Imagine...a World without Chains Not too long ago a supporter said to me "We aren't making a difference for chained dogs. Things are the same as they


Imagine...a World without Chains


Thayne is founder and CEO of Dogs Deserve Better, and in 2010 spent 52 days chained in front of the PA State Capitol advocating for a law for chained dogs

Not too long ago a supporter said to me "We aren't making a difference for chained dogs. Things are the same as they always were."

I thought about it for a minute, and then I said "That's not my reality."

Instead of seeing our glass as overturned, empty, I invite you to see our glass as filling with all the beauty we desire to see happen in our world. I'd like to inspire you to Imagine with me a world without chains, because that's where real truth begins; in our imaginations.

Only as we can imagine greater things can we start to believe in them. Only when we can spend even a moment of every day seeing what CAN be instead of what MAY be in this moment, can we start moving toward the picture of love and perfection we hold in our minds.

Only when we believe it can happen do we start taking inspired action to bring it forth into our experience.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to know that every dog in your community is safe and loved? Can you imagine a day where you could wake up in the morning overflowing with a confidence and a certainly that all is well for every canine in your neighborhood?

What would you do to celebrate your freedom from the chains of despair you've been carrying for so long?

How would you celebrate the realization that your burden was no longer there, that you too were FREE to be happy, FREE to be loved, FREE to be joyous and FREE to be—most of all—F R E E ?

Ten years ago I started Dogs Deserve Better, because I dreamed of a world without chains. I believed dogs deserved better than life on a chain and I passionately embraced ways to bring them this freedom.

I've faced down many giants in the path to winning them freedom, and I've lost my way in the desert of despair. I've been overwhelmed by the need, besieged by the guilt, and overrun by the hatred, until the point where I could hardly breathe under the thick cloud of desperation I carried on my shoulders.

But not today.

Today I imagine, today I believe, and today I dream.

Today I will continue to build our facility for chained dogs, because there I see my dreams come true. I see dogs who suffered so greatly learn to love and allow love to come into their world. I see them earn their place amongst the stars who believe they are worthy of a great home and a great family.

This July when I chain myself to a doghouse in their stead, I will imagine the day man opens his heart to the cruelty and releases Our Best Friends from this insane bondage. As I travel to ten state capitol buildings, trundle out my doghouse and heavy tow chain, endure heat, bugs, indifference, and ridicule, I will be praying for a miracle, that my inspired action may warm the heart of the right legislator, that my deed touches the soul of more than my compatriots, and that an arrow of knowledge is shot straight to the spirit of mankind.

I Imagine a World without Chains. I hope you'll join me.

Tamira Ci Thayne, founder and CEO, Dogs Deserve Better


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