> A woman's pleasure is a pipeline to fertile source> > it's like energetic stem cells Pleasure Medicine: It's my honest belief. It's my honest be


A woman's pleasure is a pipeline to fertile source
it's like energetic stem cells

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Pleasure Medicine: It's my honest belief.

It's my honest belief from my own life path that we learn the most through sensory experience, and we create the most when we are tapped into our divine fertility.
By offering you both tangible herbals and supportive content, I truly feel you will access a very special way of connecting to your own health, your inner voice, your physical cues, and nature through the herbs we work with. I also know that people's healing most often comes through experience that balances meaningful challenge with deep pleasure.

Pleasure Medicine

In the sticky heat of the summer, 2002, I went to my first Women’s Herbal Conference. An event I’d long awaited, my children were finally old enough for me to venture out and be with my people for a weekend of learning and soul-unfurling. As I diligently scrambled to write notes for every symptom, case study, energetic, botanical name, and dosages for each ailment, it was a welcome relief what came next. I sat under a tent anxiously waiting for this class to begin as it was the one I most anticipated.

As the tent filled with listeners, the fragrance of fresh roses seemed to become stronger. The air turned to sweetness; a syrupy, feminine richness I can’t quite explain.

Ms. Diana DeLuca began to speak. She told stories of the woman’s body and of traveling far into exotic lands where the spices and libido are both hot. She wove tales of Moroccan foods, and of honeys mixed with orange and cardamom. I was in heaven. Speaking before me was a woman who was in love with herself! A woman who bore recipes sacred to Aphrodite, painted oils of healing onto her body, and reveled in her natural sensuality.

But the one single thing that stuck with me from her workshop on ‘Botanica Erotica’ like an anthem in my soul, was a simple, powerful phrase. “Pleasure Heals”. Her emphasis so carefully injected into each of those words, was cast upon the crowd in a magic spell, bound and indelible.

I was high after that talk. Perhaps it was the Rose and Damiana Cordial she passed around, but more likely than that was the feeling that I had reconnected with a core and primal fundamental truth of my being. Finally! Someone who confirms that feeling good is not negative self-indulgent behavior, but healthy. That desire and satiation can be inclusive, integrative, and all in all incredibly nourishing! She cited nourishing herbs for aphrodisiacs, like nettles, oats, and red clover. She encouraged us to get to know our orgasmic wish potential; to make good wishes during orgasm because they are sent to the creator quickly this way!

Pleasure does heal. When I feel good, I feel good! I regain desire for life and for growth. My confidence and self-worth are strengthened. My ability to communicate sharpens, and I accomplish more things, more authentically. My immune system functions at its best. I follow my bliss. I take better care of myself as well as those around me. As a woman most akin to the Wise Woman Ways of herbalism and life, I see it as a natural extension of Susun Weed’s Seven Rivers of Healing. While there are the tangible medicines of herbs and foods and yoga, she includes more forgotten medicines that have great power, like Story Medicine.

In my view, Pleasure Medicine taps into the very veins of life and sustenance which keep us living a life that is deeply satisfying. When we love our pleasures, the channels of abundance and healing open.

What is pleasure? To me, pleasure is something wonderful before, during, and definitely after. If you regret it, or feel terrible after, that may be a signal that it’s not a true form of pleasure for you. If it contains an amount of struggle as in exercise or a challenging business pursuit, we might include this as ‘growth pleasure’ because we know of its great rewards. However, if it has ramifications of pain, hurt, or self depreciation, as in the case of overly self-medicating oneself on alcohol, unhealthy foods, or mistreating our bodies, we can safely say this is merely anesthetic or illusion type pleasure, resulting in a loss of nourishment or wholeness.

Look at the whole circle of your pleasure choices:
Does it empower you? Does it nourish, fuel, and energize you? Stimulate your senses and strengthen your sense of self? Does it excite your whole being or ignite your imagination?

What can you do today, that would energize and heal you by way of pleasure? Ask yourself these questions. Make time to feel good. Make sure the people around you know that your feeling good is important to you.

Many cultures breed self deprivation. Either by way of foods, sensuality, words or expression, even thought. Some cultures seem to want spirituality so badly that they forget to be human. BE human. Feel, sense, play, act and react, allow yourself to be a sensate, living organism of our Mother Earth.


In light of our current, critical need to listen deeply to our body's language (a wisdom nearly lost) and the need to reconnect with the similarly sentient language of nature, I've created a very special membership path for those of you devoted to your own health, beauty, and deep intuitive wellness.

Many of you have asked me

"Is there another way I can learn that isn't quite as intensive as the Mentorship?"

"I don't have quite the time to commit yet, but I really resonate with your work. Is there something slower paced?"

"I'd like to know more about the products I get from you, how can I do that?"

I'd like to go deeper into herbalism, but I'm a stay at home mom like you, is there a more time-flexible option?"

"I'm too busy to shop - to have to figure out which herb to get for which season or which ailment. I need the guess work taken out by someone I can depend on for good medicines."

