Greetings from the Porcupine Mountain State Park Folk School The Folk School Committee will be having it's first annual retreat on Friday, November 1


Greetings from the Porcupine Mountain State Park Folk School

The Folk School Committee will be having it's first annual retreat on Friday, November 11 at 3pm. The retreat will take place at a local residence and is in lieu of a monthly meeting that would have been held on the 8th. Please call Angie at 906-884-4886 if you are interested in attending or serving on the Folk School Committee.

Folk School Student Turns a Weekly Assignment Into a Published Piece of Work

Local resident and lifetime member of Friends of the Porkies, Karen Berg, signed up for a writing class that turned her into a published author. The class was offered at the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park Folk School and was taught by Henry Kisor, retired book editor for the Chicago Sun Times and author of several books.

One of the assignments was to write about Dan’s Cabin, the Artist-in-Residence cabin that was built by the Friends of the Porkies. Karen had been on the Cabin construction crew from beginning to end and was delighted when she received this assignment. She had taken numerous photos throughout the building and thought she had the perfect opportunity and motivation to organize her photos and tell the story of the cabin construction process.

Upon receiving the first few pages of the assignment, Henry said the story had the makings of a book. He recognized the value in having a record of the 4 ½ years the cabin was under construction.

As in all projects related to the Porkies, this book was completed out of love and dedication for the Porcupine Mountains and in memory of Dan Urbanski, an award-winning photographer of the Porkies. You can learn more about Dan Urbanski, Dan's Cabin or our Artist-in-Residence Program by visiting our website at

Interested in ordering Dan's Cabin?
A group order will be placed by November 14th. Orders will be coordinated by Karen Berg and you may reach her at 906-884-4340 or via e-mail at Books will be $20 unless the order is less than 10.
You may also order the book directly from, and it's $27.49.

Please consider giving it as a gift or donating to your local library.

We are now reaching out to people who might be interested in being an instructor for one of our future classes. If you are interested, please contact us with information about what you would like to teach and when you would be available to teach at the Folk School. The spring/summer schedule goes from May 1 - August 31, 2012 and September will start our fall/winter schedule.

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully welcoming you as a future Folk School Instructor or student.

It has been an interesting year for the Folk School. We have a new committee with both seasoned and new members. We have been very fortunate in the support that we have received from the local community, newspapers, radio station and businesses advertising our schedule. If you are interested in being a part of the Folk School Committee, please contact us.We are just finishing up our winter class schedule and beginning to plan our spring-summer class schedule. We had a varied selection of classes including such classes as copper bowl making, Lake Superior Sand Soap Demonstration, Star Fairy with mixed media, birch bark basket making and more. To find out more about our classes, you can see our schedule and class descriptions at under the folk school tab.

Please contact our Programs Administrator if further information is needed.
Angie Foley
Friends of the Porkies Programs Administrator
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Please forward to anyone you know who may be interested in the Porcupine Mountains Folk School or the Friends of the Porkies.