STUDENT LED INTEREST GROUPS ABORIGINAL RURAL & REMOTE HEALTH GROUP (ARRHG) The Aboriginal, Rural, and Remote Health Group is a new interprofessional




The Aboriginal, Rural, and Remote Health Group is a new interprofessional, student-led initiative. Our mission is to raise awareness of and promote an interdisciplinary approach to Aboriginal, rural, and remote health issues through interprofessional student-led events and programs. We also aim to connect with Aboriginal, rural, and remote youth to facilitate interest in careers in the health sciences and related fields. Our objectives are to:

Provide professional/educational opportunities related to Aboriginal, rural, and remote health through experiential learning
Outreach to rural/remote/Aboriginal students, in particular, in order to promote careers in the health sciences
Facilitate peer education on various interdisciplinary health issues, with a focus on issues most relevant to working with rural/remote/Aboriginal populations

We already have some exciting activities scheduled, and others planned for the near future. Upcoming events include a trip to La Ronge where we will talk to Nortep students, tour the health center, talk to the Chief of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band, Tammy Cook-Searson build and attend a sweat, and more! We also have a pilot problem-based learning session planned for students in medicine and veterinary medicine, with hopes to expand the session to include other health disciplines.

Mentorship to high-school students is also a priority for our group and we hope to facilitate these relationships this year. Our group also plans on having seminars, presentations, open dialogue, etc. on health-related issues relevant to Aboriginal, rural, and remote populations. Some potential topics include, for example, the impact of zoonotic diseases on these populations, providing culturally safe health care, and working interprofessionally in small communities. There is also the potential to help coordinate an event where Aboriginal and rural high school students will come to the university to learn more about the health sciences. Interested in these activities, or have an idea of your own? Contact us!



Health Everywhere is a multi-disciplinary group of university students and professionals dedicated to raising awareness of global health issues and improving local and global access to health care. Through clinical, research, and educational programs, they seek to create opportunities for students and health professionals to learn about the social, political, and economic issues affecting the health of populations so that we may better serve the global community. Each year, Health Everywhere helps bring awareness to global health issues through events such as the World AIDS week campaign, Global Health speaker series, and annual fundraiser with CHEP Good Food Inc. In addition, they organize educational events for their members, absed on the interests in the group. In the past, these have included movie nights, guest speakers, and Fair Trade merchandise sales.

Health Everywhere usually meets during noon hours (12:30-1:30) 1x/week in the Health Sciences Building. Exact day and location will differ each year. In 2009, the group is meeting in B450. ALL students and professionals in ALL disciplines are welcome to join Health Everwhere!

For more information about Health Everywhere contact Megan Bollinger: or Sarah Biss:



The Public Health Interest Group is a recent initiative at the University of Saskatchewan, a multidisciplinary collaboration among students interested in Public Health. The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) established the concept of the Public Health Interest Group (PHIG), whose aim is to pilot health education projects on campus in the hopes of improving awareness and even overall health among students, staff and faculty. In the past year, PHIG has undergone collaborative efforts with the Student Health Initiative Program (SHIP), Student Health Clinic, and Master of Public Health Student Association (MPHSA) on various programs that seek to improve health throughout Saskatoon. Current initiatives are the Public Health newsletter, documentary viewing and guided discussion, seminar, fundraising for local and international communities, hand-washing campaign, HPV Awareness & PAP promotion, and the February Heart & Stroke Campaign.

For more information contact Tanya Rac: or Saghar Kari:



The Reproductive Action Group is composed of a group of medical students at the University of Saskatchewan who are interested in issues of reproductive health and justice. Our mission is three-fold:

to provide information and opportunities to students wanting to learn more about complete sexual and reproductive health care and rights, including contraception and pregnancy termination;
to raise awareness on the University of Saskatchewan campus about sexual and reproductive rights and health; and
to encourage colleges in the health sciences to include more information about sexual and reproductive health and rights including abortion and other reproductive health choices such as contraception and Sexually Transmitted Infection prevention in their curriculums

In the 2008/2009 school year, we’ve worked towards these goals in a number of ways, including:

starting a medical school curriculum reform committee,
organizing two sexual health clinical skills nights in conjunction with the Family Medicine Club,
sending students to a reproductive justice conference in St. Louis, Missouri, holding a movie night and discussion group with the film 'The Business of Being Born',
creating a lecture series on sexual and reproductive health topics such as sexual history taking and dysfunction screening, contraception, rape and the role of the physician, STI update, abortion access in Canada, and fertility mapping, and
hosting a very successful first annual fundraising gala with guest speaker Allison Hayford and an advance screening of the work-in-progress documentary 'Vessel' by Diana Whidden

For more information or to get involved, contact



The Pediatrics Interest Group (PIG) is a place for health science students. More specifically, PIG is for students who are thinking about pediatrics, or will be working with pediatric populations at some point in their medical careers, which is basically everyone. Therefore, any health science student should feel more than welcome to come and participate in PIG. At this point we are in our infancy, and are looking for inspired individuals to form the PIG leadership; however, one of the goals of the group is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in activities, so if you have an area/group/organization that you are interested in we would love to know. We know that kids are not everyone’s deal; however, as health science students, we will all encounter a pediatric patient at some point in our careers, and one of PIG’s goals is to equip students with the knowledge of how to approach those pediatric patients.

If you have any questions about the group please feel free to post them on the Facebook group, or email Petra Dolman at So everyone, come out to the meetings, join the group on Facebook, and get involved! We hope to see you all at the meetings this semester!