"I don't want to have to choose between your products and your information. Can't I somehow have both?"

"I feel like I want accountability and follow up, but not in the stressful form of deadlines and tests. I want something that encourages my confidence and growth."

(To those who have written to me: thank you so much!)


Today I can say YES

to all of your above requests!


But there are Limited Spaces Available for these exclusive offers ... so read on and don't wait!


Come along on a deeper Plant Journey by becoming an Amrita Apothecary Plant Goddess Member.

You will get the BEST of both worlds in each of these beautifully crafted memberships:

-Premium Handcrafted Herbals

-Rich and Engaging Support Content

-First priority special offers

-Once a month Q&A/Support email

-and you'll be subjected to random surprises, links, and spontaneous inspirational notes from me. :)

-PLUS you'll be included on insider tips from my favorites like Darcey Blue French <3

If you're already in love with Amrita Herbals, this is the perfect opportunity to get the absolute creme de la creme of the apothecary every month!

Here are the Membership Details! ......


"Imagine a woman in love with her own body,
A woman who believes her body is enough,
just as it is.
Who celebrates her body's rhythms and cycles as an
exquisite resource."

~Patricia Lynn Reilly~

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Lady's Slipper Ring

In the Tradition of TEMPLE, TILIA's SONG, and BELONGING.................

......the Lady's Slipper ring will pamper you silly with the most sensual products; handcrafted potions using wildcrafted and organic herbs, the finest aromatics like blends that include pure rose attar and neroli blossom, in an exquisite, themed collection.

This membership offers deep self care, sensory delight, and beautiful healing herbals. It's perfect for busy women, healers who need a reminder to take care of themselves, and women with discerning taste in fine botanical products.

In addition, you will receive personally written content to support your collection. This will range from a self-care practice, to healing assignments, inspirational affirmations, and herbal information. It may include recipes, or pre-screened references or book suggestions to support your journey.

SO in all, Lady's Slipper Members receive:

~ One complete three piece herbal collection every month

~ Supplemental information each month regarding the collection and the self care invitation that accompanies its use; via PDF

~ One Q & A email exchange per month

~ Accountability through mirroring: intention exercises which will be returned/mirrored to you periodically during the year, reflecting to you your beauty and purposes, and reminding you of your deeper self.

~ Pre-public notice of all offerings from Plant Journeys/Amrita Apothecary

BONUS PLUS ~ One jar of decadent face cream each season especially designed for the Lady's Slipper Ring!! That's four jars per year - enough to keep you well hydrated and pampered!

SUPER BONUS ~ I already have an incredible Linden blossom - Neroli Cream and Facial Therapy Oil set ready to be delivered to the FIRST TWO MEMBERS of the Lady's Slipper Ring to pay for the full year's registration today!!

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Druantia Clan

Druantia Clan members are those of us who worship the trees, find deep roots and solace in nature, and experience a simplicity in returning to our original rhythms.

Climb up into the branches of forest healing with a new tree to discover each month!

In the tradition of Druantia White Fir Goddess and the Enchanted Forest, Druantia Clan members enjoy the abundance of:

~ Two tree medicines each month (from the same tree; for example, a Pine oil and elixir, or a Birch vinegar and honey.)

~ Support content regarding the tree of the month and nature connection, via PDF

~ One Q&A/Support email exchange per month

~ Pre-public notice of all offerings from Plant Journeys/Amrita Apothecary

BONUS PLUS ~ Spring and Fall Equinox Forest Facial Creams! Each Equinox (Spring, Fall) you will receive a specially crafted Druantia Clan facial therapy cream made with wildcrafted tree medicine and lots of love.

YOU ALSO will get a Welcome gift in your first shipment :) just cuz that's how I roll .

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The fine script:


If you're looking for an incredibly special gift for a special someone, an Amrita Apothecary Membership is the healing gift that keeps on giving!!!


~There are LIMITED MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE, don't wait! Registration will end early if spaces get filled.

~ First TWO Lady's Slipper members to purchase at the upfront annual price receive a welcome gift set of _Linden - Neroli Face cream and Repair oil! (Value of over $60)_

~ ALL Upfront Annual payments get ONE MONTH COMPLETELY FREE!

~ Your first shipment will arrive before Christmas, but sooner if all spots fill up!

~ All shipping and handling is included

Ready to start? Here are your buttons!

I can't wait to craft your treasures and walk this journey with you....



What heals with pleasure....

Touch. Massage. Talking, singing, creating, eating wonderful foods. Walking in the woods. Sitting by water. Bathing, fragrant gardens, breathing deeply, making time to be with our children or our parents. Making herbal aphrodisiacs or playing sports. Caring for our bodies with foods and herbs that are real and non-toxic. Kissing. Hugging. Drumming, dancing, dreaming.

Make a culture for yourself that includes healing, nourishing pleasures.

In the spirit of connection medicine and pleasure medicine, I walk with you.

To your health, pleasure, and happiness!

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Have you stocked your pleasure pantry?

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