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Your Style Your Rules brings the fashion boutique to your desktop, making it easy to browse through hundreds of fabulous accessories. Take the stress out Christmas Shopping and let YSYR deliver a world of fashion to your doorstep! You'll find a one-stop-shop for all you fashionistas looking to bring out your inner Carrie Bradshaw - minus the big bills of course!

YSYR offers free shipping to anywhere in Australia, exciting new products from the US & Europe, free gift wrapping upon request and a new look, easy to use website.

We have loads of stock at discounted prices under the Steals tab and you'll find great Kris Kringle Gift ideas under the Gifts & Vouchers tab, where there is nothing priced over $20!

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Jaw-Dropping Style

Stop what you doing and feast your eyes immediately on YSYR's newest additions, aren't they beyond? Direct from the US, these jaw-dropping excess-ories will crush the competition and leave them faltering in your wake. For a look that nobody can touch, check out the new range at


Accessories are everything

A little accessory can pack a powerful punch!

Accessories are outfit makers....or breakers.... so don’t ever let them be an afterthought. In the morning, think accessories first, clothes second. The tee and jeans might actually go on first, but not far behind is the statement pendant, crystal stud earrings, chunky ring, sky high heels and a slick of red lippy.

The right shoe can completely change the mood of you ensemble, just as the right bag can really turnheads and crush the competition. Yep, they're small but their mighty.

Cheap frills

They can also get pretty pricey - there are women out there who carry bags worth more than some cars and diamonds worth more than houses!! Style and glamour for me is more about your eye than your bank account . The idea is to make a statement - to inspire a WOW- for not alot of money. With a good dose of self-confidence, a cheapie can look like it's worth ten times what it costs. Among my reasons for loving accessories is that they don't have to be expensive. Some of my personal treasures under $15 are glass cocktail rings. A good trick is to mix the most expensive piece in your jewellery box with a $5 enamel ring. It can work.

Do splurge on shoes and handbags for everyday use as these items can really be put to the test in our everyday lives so you need them to last and keep their appearance.

Jewellery box basics

A life of glamour begins with some jewellery box basics. Faux or real, these essentials can go from daylight to dark and can be mixed or layered, or worn one or two at a time depending on your mood and look:

Diamond studs, real or fake - perfect to wear with a statement necklace - compliments rather than competes.
WOW earrings - chandelier earrings have a way of making you feel feminine and graceful. Worn either with an up-do or sweeping mane, they're equally chic. The rule for earrings; the bigger the better - especially if you're going for an old-Hollywood, red carpet feel.
A statement making cocktail ring - a knuckle duster packs a serious punch to a basic tee and destroyed denim jeans. In fact a bold ring can make you feel powerful and in control (just ask any bride) and is sure to gain a compliment or two.
A dressy neck piece that sparkles with diamante's, diamonds or coloured stones, make sure it's something that has glimmer and makes you feel instantly dazzling. A great necklace can completely change your dress, décolletage - even your face. Shorter necklaces will frame your face, while longer styles will add drama to your façade (not to mention your cleavage).
A bangle, bracelet or cuff - unless they're of the electronic variety, they serve almost no practical purpose. But they sure are pretty! Whether you are wearing one or 21 they can help to balance and add personality to a look.
A strand of pearls - real of the very best fake you can find. Looks classy and elegant and can really lift a simple dress and inject lady-like glamour to a monochrome work suit.
Hoop earrings, preferably one pair in white metal, another in yellow
A watch. I wear a chunky mesh watch, but any dressy watch is essential.

Jewellery is a conversation piece

So get talking! Always make sure you have at least one piece on that you love before you leave the house. Just as a pinch of salt can open up the flavour of a dish, the right accessory can flavour an otherwise vanilla look and instantly get jaws dropping.


Adapted from The Almighty Power of the Accessory by Emma Markezic and Style A-Zoe - Rachel Zoe

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