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Burn Prevention Post

Chanukah 2012


Safety Tips for Chanukah

Remove curtains or any other flammable objects from the area around the menorah.
Keep the menorahs away from the reach of small children and make sure the menorah is on a solid and level surface.
Ensure that you have working smoke alarms throughout your house. Check the batteries.
When making latkes, keep children away from the hot oil.
Turn frying pan handles away from the edge of the stove and use back burners when possible.
Never leave candles unattended.

As part of your general home fire safety preparedness, Hatzolah suggests that:
* You prepare a fire safety plan including escape routes.
* Each house should have a fire extinguisher.
* In the event of a burn, immediately place the affected limb under cool running water and call Hatzolah.



In Aug. 2012 Chaya had a visit with “Pippie” the three-year-old burn victim from South Africa who has made front-page headlines because of a revolutionary skin transplant operation for which the skin was grown from her own cells in a laboratory in the United States. It was the first time the procedure was performed in Africa. More than three-quarters of Pippie’s body was severely burned when a bottle of gel firelighter exploded while her father was lighting a braai on New Year’s Eve. Doctors initially gave the girl a 10% chance of survival. She will wear pressure garments once the dressings have been removed, which will help to protect the new skin from tearing and reduce the forming of raised scars, or keloids. She will have to wear them for 23 hours each day until she has made satisfactory progress.

If your cooking oil catches on fire:

• Turn the Heat Off - Don't move the pot till it is totally cooled off. You might accidentally splash yourself or your kitchen with burning oil. Not necessary
• Cover the Pot with a Metal Lid – a glass lid will shatter. With the lid on (heat off), the fire should quickly consume all the oxygen and put itself out.
• IF the fire is getting out of control: Spray the Pot with a Class B Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher.

Whatever you do, DO NOT do the following:

• Do Not Use Water - Pouring water can cause the oil to splash and spread the fire. The vaporizing water can also carry grease particles in it, also spreading the fire.
• Do Not Move the Pot or Carry it Outside - Throwing the pot outside might seem logical in the frenzy of the moment. But trying to move the pot might splash burning oil on you, your home, and anything outside.
• Do Not Throw Any Other Baking Product on the Fire - Flour might look like baking soda, but it won't react the same.

water urn burn

Burn from a water urn

We wanted to thank you, Mrs. Abramson and the Chaya Malka Burn Foundation, from all our heart.
We appreciate the financial help you gave us in order to buy the elastic “pressure garment” for our one year old son, Meir, who was burnt on his hand and leg in January 2012. See PICTURE He had a skin graft on his hand and has to wear this suit for up to five years. Each suit cost 1,700 shekel ($460 USD) and he needs two simultaneously, and because he is growing he needs to be refitted about every 3 months for his new size. It cost around 20,000 Shekels ($5,400 USD) a year which is a lot of money for a young couple like us and we couldn’t have afforded it without help of the Chaya Malka Burn Foundation. Our insurance only covers $800 USD a year. Wondering how we would pay our bills put us under a lot of pressure. It pained us to have to ask many organizations for support.
We heard a lot about Mrs. Abramson from a burn expert in Jerusalem, where we able to get bandages and special healing creams. Among all the organizations who we asked for help, the CMBF was the first organization that helped us in our desperation. This enabled us to purchase the lifesaving pressure garments.
Thank God, our son has been wearing the suits for 6 months now and we see that the combination of the pressure suit and using the creams has really helped Meir’s skin to heal.

We feel so thankful, with no words to express our gratitude for this amazing financial and emotional support.

bpp burn

Upper body burn

An 8.5 year old we have been helping for quite some time with 27% 3rd degree burns still has a ways to go. She had hospital & private burn care after she climbed on a counter and as she jumped down, she knocked over the Shabbos urn on top of her.

Today, the Chaya Malka Burn Foundation helps Jewish burn patients in Israel and abroad by raising money for costly treatments and helping them resume a normal life style. We network with people globally, by directing burn patients to top burn experts, to facilitate the best and fastest healing. Please help us educate and rehabilitate people - make a donation today!

Your Generosity Makes All This Possible!

To make a tax deductable (TAX ID# 20-3550527) donation, please click here.
or send a check to CMBF
14 Uxbridge Street, Staten Island
New York 10314

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