ACTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS NEWSLETTER -- JANUARY 2012 Welcome 2012 With An Open Heart! If all the hubbub is true -- about the end of the current 26,000 ye


Active Consciousness Newsletter -- January 2012

Welcome 2012 With An Open Heart!

If all the hubbub is true -- about the end of the current 26,000 year cycle of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new 26,000 year cycle of peace -- we are in for an exciting, perhaps tumultuous, and hopefully transformational new year. As they say in the musical "Hair", astrologically, this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!

As those of you who have already read Active Consciousness know, I believe that regardless of what 2012 holds in store for us, now is the time for us to evolve our state of awareness.

A good place to begin is to be grateful for everything we have and to share our bounty with others in whatever way we can be most effective. In my own case, I try to contribute not only financially, but through my writing about consciousness and the miracle homeopathy. Writing and providing free supportive correspondence with many autism parents has been my way to help others. Many people in turn have written to me and told me that my books have transformed their lives. That has been my goal.

Since it's time for New Year's Resolutions, why not make it one of yours to open your heart?

* First, fill your heart with gratitude. I recommend dedicating a notebook or daily journal to writing down what you are grateful for. In my case, I keep a journal with two pages dedicated to each week. On one page I list all the things that happened -- a brief daily diary. On the opposing page I write only positive statements about what I am grateful for that week. It might be the weather, the pool I swim in, or the wag of my dog's tail. It's wonderful to be grateful! Besides, as I wrote in Chapter 32 of Impossible Cure, "If the spiritual masters are correct, a state of gratitude and open-heartedness is more likely to bring us what we truly desire than all of the complaints in the world."

* Second, find a way to help others. What is the most effective and joyful way for you to contribute to the world around you?

If you need a little more inspiration, check out:
* A wonderful TED talk by 113-year-old Teresa Hsu about feeding others.
* An excellent article by Heidi Fuller about How Giving Improves Your Health and Heals a Wounded World.


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Happy New Year!

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