In this month's issue: ▪ Pinched Nerve in the Shoulder▪ Herniated Disc Exercises▪ Scar Tissue from Back Surgery▪ The Cost of Back Surgery▪ Stem C


In this month's issue:

Pinched Nerve in the Shoulder
Herniated Disc Exercises
Scar Tissue from Back Surgery
The Cost of Back Surgery
Stem Cell Therapy Cream Review


Pinched Nerve in the Shoulder
Do you have numbness and tingling in your neck and back?
Does it cross your shoulders and go to your arm? It could be a pinched nerve in your neck. Read more ....
Pinched Nerve Shoulder

Herniated Disc Exercises
While you are there check out our article on herniated disc exercises. You might find some relief!

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Scar tissue pain from Spinal Stenosis Surgery

Scar tissue forms as a natural process after back surgery. Sometimes it can cause back pain, read our most up to date article on scar tissue after back surgery

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The Cost of Back Surgery

Not finding answers to questions regarding the cost of back surgery? Find out what we uncovered in : Back Surgery Cost offers non-biased information on the latest advances in back surgery and uncovers the most common questions surrounding surgery on the spine. Read more about back surgery at:


Stem cell therapy cream
With all the hype around stem cell treatments for all kinds of ailments, the public needs to keep up their guard.

Is stem cell therapy cream real or snake oil?
Find out in our article: Stem cell therapy cream review

This website gets a lot of community involvement as there are many unanswered questions around stem cell treatments. Feel free to join the discussions.


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