Issue 84 - November 2011 Starlink has undergone a significant transformation to celebrate its sixteenth birthday this month. :) There have been seve

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Issue 84 - November 2011

changing time

Starlink has undergone a significant transformation to celebrate its sixteenth birthday this month. :)

There have been several changes since its birth in November 1995! Beginning as a paper-only publication, Starlink later became an electronic one and has also expanded to a broader readership, with a wider range of topics and resources covered.

Now it's time for another change. Given the fact that many folk are starting to read email on mobile devices, we wanted to find a way to format Starlink so it is 'mobile friendly' as well as clearly formatted for desktop email clients and for the web.

After much research and experimentation, this is our first issue in a new format - using Mad Mimi as our newsletter creation and distribution tool.

mobile device

The layout is slightly different. The electronic version (this one) and the downloadable pdf file now contain the same content, so you only need to download the pdf if you'd like a printable copy to read or distribute.

And if you're reading this on your mobile, you should find it renders gracefully on a small screen as well. :)

You can expect the same resources, tips and inspirational snippets, which we hope you will continue to find useful and enjoyable to read.

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International


Schools, Families and Communities

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Here are several resources useful for schools wishing to strengthen their relationships and partnerships with families and the community.

Family and Community Engagement Handbook
Downloadable in pdf format from the Families-Schools website, this handbook is well worth reading! Though a US publication, much of the information is very relevant for Australian schools as well.

Schools in Their Commuities is an ACER research brief, written by Robert Simons and published earlier this year. This Policy Brief considers three models of partnerships in schools and communities that have been developed during the last fifteen years in Australia in response to a variety of national, regional, local and community agenda for learning and wellbeing, lifelong learning, and improved learning outcomes.

School Community Partnerships in Australian Schools is another worthwhile ACER research paper, written by Michelle Lonsdale and published earlier this year.

Getting it Together, subtitled Making a Difference in School Community Partnerships is not a new publication - it was produced in 2007-2008 through the Western Sydney Area Assistance Scheme. Nevertheless, if you've not caught up with it before, it is well worth downloading and reading.


A Little Inspiration to Brighten Your Day


The Writing Spirit is a truly inspiring short movie about writing and life from a range of well-known - and less well-known writers and personalities. Well worth watching!

If you'd like a boost, drop by the Tonic website! Tonic is, by definition, “anything morally, mentally, or physically inspiring.” It also sounds a lot like a fizzy beverage you would chug out of a laboratory beaker if you were in the business of drinking superhero potions.

Tonic seeks to inspire an entire movement of real-life heroes who want to share good and do good.

At Tonic, philanthropists, celebrities, charities, and everyday citizens can team up to make positive changes in the world and in themselves.


A Taste of Tai Chi

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Facing difficult or challenging situations is a common experience for facilitators, trainers, managers and change agents.

Join Chris Bennett in A Taste of Tai Chi workshop and learn how the ancient art of Tai Chi can help you minimise stress, stay centered, and maintain a positive connection with both people and process.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011
9.00 am to 4.00 pm
The Abbotsford Convent


Organisational Change Management Conference

Tonkin Corporation

Now in it's 4th year, Tonkin's Organisational Change Management Conference will be an informative and educational peer to peer platform to leverage experience and share cross-industry perspectives on this cruical aspect of business management - change.

Learn from case studies and hear from an expert array of speakers on the HOT topics surrounding change management going into 2012.

Download the flyer, or visit the conference website for more information.

On the last day of the conference, we are also running a workshop: How to get the best from your workforce: Appreciative Intelligence and Kinaesthetic Intelligence in action.


Web Links

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Are We There Yet?
Making the successful transition to adulthood.

Aim for the Stars
Applications for 2012 grants are now open

From WissensWerte in Germany come two videos - one on Globalization and the other on Human Rights . Great for teachers of politics - and interesting for others as well!

Fiona Robards from the Centre for the Advancement of Adolescent Health in New South Wales, has invited anyone interested to participate in a survey as part of a project looking into the possibility of establishing an Australian National Register of Evidence Based Programs and Practices. Please support this research and respond to the survey if you can.

Mental Health Services In Australia
Designed to make available timely, contemporary data on the services provided to Australian mental health consumers each year, this website is a useful source of information and worth visiting.

Australian Charities Underutilising Social Media for Fundraising
An interesting article from Kate vanderVoort, founder of Social Mediology, with five tips for using Social Media more effectively.


More Dates for Your Diary

homeless youth

Youth Health 2011: It's Totally Important
Australian and New Zealand Adolescent Health Conference
9-11 November, Sydney

End Youth Homelessness Conference
22-24 November, Sydney.
Yfoundations' vision for the conference is "think global, act local"

Fireman Jackets sm

National Conference on Volunteering
Inspire, Challenge, Influence
28-30 November, Gold Coast

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