The Consumer Electronics Show Every year the gadget geeks meet up in Las Vegas to view the newest electronic products that are coming to market. The


The Consumer Electronics Show

Every year the gadget geeks meet up in Las Vegas to view the newest electronic products that are coming to market. The show offers everything from razors to automobiles. In addition, the show offers a chance for lagging electronic companies to create a new name for themselves and for the leaders of the industry to cement their positions.

This year there is a definite "green" trend for new products. Many companies introduced products that are environmentally friendly. The show presents awards to products af varying catergories that are innovative. Often a product that receives this award tends to do very well in the marketplace. In the area of sustainable design, a product named The Joos Orange (see below), won best of innovations, mainly because of its durability and reliability.

Other products with a green bias at the show:

Ford's new focus model

Urban Green Energy's EDDY. The vertical wind turbine can be installed in under an hour, and has a 20-year life span. This is their 600 watt model, though they have higher capacity models available.

Powerful Bike-Powered Light and Charger by Jooyn

Solar-Powered iPhone Skins and Robot-Like Roadside Lights from Eton

Jerry Yudelson’s Top Ten Green Building Trends for 2011

As with last year, green building consultant Jerry Yudelson published a top-ten list of green building trends for the next year. Yudelson explains that green building is growing in popularity across the globe — that “more people are going green each year, and there’s nothing on the horizon that will stop this trend.“

Top Ten List:

1. The worldwide green building movement will continue to accelerate, as more countries begin to create their own green building incentives and developing their own Green Building Councils. More than 70 countries, on all continents, will show considerable green building growth in 2011.
2. Green building will rebound in 2011, as measured by the new LEED project registrations as a proxy for this growth. The dramatic slowdown in commercial real estate construction in many countries was not offset by other sectors such as government, and so the growth rate of new green building projects fell dramatically in 2010.
3. Green building in the U.S. will continue to benefit from the Obama presidency with a continued focus on greening the executive branch. New announcements of a commitment to a minimum of LEED Gold for all new federal projects and major renovations confirm and highlight this macro-trend.
4. The focus of the green building industry will continue to switch from new buildings to greening existing buildings. The fastest growing LEED rating system in 2010 was the LEED for Existing Buildings program, and I expect this trend to continue in 2011.
5. Blue will become the New Green. Awareness of the coming global crisis in fresh water supply will continue to grow, leading building designers and managers to take further steps to reduce water consumption to increase sustainability. This will be done in buildings through the use of more conservation-oriented fixtures, rainwater recovery systems and innovative new water technologies. Yudelson's latest book, Dry Run: Preventing the Next Urban Water Crisis, shows how to do this in green buildings all over the world.
6. Zero-net-energy designs for new buildings become increasingly commonplace, in both residential and commercial sectors, as LEED and ENERGY STAR ratings become too common to confer competitive advantage.
7. Performance Disclosure will be the fastest emerging trend, highlighted by new requirements in California and other states. Commercial building owners will have to disclose actual building performance to all new tenants and buyers.
8. Certified Green Schools will grow rapidly as part the LEED System. This trend will accelerate as understanding of the health and educational benefits of green schools grows. Already by mid-year 2010, green schools represented nearly 40% of all new LEED projects in the U.S.
9. Local and state governments will step up their mandates for green buildings for both themselves and the private sector. We’ll see at least 20 major new cities with commercial sector green building mandates. The desire to reduce carbon emissions by going green will lead more government agencies to require green buildings.
10. Solar power use in buildings will continue to grow. This trend will be enhanced by the increasing focus of municipal utilities as they need to comply with state-level renewable power standards (RPS) for 2015 and 2020. As before, third-party financing partnerships will continue to grow and provide capital for large rooftop systems such as on warehouses. However, we may very well see a slowing of large solar and wind systems, as federal grant support, in lieu of tax credits, is phased out.

He also added two “bonus picks,” strongly emerging trends, to this list: First, there will be a continually growing use of software and the Internet “cloud” in green building design, construction and operations; Second, the revolution in sustainable building materials is gaining momentum each year, one that gives higher performance at ever lower costs.

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4 Days Left To Register For 2011 eVolo Skyscraper Competition!

The 2011 eVolo Skyscraper Competition, is one of the most exciting annual architecture design competitions. Students, architects, engineers, and designers from around the globe are asked to submit their genius ideas for groundbreaking, unique, high-tech, out of this world skyscrapers. The sky is literally the limit in this design competition and you’ve got only four days left to register your project, and then 11 days for you or your team to submit your boards. Winners get a ton of press on numerous blogs as well as inclusion in eVolo’s annual magazine.


Spotlight LEED Project of the Week

Viana Hotel and Spa


The Hotel's Exterior

Viana Hotel and Spa, a member of the exclusive Small Luxury Hotels of the World and Long Island's only Feng Shui Luxury Hotel, is pleased to welcome guests. Designed to provide a soothing environment, all spaces are inspired by the ancient art of Feng Shui paired with state-of-the-art technology, and imbued with a vibrant sense of joy and harmony. Our eco-friendly, LEED project hotel features Marco Polo’s, a unique Italian restaurant with Asian influence, and our Viana Spa, a tranquil sanctuary for relaxing and rejuvenating body and spirit.

Co-owner Alan Mindel stands in front of solar panels on the roof of the Viana Hotel and Spa in Westbury.

The hotel and spa is located at 3998 Brush Hollow Road
Westbury, NY 11590.

For more information, or to find out about their upcoming events please call
516-338-7777 or check out their website


Green News

7 Excellent Swap and Share Sites - Remember the 20th century when we were in a consumption frenzy? Terms like swap and share weren’t even on our radar. The economic downturn combined with our fundamental need to connect with others has started a swap and share movement that has been defined as Collaborative on

DOE Completes $17 Million Loan Guarantee for New York Energy Storage System with Recovery Act Funds - Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced a $17.1 million loan guarantee has been finalized for the AES Westover facility. The loan guarantee will support the construction of a 20 megawatt (MW) energy storage system using advanced lithium-ion batteries. The AES project, located in Johnson City, New York, will help provide a more stable and efficient electrical grid for the state's high-voltage transmission on

The owners of the Empire State Building will buy 55 million kilowatt-hours of wind energy certificates annually, enough to cover the landmark tower’s yearly electricity needs, according to a New York Times on

G20 to tackle food prices as countries reassure - The world's biggest economies are working to find ways to bring down soaring food prices, a G20 official said on Friday, as top exporter Thailand vowed to keep rice supply steady and avert a repeat of the 2008 food on


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