Piwik Newsletter #7

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Piwik Release 1.9.1: Major Release

Piwik 1.9.1 is the debut of three MAJOR new features: Page Transitions, Site Search Analytics, and Easy Geo Location all available for new and updated Piwik servers.

New Feature – Transitions
This powerful, much desired new feature shows you how visitors come to each of your website's pages and how they leave. Through the clear and simple visualization, you'll be able to see:

What search engine keywords lead to each of your website's pages.
Which websites refer visitors to which of your website's pages.
On what pages your visitors exited your website and whether they clicked an outlink to do so.
What pages a visitor viewed before and after viewing a specific page.
What Internal Site Search keywords were searched in your website, before and after the page (new feature! see below)
How many times a page was reloaded (in total).

For more information on this amazing new feature, read the Transitions Documentation!


New Feature – Site Search
Internal Site Search, will allow you to use Piwik to track how people use your website's internal search. You can now see:

What search keywords visitors used on your website's internal search.
Which of those keywords resulted in no results (and thus what content your visitors are looking for but cannot find).
What pages visitors visited immediately after a search.
What search categories visitors use (if your website employs search categories). For more information on this amazing new feature, read the Site Search Documentation.


New Feature – GeoIP
Piwik has finally integrated Geolocation from the IP address within the Piwik core. You will now be able to see country reports that are far more accurate, as well as two new reports that show your visitors' regions and cities. Website owners have the option to use one of the following GeoIP solutions within their Piwik install: Maxmind database, GeoIP PECL extension, GeoIP module for Apache or GeoIP module for Nginx. View detailed info about Geolocation. For now here is the documentaion for Maxmind, PECL, NGINX and Apache

Other features in this release include the possibility to specify different range sizes when viewing evolution graphs, and some tweaks to static graphs. Also we announced that we are in the final stages of moving away from Flash based maps and hope to have something in the near future to show. You can read the full details of the release on the blog.

Piwik Analytics YouTube Video Channel


At Piwik we are not only busy at making an awesome analytics product, but we have also begunto create a video library full of helpful videos to get you on your way with Piwik. Check out our channel on YouTube, To start we have two videos that might come in handy in answering lots of your questions. The first is about "How to Install Piwik" and the second is about "Piwik Settings". In the future, we hope to bring more videos, and we appreciate your feedback on ideas and suggestions for content.

Integrate Piwik with your website platform

We have added a new page listing over 45 different platforms: Content Management Systems, Ecommerce shops, Web Frameworks and Programming Languages that provide a plugin to integrate Piwik.


Piwik integates with these softwares


Piwik.org - Check out the online demo
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