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We are very happy to bring you Issue 19 of Fraction Magazine

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Aline Smithson


Eliot Dudik


Michael Tummings


Noah Beil


Sharon Harper


Victoria Crayhon


New Directions 2011


I am proud to announce that I will be the judge for Wallspace Gallery's New Directions 2011. The call for entries opens on October 1 and closes on November 20. Mark your calendar!
This portrait show is entitled "Moments of Being".

_"As photographers, we look for faces and expressions that tell stories. We look for character. We look for emotion.

We look for the hook, that moment of being that creates a compelling portrait. Like a modern physiognomy, a portrait tells a story equal parts subject and photographer in a single moment.

As the curator of this show, I will be looking for portraits that are edgy and daring. I want more than the traditional head shot. I want to see work that pushes the boundaries of what is normally called a portrait. (Please note: For this show, my interests are not in photo-journalistic photographs of the homeless, the needy, or third world subjects)

Photographs by Emmet Gowin and Sally Mann (for example) show a trust and a relationship between the photographer and the subject. There is a connection that is clear to the viewer; this is what I am looking for. I will also be looking for unique styles and interesting compositions. The images might be quiet, honest, sexually charged, or pure. These portraits, color or black and white, should convey a unique and powerful moment of life."_

All of the details can be found here.




A review of "iDubai" by Daniel W Coburn


A review of "Desire for Magic" by Katherine Ware


New Feature

Fraction Magazine is proud to present its newest feature, Fraction J, a new section devoted to documentary photography and photojournalism.
Issue 1 features the work of the LUCEO Images photographers: Kendrick Brinson, David Walter Banks, Matt Eich, Kevin German, Daryl Peveto and Matt Slaby

Fraction J will be co-edited by Jason Houston and Stella Kramer


One Picture Look


Check out "One Picture Look", now with 127 photographs from 127 photographers.

This section is added to and updated twice a month and contains edgy and contemporary portraits and landscape photographs. All work is selected from the Fraction Flickr group


Be sure to check out the Fraction blog for the latest in Call for Work and Call for Entries,
industry news updates, and show announcements.
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To view Issue 19 of Fraction Magazine, please click here.

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