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Welcome to the August 2010 - issue #38 - of the LumberJocks eMag
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From the Editor


20,000 LumberJocks

.. and counting!

There has been so much happening at LumberJocks this past month but our 20,000 LumberJocks milestone has to be the biggest news. Yes, on July 20, 2010 we reached the amazing membership number. To celebrate the achievement by our members, Martin has donated 20 LJ t-shirts as gifts to 20 random winners, one to be selected each day for twenty days. You can read more about our celebration in Martin's blog.

Also, as you know, with so many people discussing a topic, the comment sections can have over 500 postings. The conversation is great but the time to load the pages can be, well, annoying. But not now - no, no, no. Martin has been working his magic again and, with the new sliding comments, pages will now just show 30 comments at a time and with just a click of the button the next 30 is ready to be shared. Fantastic. For more on how this works, read Martin's blog.

So is that all that's new at LumberJocks.com? Not done yet -- we also have a new forum! Thanks to a request by our members, we now have a forum to discuss "wood". Do you have a question or piece of information about a specific type of wood? Our new Wood and Lumber Forum is where you should head.

I think that is it- phew! Impressive month. Now, back to this issue of our eMag. As always I would love to hear your comments about the content. You can post your feedback here.


LumberJocks' Summer Woodworking Awards 2010

summer 2010-header-logo

The deadline for our Awards entries has come and gone and, now, for the next week, it is time to vote.

You have until August 7th to select your top five favourite entries (of the seventy-seven projects) that depict "Fluidity". Remember to check out the description of each of the projects - that's an important part of the Awards' requirements.

I look forward to seeing the final results. For more information on the Awards read Martin's blog as well as the official Awards page.

LumberJock Laughter


LJ Shop Project: Tools, Tools & More Tools


Can you ever have enough tools? Well, looking at the cartoon, above, I am leaning towards "yes".

Speaking from experience, however, I know that motivation for tool purchases comes from: a) just starting out; b) a new skill learned = a new tool needed; c) new specialty tools become available; d) great deals and e) replacing misplaced items!

And, then, of course, there is convenience. Let's look at a1Jim's collection of routers, for example. Is it a collection for the sake of collecting? No, each of these routers are put to use at one time or another. After reading the comments about his routers, I really like the idea behind the numbers -- no changing bits! Just switch up the router you are using. Convenient!!

427617389 b5b346ef02

When talking about tool collections, we can't forget to mention hand planes. WayneC's collection of planes is a good example of how a few good tools can start to multiply. Three years ago, Wayne blogged about his desire to collect a good set of planes. At # ??, (how many do you have now Wayne?) he is still collection. Again, "a tool for every possible situation" is a wonderful goal!

And then, of course there is collecting for the sake of collecting. The "non-packrat" members of our community will probably just shake their heads, but some of us are genetically driven to collect! We proudly display each treasured find, never running out of room or storage space for that "just one more" item. (For more on being a packrat, check out Bob's forum discusion at GardenTenders.com).

And on that note, I go back to my original question. Can you ever have enough tools? Answer: I think not.

What does your tool collection look like? Threadbare? Just enough? Flourishing? Over-the-top? Participate in our poll and find out if you are in good company.

Book Review & Free Draw


Transforming Your Kitchen With Stock Cabinetry

Thanks to Fox Chapel Publishing, we have another book available for a FREE DRAW.

The review of the book, as well as details as to how to enter your name in the draw for a free copy of the book, is located here at our HomeRefurberscom site.

Interview With An LJ: RobS


This month I had the privilege of speaking with RobS.

1. How did you find LumberJocks and what keeps you coming back?

ScottB, my brother-in-law told me to check it out, he was one of the first here and I wasn’t too far behind. I come back mainly to check out the projects and blogs for something new and unique. First thing I do every time I log in is go to “my buddies” page and see what they have been doing. Then I try to glance through the items that have been added since my last visit. With the sites exponential growth, that becomes a more difficult. It is impressive that even though we are beyond 20000 jocks, it still has a close nit community feeling.

