Government of Rio de Janeiro to host the World Green Summit during Rio+20 April 10, 2012 - LONDON & RIO DE JANEIRO - The Government of Rio de Janeiro

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Government of Rio de Janeiro to host the World Green Summit during Rio+20

April 10, 2012 - LONDON & RIO DE JANEIRO - The Government of Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the inaugural World Green Summit ( business, finance and government forum during the high-level segment of the Rio+20 conference on June 20th, 2012, at the Government of Rio Pavilion, located at the Olympics Athlete's Park, next to the official Rio+20 conference centre: Riocentro.

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The Government of Rio says, "Rio+20 is a historical event and we are very excited to be hosting the World Green Summit at the Government of Rio Pavilion. This will be a unique occasion for business and government leaders to showcase what they can do together during Rio+20."

Michael Mathres, Director, World Green Summit says, "The World Green Summit is all about bottom-up solutions delivered across sectors, cities and nations with business and government. Therefore we are delighted to be working with the Government of Rio who is inviting 200 government leaders."


About the World Green Summit: The World Green Summit (WGS) is a new annual high-level forum committed to progressing sustainable development and the green economy, by engaging business, finance, government and other leaders to find solutions for industries, cities, regions and nations. The inaugural WGS provides a media, marketing and networking platform during the official high-level portion of the Rio+20 conference, to enable the world’s leading CEOs, financiers, celebrities, and dignitaries to initiate, communicate and build solutions for a sustainable future. The summit will be webcast globally (and maybe televised) and will be by invite-only for 600 carefullly selected business and government leaders.

About the Organisers: The World Green Summit is organised by World Climate Ltd and Climate Action. With an online community of more than 10,000 business, government, finance and media professionals in the sustainability sector, these two green media leaders specialise in producing world-class events, publications and web content. They have produced global, high-level events including the World Climate Summit (the largest business conference during the UNFCCC COP16 and COP17), the Climate Action Networking Reception (in partnership with UNEP), the Sustainable Innovation Expo (held exclusively at the annual Global Ministerial Environment Forum at UNEP Headquarters in Nairobi) and the co-organisation of the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Publications include Climate Action-which for the last 6 years has showcased the business case for sustainability, and Sustainable Cities--a quarterly publication focusing on the urban environment. Together, both organisations have worked with more than 100 corporate clients, 100 industry associations, 200 speakers and 100 governments at national and local level.