Noam World Tour! We are on the road this week visiting some great Noam Bogrim. But what a week it has been! The Annual 6th Form Tu Bshevat Seder was


Noam World Tour!


We are on the road this week visiting some great Noam Bogrim. But what a week it has been! The Annual 6th Form Tu Bshevat Seder was madness! We also highlight the fundraising efforts of some of our Nottingham Noamniks. We also have revamped the Israel Corner of the website, so check that out! Finally, Meltam was a snowy blast last week. But actually finally, we are still accepting applications for Summer Camp & work4noam.

Be in touch and let us know if we are leaving out anything!


Ilana, Dan, Ben, Yoav, Jess, Avigail, & Jessie

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Truth or Diary

RIGHT NOW Noam Summer Camp Applications Open
10 Feb. 2012 Marom Nottingham Dinner
7-8 Mar. 2012: Purim!
22-26 Mar. 2012: Marom & Noam Seminar to Budapest
26 Feb. 2012: Noam Takeover New London Cheder
27-30 Mar. 2012: work4noam interviews
6-14 Apr. 2012: Passover (Pesach)
22 Apr. 2012: Yom Masorti at EMS
10 May 2012: Lag B'Omer
26-28 May 2012: Shavuot
3-26 Jul. 2012: Noam Israel Tour 2012
13-19 Aug. 2012: Noam Pre-Camp
20 Aug.-2 Sep.: Noam Summer Camp
NOW:: Drachim Gap Year 2012-2013 Registration Information contact
CLOSING SHORTLY: Madrichim & Senior Staff Applications for Summer 2012 DUE!

dana and jake

Not sure they made this, but they get the photo-op!

NoamBishvat Gets Wild!

To celebrate the New Year for the Trees, Noam Sixth Formers gathered for a delicious feast in the Noam office. Beginning as a healthy, fruity dinner, it descended into a chaotic, Quaver and brownie filled food explosion! Over 25 Sixth Formers showed up on a chilly Tuesday night, each bringing their own tasty dish, including homemade cookies, potato salad, and yummy couscous. Many thanks to Dana for setting it up and we are looking forward to planning an epic Purim party in March.

100 Picture

Can You Spot Ben and other Noamniks?

'Gess' How Far Ben Ran?

100 students - £100 each - lots of money for charity. This is the simple idea behind the student-led initiative which has been taking hold over the last month at the Universities of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent. ‘100 for 100,’ innovated by Dan Clyne and Rebecca Schapira, is a scheme which has encouraged 100 students affiliated with the Jsoc to undertake separate fundraising activities in hopes of raising £100 each. The last month has seen space-hopping around campus, semi-naked three-legged runs, a certain Mr Sobell chaining himself outside Jsoc House for 24 hours without food or drink, and much more. Personally, I undertook a 6 mile run. This distance being a personal challenge for me, it felt great when I reached the finish line, especially because it coincided with a Macdonalds.
The current total raised by everyone stands at just over £11,500. It is inspirational to see how such a small group of people can raise such a commendable amount in such a short space of time. The money raised will be split between 8 very worthwhile charities

New Israel Corner

We are slowly updating parts of our website. Check out Shlicha Avigail Shapira's revamped Israel Corner by going to Israel Corner in the News Section of our Website

*** - Apply Today!

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work4noam: Here are some of the benefits of being a movement worker.

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Snowy Meltam

If you stayed home last Sunday, you missed an epic Meltam Snowball Fight. They will be speaking about this one for years to come. Send us your creative Jewish Snowman photos if we get another blanket of the powder again.

meltam snow
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Fantasy Football UPDATE: Top 5:

1 Liron Velleman's Sussex1103
2 Nick's Pickled Hermans
3 Abi Woodrow's Bobigny FC
4 Barnaby Powell's B-Man's Spurs
5 Alex Lishak Lishh
15 Daniel Mulkis' Das is good

Noam Office Visitor of the Week: Brighton/Sussex Students


We took the office on the road this week for Bogrim Mobile to Oxford, Bristol, Bath, and Brighton!

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