Read the rest of the interview...

The Talk of the LumberJocks Shop


One of the "Hot Projects"

(For the most discussed projects this past month, click on the "Hot Projects" link on the Projects Page's toolbar) and don't forget to check the "silent projects" that are waiting for some feedback.)

The following are some other projects posted by our fellow LumberJocks.


And ... here's a "blast from the past"!

Some of you will remember our Table Challenge that all began here. A personal challenge between two LumberJocks ended up being an official Challenge for our site that had 39 entries!

I don't usually post my projects in the eMag but... I'm taking the liberty today. The table in the picture represents my biggest leap in my woodworking journey. Oh those LumberJocks can be so convincing: "You can do it," they said ... and I did.

Where In The World Is MsDebbieP?


This month we head to Michigan for a tour of Rustic's shop.

Rustic has been woodworking most of his life but took a break for many years a while back. And now he's building, once again, and we get the benefit of his experience, his projects, and his good company.


I chuckled at his description of his shop, when he says that after cleaning up he found his router table! A familiar occurrence for many woodworkers.

I asked Rustic what he would change in his shop: 1) more room 2) get new flooring and repaint the walls 3) build cabinets to hang on the wall for tool storage. 3) Air conditioning.

And tips for new woodworkers? 1) don't be afraid of making mistakes. 2) Start simple and progress by learning new techniques. 3) Ask for help and advise always. 4) Just do it.

Thanks for the visit Rustic and for the great tips!

And speaking of workshops, look for the next issue of the Woodcraft magazine -- our own Patrick Jaromin's workshop is featured! Congratulations.
Read Patrick's blog about this honour...

LumberJocks Connect & Other LJ Events

Picture 3

Checking The Event Calendar

Check the Event Calendar for future events.

Planning a local LumberJocks Picnic or Meeting?
Send us en email with the following information: Title, Date(s), Location, Description (1 paragraph), Link to blog or forum post with more details.

Want to add your woodworking event to our calendar?
Request for quote with the following information: Title, Date(s), Location, Description (1 paragraph), Link to page with more details.


A Gift In Thanks ...

Paying It Forward

A single act of kindness is like a spark that grows into a glorious fire. Ellen35 shares such a story in her blog here about one act of kindness has been passed on to another and now is an inspiration for us all to pay it forward again, spreading this LumberJock kindness around the world.

Pay it forward today - pass the kindness onto a fellow LumberJock today.


LumberJocks.com Stats


Current Site Statistics

We are 20,265 woodworkers making 917,478 comments
on 34,627 projects, 15,801 blogs, 1,530 reviews and 18,664 forum topics.


20,000 Members: July 20, 2010

Looking Back

August 2009: 11,419 woodworkers making 505,537 comments on 19,278 projects, 9,463 blogs, 857 reviews and 9,236 forum topics.
August 2008: 5,110 woodworkers making 250,799 comments on 8,964 projects, 5,324 blogs, 417 reviews and 4,107 forum topics
August 2007: 1,253 woodworkers making 54,556 comments on 2,129 projects, 739 forum topics and 1,569 blog entries.

Promoting LumberJocks.com


Spread the word -

pssst. Have you heard? If you tell two people, who tell two people, who tell two people -- phew, that is a lot of woodworkers being supported, inspired, and motivated by our LumberJock community!

There's a woodworker, somewhere, waiting for you to share this site with them!


Make Your Morning Perfect

Are you one of those people who get your daily fix of LumberJocks.com along with your morning coffee?

You need your very own LumberJock mug to make the morning ritual "perfect"!


"I have learned more here in the last year or so than I would have on my own the rest of my life. I have answers to questions i didn’t even know enough to ask!!" ~ TopamaxSurvivor

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Take some beautiful wood cabinets, add a "splash" of copper, and what do you get? A stunning kitchen. Check it out!


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