June 2011 News -HOT & STEAMY Summer has begun and it's already Hot & Steamy -- that is, time for the new steampunk anthology of that name, featuring

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June 2011 News -HOT & STEAMY

Summer has begun and it's already Hot & Steamy -- that is, time for the new steampunk anthology of that name, featuring a story by me: "Automata Futura." (More about that below.) And that's just the start of a season of hot releases!

Check below and you'll find my schedule of Appearances (at conventions and other places) as well as my releases for July, August, and beyond in the Editorial Calendar. There's a lot of exciting stuff on the way!

And to start you off, here's a link to a FREE STORY about giant ants. Yes, giant ants.

Sometimes the Muse takes one strange places -- though maybe not so strange considering June 29th is Ray Harryhausen's 91st birthday. (Happy Birthday, Ray!) Sure, the Master of Special Effects never did a giant ant movie per se, but he did create the giant radioactive monster craze of the 50s with The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.

Speaking of free, "The Road to the Crown" from last month is also still available -- and you can still set your own price. Here's the link to do that and buy it from Smashwords. And here's a link if you'd rather buy it from Kindle at the usual price ($1.49).

With a kick-off like that (and additional goodies below), what more could you ask for on a lazy summer day? Well...

Perhaps the triumphant return of a fan-favorite comic series of mine? Yeah, that might be in the cards, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on, MacDuff!


Some of you might remember "Of a Feather," the steampunk story I did in last year's anthology Steampunk'd -- from Tekno books, founded by the late, great Martin H. Greenberg. (Miss ya, Marty!)

Naturally I jumped at the chance when my pal Jean Rabe & Marty offered me the chance to write another story in the same genre.

And because I am who I am -- a lover of continuity and serials -- I naturally chose to return to the same setting I'd created in the earlier tale. Some of the same characters from "...Feather" appear, too, though this time the story focuses on our lovable mechanic, Zoe Tesla.

Can Zoe find love and happiness while helping a famous scientist on his most ambitious project to date? Read the story and find out!

And enjoy the illustration I did for the story above. It does not appear in the printed volume. (But it and a companion piece will be in the single-story e-book release -- when that happens about a year from now.)

Frost Harrow Update

Not a lot to report on Frost Harrow this month. Putting three books into production between now and August has not left me a lot of time for other things.

Still, I have done a bit more editing on the first Frost story, as well as some updating of the series bible, which is already huge and continues growing. (Yes, I pretty much always create a bible on big and important projects -- just so I can keep all the characters, settings, and situations straight.)

I also think I've settled on the cover. It's the raciest one of the bunch I showed last month (and is reproduced at right). Since the Frost stories are very adult in nature, I figure the covers should reflect that. After all, I don't want fans of my Dragonlance books (or my other work for younger ages) stumbling into the series by mistake!

Frost Harrow #1, Scream Lover, remains on schedule for a summer 2011 release, with Die with Me scheduled for fall, and Ghouls scheduled for winter 2011/12.

Editorial Calendar

Here's the latest update on my upcoming projects. Things are really heating up for the summer and early fall! I hope you'll be along for the ride!

Summer 2011 - Frost Harrow #1 - Scream Lover
Fall 2011 - Frost Harrow #2 - Die with Me
Winter 2011-12 - Frost Harrow #3 - Ghouls


NOW: Kidnapped by Saurians (Dungeons & Dinosaurs)
NOW: Thor Loser with Crimson
NOW: The Road to the Crown
NEW! Hot and Steamy featuring "Automata Futura"
July: Carnage & Consequences featuring "Time War: Second Front"
August: The Twilight Empire: Robinson's War
September: Crimson story (tentative) or TBA
October: Steampunk story (tentative) or Re-Release
November: Elf Erotica story (untitled) or TBA
December: BK: Swords & Sorcery - Pan-Dimensional Yule Party (tentative)

Still available: Walkabout Publishing's Unforgettable by Paul McComas. Includes "Levitation" - winner of the One Book, One Highland Park (IL) Ray Bradbury Science Fiction Short Story Contest!

I'm nearing the anniversary of my "something new every month" release schedule, and I hope y'all have enjoyed it. Upcoming re-releases include the e-book version of "Martian Knights" (short story -- also available in the collection Martian Knights & Other Tales) and "Shipmates."

Got something you'd like to see me re-release, or a project you'd like me to tackle? Drop me a line!

Crimson: Thor Loser Wallpapers!

"Thor Loser" isn't just a satirical play on the title of the recent movie, it's also a vital piece in the ongoing story of Crimson -- a glimpse at her mysterious past. And just to remind you of that, if you'd forgotten, I've got some swell "Thor Loser" wallpapers up on my site (as well as other Crimson wallpapers). One is bound to look perfect on your desktop! Click here to go to my wallpaper page and download Crimson for free! Or go here to buy the story!

Appearances Calendar

The SE WI Festival of Books went really well. (Look for a YouTube video of one of my panels soon.) Thanks to everyone who helped make it a success.

If you missed that, though, you still have a chance to catch up with me this summer at the following events:

July 30 - Evanston Public Library Sci Fi Fantasy day - Evanston, IL
August 4-7 - Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN - Writing Seminars
Click here for my Gen Con schedule!
August 11-14 - Wizard World Chicago, IL - TBA

Drop by, pick up a new book or two, get things autographed, and say "Hi!"

Out Now! Get your copy today!


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For your efforts, I'll send you a free story in PDF, or a format you prefer. I'll even try to send something you haven't seen before. Plus, those who put up reviews are also likely to get a first look at my new stuff (like my upcoming Frost Harrow series.). Such a deal! So, what are you waiting for? Hit your keyboards!!

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