Donate to Support the American Rally for Personal Rights March 30, 2010 WE'RE GROWING! There is big momentum behind our event. We are very proud of


Donate to Support the American Rally for Personal Rights

March 30, 2010


There is big momentum behind our event. We are very proud of the large, impressive, diverse and broad-based participating organizations who are signing on in support. is the latest! They proudly join many well-known names including:

Citizens For Health
Holistic Moms Network
Home School Legal Defense Association
Organic Consumers Association

and nearly sixty additional groups... with many more to follow. If you know of a group that should be on this list, get in touch with us.


We proudly unveil our donate button!

Do you like what we're doing? Please click and tell us in the strongest possible way that you support our work.

If you have difficulty getting to the link, you can sign into your paypal account and send your donation to

And a big thank you to those of you who have pledged your support. It's now time to convert your pledge into an actual donation.


Make sure you have signed on to our Twitter account and our Facebook group for the Rally.

And we are very pleased to announce two new Facebook additions:

The new fan page for the Center for Personal Rights.
The Students for Personal Rights Facebook group, led by NYU sophomore Allen Tate. Please be sure to forward this to the students in your lives.


The Chicago Park District has reclassified our status. They believe, as we do, that our rally will be a big success and so we're officially a corporate event.

Since we are now facing the higher fees, we humbly and gratefully accept corporate sponsors of any size to support our event. If you are interested, please contact us right away.

We are expecting a huge turnout of participants and national media attention. If you'd like to share the spotlight, we'd love to work with you to structure a promotional opportunity that can benefit us both.


Our corporate status also allows us to welcome a large number of exhibitors who are interested in offering handouts, information and giveaways to rally-goers. It will be an outstanding opportunity for likeminded organizations to increase awareness of our shared platforms and common goals.

Contact us to find out more.


We stand on the shoulders of dedicated activists who have worked for decades and paved the way for us to meet in Grant Park this spring. This is an inevitable, authentic grassroots movement. It's an event you won't want to miss.

Help us to make history. If you are going to the rally, we need you to register right now. Click this link or go to the rally website and sign up.

If you change your mind and can no longer attend the rally, just return to the registration page, fill out the form again using the same e-mail address, and put "0" as the number of people attending.

We commit to you that we will never give your name to anyone else, for any reason.

If you no longer want to receive any communications, it is very easy. Just scroll down to the bottom of this newsletter, click Unsubscribe on this promotion, and your name is forever suppressed until you choose to activate it again (or ask us to do it for you).

There are many decisions that flow from this estimate including security planning and porta potty rentals. Please help us give the Park our best estimate for the number of people who will be there.

Get to Chicago. It's going to be one heck of a celebration of our rights.


We're staffing our volunteer teams right now and we need YOU. Click HERE, review the list and pick the one that's the best match for your skills and interest. Set up, clean up, self-marshalls, local carpooling, rally gear sales, handouts, petition clipboards, music, social networking, community outreach, signage, satellite rally organizers, and more...

Send a note to if you want to be added to the rally planning yahoo thread.

There's no pressure to do more than you are able. If you care about these issues, volunteer a few hours or a few days. It's your chance to show that this cause is important to you.


We just added another hotel deal... $99/night at Hotel Indigo, a branded boutique hotel and a member of the Intercontinental Hotels Group family.


Louise Kuo Habakus
Mary Holland
Bob Krakow
Mia Nitchun
Ginger Taylor...

and a growing list of volunteers and supporters

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