Crescent Hill Nursery June E-Newsletter 2011 The CHN e-newsletter is our show of gratitude to the loyal market customers at our many events around th

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Crescent Hill Nursery June E-Newsletter 2011


Crescent Hill Nursery at the Carmel Valley Garden Association Plant Show in Carmel Valley, Ca on May 8, 2011.

The CHN e-newsletter is our show of gratitude to the loyal market customers at our many events around the Central Coast. It will serve as a site for seasonal updates, "plant of the month" specials, the "ask a nurseryman" section, links to our partners, and a whole lot more. The e-newsletter is a way to stay connected with our thriving and knowledgeable garden community. Please send us your comments on how to make this e-newsletter more useful to all, and don't forget to pass along the link to a friend!

Happy Planting,
Nathan Krupa (owner/grower)

IMG 5030

Spring Color at Crescent Hill. Coreopsis 'Jethro Tull'.

IMG 5050

Salvia 'Hot Lips'


Website update 2011 is complete. Our new selections will be denoted with a yellow star on their respective PLANTS pages. We hope this will help in generating ideas for something unique in your 2011 garden. Many new hybrids are not just new to Crescent Hill, but also to the horticultural trade in general. With your help, we look forward to categorizing their various uses, likes, and dislikes as they touch California soil for the first time. With these specimens as well as our familiar favorites, please remember your feedback is crucial to our compilation of an efficient and effective regional planting guide for rare and unusual species. Customer participation is an essential piece to this puzzle. The website update also includes our 2011 CALENDAR, which has swelled to include new events in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and even San Francisco. As always, suggestions on additional events are tremendously appreciated!! Next year's update will include detailed photos for each individual species, and any exceptional photos from your collections will help in that process. So please follow this link,, and enjoy the tour of our website.

NEW FOR 2011. Cut flowers from the Proteacea family, including Protea, Banksia, Pincushion, Leucadendron, and Grevillea will be offered at our markets this year. These incredible blooms will last 2-3 weeks in a vase, and will certainly generate conversation and awe in any indoor setting. Plants of these flowers will be available whenever possible.

Crescent Hill will be participating in many new 2011 events to follow the spring planting rush. Please join us at the The Garden Faire in Scotts Valley, Ca on Saturday June 25th for an educational day out, including speakers, vendors, and great food. We will also be displaying at the Foothill College market in Los Altos Hills on June 18th (pending market opening date), and at our usual date at De Anza College on June 4. Maps and directions are available through following the above link to our CALENDAR page. Hope to see you there!!

Nursery tours are encouraged. Please come out and see our 2 acre facility in Watsonville. With over 225 varieties grown, the growing grounds are turning into a little botanical park. Please call for an appointment. Groups are welcome.

Please remember Crescent Hill recycles all 1,2, and 5 gallon plastic containers. Drop off available at all markets, or here at the nursery. Thanks again!!



IMG 5027

Single flower up close.

Dahlia ‘Dark Angel Pulp Fiction’

The June Crescent Hill Nursery plant of the month is "a must" for any lover of bold summer color. The hard-to-find Dark Angel Series from Grolink features compact dahlias with a long flowering cycle, set on almost black foliage. 'Pulp Fiction' was selected amongst this series due to its full form, free flowering capacity, and outrageously deep black foliage. The 12" tall X 12" wide sharply toothed black foliage clump is crowned with abundant sets of single red/orange blooms from late spring through early fall. The flowers have dark centers, which provides a color match to the vegetation, and happily accommodate butterflies throughout the blooming season. Pulp Fiction thrives in any full sun location, and its compact form gives life to any "dead space" in the garden. Excellent as an attention drawing potted plant, this dahlia also shines in combinations in the front and middle borders. The accent foliage pairs well with other summer blooming subshrubs like Salvia 'Hot Lips', Salvia 'Sierra San Antonio', and especially Salvia X coahuilensis, where the stems and sepals of the Salvia are lit up by the like-colored dahlia foliage. Coupling Pulp Fiction with grayish/white foliage plants like Agastache 'Pstessene' and Agastache rupestris 'Sunset Hyssop' creates a burst of contrast color, and a summer garden not soon to be forgotten. This deciduous tuber takes advantage of its time above ground, providing a vivid, almost pompous, display rarely seen in this oddly enticing color combination. Hardy from USDA Zones 8-11, the tuber should be pulled in for the winter in colder climates. Don't forget to remove old flowers to insure blooms well into autumn!!

Special E-Newsletter Price; $6 per 1-gallon container, (regular $7 each)!! Mention this review to receive discount.


Pulp Fiction in full bloom!!




In this quarterly section, we introduce our industry partners that may be of interest to the Crescent Hill gardening family.

Garden Lane Soaps

Garden Lane Soaps started with our abundant organic gardens, the love and enjoyment of our animals and the bounty from our Morning Glory Farm. The joy we experience from growing beautiful flowers, fragrant herbs and cultivating a delicious harvest has evolved into the creation of Garden Lane Soaps. Our vision is to share the gifts of our organic gardens by creating quality all natural all the time soaps that will honor nature and make people feel wonderful.

Garden Lane Soaps are lovingly handcrafted at Morning Glory Farm in Corralitos, California. Our natural handmade soaps are specially formulated with herbs, flowers and seeds from our organic gardens. We use natural oils and pure ingredients, no animal fats or artificial color is added. The scent in our soaps ranges from fragrant to mild, the lather from full to light.
We feel the daily experience of enjoying a wonderfully scented and handcrafted soap should be a ritual. We would be honored to have you choose from our delightful selection and hope you will incorporate them into your daily life. We have a soap for every need and pleasure. Refreshing and energizing; Garden Lane Soaps will awaken your spirit, invite an emotion and soothe the soul.
As gardeners we think you might enjoy Gardener’s Companion. This sudsy soap exfoliates and refreshes the gardener's busy hands. Contains olive oil, palm oil (sustainable), coconut oil and castor oil, patchouli, orange and lavender essential oil as well as dried rosemary and pumice powder.

We have many other soaps to offer. Please stop by our shop at 362 Pioneer Rd. Our hours are Monday and Thursday 1-6 and the third Saturday of the month 10-3.
Visit our website at

Contact us at or (831) 818-2598

Editor's Note: After trying the Gardener's companion soap, i can personally attest to this product's quality. It works on getting off tough plant resins (even euphorbia sap!!), smells great, moisturizes, and does not turn to mush like other "natural" brands. All this, plus being local and organic, certainly makes Garden Lane Soaps an ally to overworked and abused gardener's hands.