> Chestnuts, sweet Chestnuts,> > To pick up and eat,> > Or keep until Winter,> > When, hot, they're a treat!> > -Cicely Mary Barker Greetings


Chestnuts, sweet Chestnuts,
To pick up and eat,
Or keep until Winter,
When, hot, they're a treat!

-Cicely Mary Barker

Chestnuts and Burdock hike 093


I've been swept off my feet these last few days, by some of my most favorite people! Greg Anderson of North Wood Traditional Archery, and my kindred plant sisters sweet Dena & Darcey Blue, came to visit! Power outages do have their gifts.

This means two things:

1 - I got out for some therapeutic foraging, digging, willow weaving, and field romping.

2 - I didn't have as much time to write about it :)

We women WANT to do everything, but we can't do it all at once, right? Which is precicely why I do my best to be fierce about how I spend my time, as well as drop it all when joy calls, as much as I can. It's also why I provide my membership services for other busy healers and plant lovers.

Plants are masters at this - they bloom on the day they decide, drop their fruit when they want, and flower on their own timing. And sometimes they have to protect their sweetest fruits with the wickedest of spines! Just like the sweet chestnuts and luscious rose hips.

So I hope you know that my romping also serves you with the plants I collect, the stories I get to share, and the photos I can give you.
And if you need an herbal wisdom fix - check out my post from last year on


Here are some snapshots of our fun :) Love you, friends!

Chestnuts and Burdock hike 044

Autumn Olives

Chestnuts and Burdock hike 019

Greg, teaching us the rock sling

Pics from Greg 203

Me, learning (Photo: Greg Anderson)

Pics from Greg 217

Lever stick digging for roots (photo: Greg Anderson)

Pics from Greg 225

Medicine Women (photo: Greg Anderson)

Chestnuts and Burdock hike 077

The makings of a rose hip - Autumn Olive syrup

Chestnuts and Burdock hike 050

In training

Chestnuts and Burdock hike 098

Chestnut mast

Pics from Greg 244

Sister love! (Photo: Greg Anderson)

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