pastor searches and locating biblically sound pastors.


Facebook: Each month we stand amazed at what God is doing as we link keyboard to keyboard and share ideas across the internet. This month there are 13,956 users on our Facebook page. Check us out.
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Texas Bluebonnets bloom in March

Spring is coming and with it new opportunities to share. The calendar is quiet for March as far as conferences go. If you know of a conference you think we should attend, send SonShine a note.