About Alison Alison Carney is a jack of all trades. A singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and an educator, Alison uses everything she does creative

About Alison

Alison Carney is a jack of all trades. A singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and an educator, Alison uses everything she does creatively to continuously foster her artistic growth. She is an experienced vocalist whose natural born ability to create sound, is a gift to us all. Born and raised in Washington DC, her sound transcends any categorization of how music is defined. Her live performance can be described as pleasantly energetic and astonishingly chill. With a firm understanding of how sound effects emotion, the structure around her songwriting is structureless. Thus, she presents herself to all in natural form, the result is honest music.

Classically trained, and formerly the front woman of an R&B/Soul Band, Alison has released an LP and has written and performed on two studio albums in addition to touring in Asia & around the country.. She continues to hone her craft by providing support vocals for such notable artists as Sy Smith, Kokayi, YahZarah, Wayna, Choklate, V.Rch, and J. Hayden, many of which are Grammy Nominated. An annual performer for The DC Dilla Tribute & Can A Sister Rock a Mic (CASRAM) Alison has had the opportunity to share the stage with Pete Rock, Talib Kweli, and even Ma Yancey herself in celebration of the life of James "J Dilla" Yancey. Collaborations and stage performances with other artists and producers range far and wide, some of which include: Tabi Bonney, Dwele, XO, Slum Village, Raheem Devaughn, Kyonte, Jay Mills, Phife/Tribe Called Quest, Mr. Turner, J.Laine, DJ RoddyRod, Judah, and TFox.

Chosen by the Washington City Paper as the "Best New R&B Singer of 2010, Alison uses music, art, education, and fashion as her muses. Fronting the musical experience alisonWonderland new project coming out in Summer 2011 Which Alison says " This new project is a journey into a more electronic fantasy world" (Alison Carney + Spinser Tracy + Jon Laine) proves, her creativity speaks volumes, her and her lifestyle exudes endless opportunity.

Press Mentions

Washington City Paper
Alison Carney’s AlisonWonderland, Reviewed
Posted by Marcus J. Moore on Jun. 21, 2011 at 11:10 am

The last time we heard an Alison Carney solo recording, she was pretty subdued. Her four-song EP from 2008 was downtempo and heavy on familiar R&B themes: giving into romance, discovering new love, self-empowerment.

Three years later, the Northeast D.C. native sounds far removed from those earlier contemplative ballads. She's still playing with electro-soul, but now the sound is a few paces quicker and a whole lot funkier. On AlisonWonderland—Carney's full-length solo debut, which is out today—she channels a bit more hurt (themes of heartbreak abound) and a lot more liberation (musical, sexual) over an upbeat mixture of percussive break beats, breezy funk grooves, and spacey soul melodies. The result is efficient, genre-hopping, and unforced.

It is, indeed, something of a Lewis Carroll concept record: The protagonist falls down a rabbit hole to discover a vast fantasy universe. Sometimes the references are overt: "Off With Her Head" has a frenzied instrumental. Other moments are less Alice, more Alison, from the trippy, cartoonish cover art to the way her gentle soprano wraps around distorted bass lines ("Stellar") and pounding drum loops ("I Wanna Rock").

Contrast that to Carney's 2008 EP, which was too sparse and too rooted in traditional soul music, putting Carney in the uncomfortable position of a typical R&B singer, when she's weirder than that. AlisonWonderland is manic and hyper-chromatic, a bright backdrop for a vibrant and eccentric vocalist.

Tabi Bonney Teams Up With Kokayi & Alison Carney To Reach 'Higher Stars'

"The DC Commission on the Arts is pumping up the coverage of music artists in the Nation's Capital, providing grant money and opportunity for said artists to promote their talent. One of those outlets is Art(202) TV, which showcases the diverse talents of the Washington DC art scene. Recently, Art(202) TV tasked two DC-based talents--rapper Tabi Bonney and Grammy-nominated producer/emcee/singer Kokayi--to create a song and perform it in one day at an event at Liv nightclub located along the popular U street corridor. The process was captured on video with Tabi on the rhymes, Kokayi providing the hook and production, along with a vocal assist from singer Alison Carney. The song, "Higher Stars" was born.

Shot by director Chris Keener, the video follows Tabi, Kokayi and Alison from the song's inception and recording, to its first live performance that very night. I think it's pretty hot. I also think its necessary to say that I feeling the direction Tabi is taking with his music--there seems to be a maturity infused now in his whole persona lately. Me likes. I've always been a fan of Kokayi and Alison Carney, so this tune is pretty much in step with what I expect from them. To witness their process as artists (not just performers) and see it manifest in one day is awesome for sure."

Watch The Video Here

alison carney interviewed by world renowned Michael Eric Dyson

Sudan native Simon Deng discusses the 2010 Sudan Freedom Walk, art collector and gallery owner George N’Namdi talks about the opening of the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art in Detroit, and singer-songwriter Alison Carney stops by to share her music and talk about her place in the industry.

Watch Interview Here


Washington City Paper Best Of DC 2010: Best New R&B Singer Alison Carney

Best of D.C. » 2010 » Arts & Entertainment » Staff Pick: Best Best New R&B Singer Alison Carney.

By day, Alison Carney is an early-childhood educator to a classroom full of boys. After hours, she performs in venues like Blues Alley, Ben’s Next Door, and Bohemian Caverns. Despite the perpetual exhaustion associated with both occupations, Carney’s stage presence is explosive. “I love both—each one in their own way keeps me sane,” says Carney of her dual career. Her petite frame belies a voice that is anything but meek. With a debut album in the works, the District native could soon solidify a spot among artists like Raheem DeVaughn, Yahzrah, and Wayna, all of whom she’s performed with. She’s certainly versatile enough: She can be a smooth elixir, as on the self-penned “More Than,” or a mean medicinal, as with her cover of the Eurhythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).”
—Tiffany E. Browne



Recent Projects

alisonwonderland EP




Alison Carney feat Awthentik - "Lifetime's the Right Time " (Dilla) From Her #alisonwonderland Album Release Party at Vitamin Water Uncut.

Alison Carney Live UAU April 28th, 2011 Filmed by Aaron Lynton

Alison Carney Live from Aaron Lynton on Vimeo.

Alison Carney - Your Gonna Want Me Back (Dilla)


Alison Carney Live Performance, "You Said," 10.10.08


R&B LIVE DC - Allison Carney


Q & A With Alison

How do you Describe your Style?

My style of music is tough to describe. These days It's definitely fun, more electronic & my voice is definitely coming from a soulful place. My style as a musician mirrors my style As a person.....I like things to make people smile, feel good all Around.....when I enter the room, I want you to get excited. When I exit, I want to be remembered in the BEST way.

How did you start?

I started singing in the church choir...did my 1st solo at 3 or 4....if you can believe it!!!

What is your Inspiration?

I have a variety of inspirations...my life & surroundings inspire my songwriting. My love of fashion inspires me to constantly push the envelope....& my grandmother inspires me to stay true to myself, my upbringing, & my dreams:-)

What makes you unique as a artist?

I think what makes me unique as an artist is that I am tough to box in, yet easy to market, if that makes sense. I can cross genres with ease, not because I'm "uber amazing" but because I think it's important to constantly challenge yourself in your craft. My love of art keeps me loyal To the wonder that is music...which definitely makes me unique. I think a lot of artists forget that music makes the world go round. It's more Important than the fame AND the money. They forget that ALL of that will come if You stay true to the craft. I try to reach teens to the more seasoned with MY brand of music which I call HONEST .....it's my Wonderland:-)

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