Brian Topp  | Some recent political articles Dear friend, I’m sending you this email to share some political writings I’ve published recently, and t

Brian Topp  | Some recent political articles

Dear friend,
I’m sending you this email to share some political writings I’ve published recently, and to ask you to take a look at a fundraising note. Please also check out my letter to fellow New Democrats regarding unity in our party, here.

To begin, here are a couple of articles I’ve published in recent days, and an appearance on TVO’s “The Agenda” that I hope you might be interested in:

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With Hollande’s defeat of Sarkozy, France dodges a bullet (, May 7, 2012)

On election day in Paris, Place de la Bastille (home of the left) was full and Place de la Concorde (home of the right) was empty. As sure a sign as any that the Socialist Party was about to win the presidency, as it went on to do. Francois Hollande is the new president of France. Why did Nicolas Sarkozy lose? (To continue, click here)

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Canada’s best premiers (TVO, May 3, 2012)

When Canadians think of political leadership, they often look to the prime minister’s office. However, TV Ontario comments on their website, “Canada’s premiers have built our social services, provided the conditions for the economy to grow and, for the most part, governed us well”. TVO counts down the five best premiers of the past 40 years and recounts how they made this country a better place. Panel includes Janet Ecker, Rheal Seguin, L. Ian Mcdonald, Robin Sears and Brian Topp. Premiers discussed include Peter Lougheed, Bill Davis, Allan Blakeney, Frank Mckenna and Robert Bourassa. (see the program here)

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Liberals across Canada are being hoist with their own petard (, April 29, 2012)

For many years, Liberals have been eager advocates of “strategic voting” – the idea that it makes sense to vote for a party you don't support in order to avoid the election of a party you don't support even more. A pitch to this effect has been part of the closing argument of every federal Liberal campaign since at least 1993. (To continue, click here)


Dear friend, To show your appreciation for the ideas of Brian, read the following

If you would like to show your appreciation for the ideas that Brian brought to the recent leadership campaign and that he continues to provide to our movement, please consider giving generously to our campaign. The seven-month-long leadership campaign we’ve just been through was a grueling one, and an expensive proposition. Brian has a campaign loan to retire, and a fairly tight deadline to do so under Elections Canada rules. Your contribution will go a long way towards allowing our campaign to retire this debt. Please consider a donation and ask fellow supporters to make one too. Your contribution, whether $100, $200 or more, will go toward paying off our campaign debt.

To donate on-line right now, please click here. You can also mail donations to 50 Charles St. East | PO Box 964 | Toronto, ON M4Y 2N9. Cheques should be made out to “Canada’s NDP” with “Brian Topp leadership campaign” on the memo line. Donations are tax-deductible. Under federal rules, you can donate a total of $1,200 to leadership candidates – on top of regular federal NDP contributions. The generous federal tax credit (75% of first $400 given each year; 50% of next $350; $33% of next $450) is equally available for leadership contributions.


Si vous voulez démontrer votre appréciation des idées que Brian a amené dans cette campagne, svp considérez donner généreusement. Votre don de 100$, 200$ ou 400$ - ou un autre montant selon vos moyens aidera a rembourser la dette que Brian a contractée pendant cette campagne.

Pour faire un don en ligne immédiatement, cliquez ici. Vous pouvez également envoyer votre don par la poste au 50 Charles St. East, PO Box 964, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2N9. Les chèques doivent être fait à "NPD Canada" avec la mention "Campagne de Brian Topp" sur la ligne de mémo. Les dons sont déductible d'impôts.

Many thanks! Merci beaucoup!

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