Fall classes in 5 .. 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1!!! Hello again to our Shenanigans families, friends, and supporters! It's been a busy summer for us, but we'


Fall classes in 5 .. 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1!!!

Hello again to our Shenanigans families, friends, and supporters! It's been a busy summer for us, but we're energized and ready to welcome our players and get going with another round of fun right after Labor Day! We'll be kicking off our third year with an ambitious fall schedule and introducing some exciting new activities to our program.

In addition to our after school and Saturday classes, we're partnering with schools and organizations in the area to bring our own special brand of shenanigans to even more children, teens, and adults.

Shenanigans was founded on improvisational theatre, and that's exactly what we'll continue doing. But my greater vision is to bring a full spectrum of performance and creative arts to the table. In a couple weeks, we're starting what we think is going to be a popular activity for all ages and abilities - facilitated drum circles! Using what I call "soft" percussion for a more sensory-friendly approach, we'll practice being "in the moment" while we communicate through rhythm and sound. It's all improvised - and no experience required.

There is much more on the horizon for Spectrum Arts and Shenanigans. Look for future "reveals" and please keep spreading the word by passing our news around to your interested friends and colleagues!

Aaand ... Scene!
Sandy Bruce, Founder & Executive Director
Spectrum Arts, Inc. ("Shenanigans")


Here's our Fall Schedule!

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Calling all tweens, teens, and adults! Learn, make friends, and have fun in one of our improv or drum circle classes! Click here to download our PDF schedule, and call 770.354.5770 if you have any questions or want to register.

Besides our totally awesome improv classes, this fall we are also offering facilitated drum circle classes under the direction of Randi Gould, a warm and lively woman who also has a passion for bringing performance music into the lives of our spectrum friends.

For a more clinical approach to learning social skills and communication, Alison Ratner, LCSW, will be leading "therapeutic improv" groups this fall. Her groups will examine more deeply the personal issues of social skills challenges through improv games and therapeutic conversation. Most insurances will cover this out of network.

Does your child long to join our fun, but he just can't overcome his fear of the unknown, and the thought of being the "new kid in class" absolutely paralyzes him? Shenanigans now offers private improv tutoring sessions in your home to gradually introduce our activities in familiar surroundings. Think of it as an interactive social story, improv-style! Once your child "gets" what we do, we anticipate he or she will be eager to graduate to greater social involvement - and we hope that includes Shenanigans!


"...Seriously, 20 years of social groups, OT, Speech... a lot of it very good...did not accomplish what 3 or 4 sessions of Shenanigans did for her!" - from Cindy Smith's blog Exceptional in Atlanta, 8/15/11


Aspie authors in our midst

I am Snamuh

Laura Nadine is an exceptionally talented young woman - a virtuoso violinist and musician, artist, author, and speaker, and we are fortunate to have her as an advisor to our program.

Check out her book "I Am Snamuh - My Journey with Asperger's and the Power It Gave Me" - a very witty and self-revealing look into her life as a "backwards human" before being diagnosed with Asperger's. Click on the thumbnail to take a closer look.

Pugsleys Imagination

Leisa Eman joined our adult class over a year ago and we quickly realized that we had an improv star in the making. Leisa's dry wit and fast comebacks propelled her into the ranks of Shenanigans's finest. She became a friend and is now an advisor to Shenanigans.

Leisa, a skilled pet photographer, wrote "Pugsley's Imagination" , illustrating her beloved retired service dog's flirtation with the many possibilities in life. A delightful read for children, and adults will enjoy it, too.


"Shenanigans is a great experience for our son. Not only do they accept him for who he is but they encourage him to work on skills he needs, all while having a ridiculous amount of fun. What a treat it is for us to see the results at the end of the week! Finally, a place where he can really fit in!" - Susan Keesee, parent


When we wish upon a star ...

Our Shenanigans team is growing, so we can take our program into more and more neighborhoods in metro Atlanta and outlying areas. We are always on the lookout for spaces to hold our activities. If you know of a location we could check out, please contact me. Right now we're looking in the Lilburn/Snellville/Sugarloaf Pkwy area, south and west Cobb/Dallas, and I-575 corridor.

Know someone who may want to become a member of our instructor team? We need enthusiastic and energetic people who have a performing or visual arts talent, a passion for working with children, teens, or adults with special needs (especially those with Asperger's and related conditions), and who will support our mission wholeheartedly.

We always need enthusiastic volunteers to help out in our classes. It's a fun gig - the class director does the work and you just have fun and provide some support to our class members. This is a great service opportunity for high schoolers and college students as well as adults.


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