Dear Friend of COG, Today, we urgently ask for your generous financial support. The Canadian Organic Growers is in a very challenging financial situ

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Dear Friend of COG,

Today, we urgently ask for your generous financial support.

The Canadian Organic Growers is in a very challenging financial situation. In the last two years, the grant and project funds that were available to COG (and other environmental groups) have dwindled to next to nothing.

As President of COG, I can assure you that our board and staff are working very hard to re-organize and reduce expenses, as well as to find new sources of revenue, but we need immediate assistance.

COG must raise $65,000 to see us through this funding crunch.

As a friend, we are asking you to donate as much as you can. In return, you will receive a tax receipt, as well as the assurance that your donation will be focused on saving our organization and publications. This is not a general appeal, but a matter of urgency and true need.

Since 1975, COG has been the voice of organics in Canada. Our work includes the COG magazine, books, lending library, consumer and grower conferences and workshops, Growing Up Organic projects, Organic Week, and our work against GMOs.

Without a doubt, COG’s information and services are essential to tens of thousands of people. In fact, 90,000 unique visitors used our COG website last year to find information on organic growing and food–we need COG! There is no other organization that can do what COG does.

Our news may come as a surprise to you, and perhaps we waited too long to share it, but we have been trying to find other solutions to our financial difficulties before sounding the alarm bells. Our board has put in hundreds of volunteer hours to work on these issues–and progress has been made.

Just in the last four weeks, COG has received two new grants and we’ve applied for others (albeit small ones), we’re also very excited about our special partnership with the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada for this summer’s COG magazine. COG also has lots of great new initiatives planned (like work on our lending library, so more growers can benefit from our resources) to further build the organic movement at the national and local levels, but we can’t do any of it without you.

We truly believe that if enough people donate to COG in the next two months, that our organization can move forward and into a much stronger position. If you can donate $10, $100 or even $1000, we promise you that every dollar will make a real difference in COG’s future.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to move forward, challenge the status quo, and really understand what is important–what is clear to our board, staff and volunteers is how much COG is needed today. We need to stand up for organics more than ever, and a strong grassroots voice is critical to do so.

Please don’t delay in sending in your tax-deductible donation. If you love organics, believe in a green future, and want to ensure that COG remains a strong voice–please donate today!

Every dollar counts–Every donation is appreciated.

Thank you so much,

Daniel Brisebois,
Canadian Organic Growers President and Organic Farmer

PS–Please try to send your donation in by May 30th to help COG through the summer, when donations and subscription sales are at their lowest levels.

PPS–If you are on Facebook, please connect with our Spring Into Action campaign and share with your friends and family. We know there are thousands of Canadians who would support COG, but just need to be asked.

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