> "Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground."> > ~David Icke Greetings Friends! Happy December first :) Today I just want


"Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground."

~David Icke

white oak bark

Greetings Friends!

Happy December first :)

Today I just want to share a few quick morsels ... as I'm getting quite busy with my lovely Lady's Slipper Ring and must get to making potions and writing more juicy content. This month is going to be dreamy!
Plus, it's time to whip up some Yuletide gifts to stock my shop.

So let me get to the goods .....

wild things round up banner

Acorn Recipe Round-up!

Red Oak Acorns

Acorn FEAST!

Wild Things, I think I love you.

Our fierce foraging friend Hunger and Thirst brings us a deluge of gorgeous, wild, and nutritious acorn creations this month, contributed by a whole bunch of us! You can read my recipe for Acorn Johnnycakes, and many more mouth-watering foods for every taste. Yum!

December's Wild Things is a wild card - if you've got a favorite wild food recipe, write it up on your blog and send it along to: wildthings.roundup@gmail.com


Free HRZ with your Self-Care Membership

Herbal Roots

If you're longing to learn more about plants, Kristine Brown and I have teamed up to bring you FREE Herbal Roots Zines when you become a member of my Lady's Slipper Ring!
I LOVE Herbal Roots Zine. I've used it with my students, my kids, and just for my personal enjoyment. It's clear, thorough, beautiful, and filled with hands-on activities to get you really interacting with the plants.
How can we care for yourselves with plants, unless we take the time to learn them? Herbal Roots Zine is a course unto itself, and I'm completely honored to be able to bring it directly to my members in support of their healing journey.

Full payments get a whole year's subscription.
Pay-plan members receive one issue every other month.

Thanks Kristine!

white oak branch

Let us remember too, that this is the season of going deep into the Earth to gather sweetness and strength into our roots for the coming year. Gather your friends, gather your rest, gather your dreams, while the dark hours are here.



Plant Journeys

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