June 21 is officially the turning point from spring to summer for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere. Summer means vacations, Vacation Bi

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June 21 is officially the turning point from spring to summer for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere. Summer means vacations, Vacation Bible School, warmer temperatures, pool parties, floating down the river in a rubber raft, and outdoor living. Do you see something missing in this equation? How about thinking ahead to preparing for a time of spiritual renewal? In the book of Nehemiah we see how time was set aside for this aspect and accomplished by gathering the people together and opening the Book of God. As the people listened to the scribes explaining the Word to them, their hearts were turned to God and a time of renewed focus on God. Here’s a great summer vacation idea! Take time to do some exploring in the bible.org store for ideas to take along as you soak up the sun, climb a mountain, sit and reflect under a shady oak tree as a plan for you and your family’s SSR (summer spiritual renewal). Here are some ideas for you to explore: Take the NET Bible along on your mobile phone so you can follow the Daily Bible Reading Plan or explore the ideas for an android phone. Both are available in the bible.org store. Want a good book to read? Try JP Moreland’s Book “Love God with all your Mind”. When you are finished reading, discussing, and/or contemplating, add your thoughts to the Reader’s Corner.


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We are pleased to announce the release of our NETBible One iPad Web App. You can find it in the App Store by searching for "NETBible One" (or you can follow the link from our homepage). This free app brings the power of our NET Bible Study Environment) to the iPad, and represents the first step of our new Mobile Development Initiative. We are currently working on world-class innovative and unique solutions for the top mobile platforms (including iOS, Android, and others). Keep your eyes on our website and this newsletter for announcements throughout the summer and fall.



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Recently bible.org received a noteworthy praise that we thought you might like to know about. "It is with joy and thanksgiving to God that VBI/AOH announces the legal printing in Vietnam of the New Vietnamese/New English Translation New Testament Parallel (NV/NET NT Parallel). The Vietnamese Government's Religious Publishing Division approved the text of the Parallel. Above all, pray that the Lord would protect His word for Vietnam, and that He would move hearts to know Christ and accept His love for them. VBI/AOH, a Texas foundation, with a heart to share the Gospel of Christ to Vietnamese has provided funds to place at least one case (40) of New Vietnamese/New English Translation New Testaments (NV/NET NT) in various Vietnamese churches." Want to know more? Send a note to bible.org for further details on this project.


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Volunteers/Interns needed: We would like to get some more people to help us improve the navigation of our articles by rating them as to the spiritual maturity level it is targeted at. (Right now we have just 4 folks in the group, we need more.This will allow our articles to be labeled in ways that will allow our users to more quickly find what they are looking for. The process has been designed we now need help implementing it! See our users group
We are making good progress on the Chinese NET Bible project but we still in need for additional volunteers. NEEDED: Additional Chinese scholars, programmers and people to help build a web site, software products and distribution Contact us.
Several responded to our call for help: (1) to enhance our NET Bible online environment in Spanish and (2) our Sunday school teachers effort, but we need someone to lead the effort. Maybe that is you? If you would like to explore leading the effort Contact us.



One of the blessings of being an internet ministry is that we can link to you via the internet. With that in mind, did you know that your ministry could be a co-laborer in the vineyard with bible.org?
Opportunity One: -- Brand the Bible Study Environment with your own logo/brand and links to your site. We maintain it, fix anything that is broken, and give you the Study Environment for your ministry to use. You get free advertising to your site and we get the word out about the Word. Contact Michael Garrett for more information.

Opportunity Two: --Does your church have a bookstore? Do you own a bookstore? We have the opportunity for you to be a reseller with the advantages of stocking the finest study Bible with the 60,000 translator notes and satellite maps. You get to advertise the NET Bible and we get the advantage of stocking your shelf! Check out the reseller agreement here and then contact Michael Garret, our Marketing Specialist for more information.


One of our blessings is looking back at where we were a year ago and where we are today. Each day we pause to thank God for you, our donors, and especially our one major donor. Without each of you this internet ministry would not be happening. So THANK YOU! Keep those gifts coming! As you can see by the Praise above, God is at work. Donate to support the ministry click here

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MAILROOM: Barnabas was known affectionately as Encourager to the NT flock. As you take time to write us you become our present day Barnabas. May we now bless you with notes from near and far.

From Ernie: I love the tools that you guys have…. Again, thank you for your response, and also for the bible.org website. I have bookmarked it, and will use it to do study and research, so I can be a blessing to others who want the truth.
From Lila: I wanted to thank you for the insightful studies by Bob Deffinbaugh. I am working on a trilogy of novels that take place during Christ's first coming to earth and the spread of the early church, and I have been joyfully reading these studies. I am thoroughly enjoying them and can see the anointing of the Holy Spirit on them. Thank you for sharing them.

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BLOGS: False Teachers, False Prophets. Are they alive and present on planet earth today? How do we respond to them? Four of our bloggers have taken the challenge to expose two who have recently been in the news. Read from the hearts of Sharifa Stevens, Laura Singleton, Sue Bohlin and Dr. Darrell Bock on bible.org Blogs page. By the Way…Are you a blogger? You could be a winner by filling out our Blogging Survey for the month of June.



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Recently one of our Moderators, Gideon, assisted a reader on his questions regarding a particular translation. This is just one of Gideon’s many duties as a Forum Moderator. Thanks Gideon for being such a faithful moderator! On another section of the forum, our Exec Direc posed this question “What is your favorite Bible Study program or Bible Reader?” Follow the dialog and enter your ideas. Or how about the dialog on the question: should translations have a “Red Letter Edition?” This led to one responder to blog this question on his own site. So a question on the Forum led to a dialog, then to a personal blog; which then led to our Exec Direc responding by answering “Why the NET Bible has no red letter edition” As they say, “ we really live in a small small world” or this is Social Networking. Join the Forum and discuss your ideas and ask questions.

Easter Survey Winner Update!


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A note from our May Contest Winner Jenny: (Jenny is a soldier stationed in Afghanistan.) When we emailed her about her gift choice she asked that we send something that she could share with her fellow soldiers. So we went shopping and sent her a box of goodies and put some toy pin wheels in it as a surprise. She writes:" I got the wonderful box you sent and the timing could not have been more perfect! I was pleasantly surprised with the pin wheels haha! How cute is that!? But most impressed with the Bible...which is by far the nicest one I have ever owned! (Now my new "at work" Bible.) I had got rather teared up reading the lovely card...made me hungry so I guess I should admit I am having a hard time sharing all the wonderful goodies. You all had some great ideas! Tissues are always needed, gum, snacks, toothbrushes, towelettes...totally wow! Everyone is impressed!!!! (I am sharing haha.) Oh Oh the American Flags....wow. I love the USA...so here I put one on my door to my tent-room...and the pin wheels"...haha.