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Due to technical gremlins this month, it looks like the emails didn't send! So here is the newsletter - and if you've actually already received it, apologies for the duplication, and, um... enjoy again?! :)


November 7th, 2011

Well hello there sweetie! Great to see you.

Did you know? Every November since ... oh, many years now (about 12 years actually, yeah!) is National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo for short. Or even, NaNo.

I've never been remotely interested in NaNo even though I've been aware of its existence for a few years. Writing a novel is just not the thing I want to do right now, y'know? But this year I realised it doesn't have to be a novel. It can be about whatever I want it to be. It doesn't have to be 50,000 words (the standard NaNo target). It can be however many words I want it to be. I can make it fit in with me, rather than following the herd - hurrah! (This tickles my rebel bone.)

So this month I am writing, most days and except Sundays, just writing - until I reach 30,000 words (I like that number better) by 1st December. It could be blog posts, it could be newsletter articles, it could be web copy, it could be any kind of content. I'm open to seeing what happens. I'm on day 6 today and so far it's been personal ponderings and reflections - nothing I'd want to publish, but everyday I sit in front of the page at Write Or Die (Remember? I've mentioned it before - it's been revamped and looks shiny now, same GREAT app though). Writing crystallises my thoughts and creates epiphanies and new patterns in my brain.

So maybe at some point my 1,400 words a day are going to become something to share with the world. But maybe for the rest of the month it's going to remain my secret lab. That's okay either way. Just so you know, this newsletter isn't counting toward my word target, because it's something I would have done anyway. So without further ado, welcome to my non-NaNo words. Read on.

You can find this newsletter, along with past issues, online here. Happy reading! Happy pondering.


Of the importance of wasting time

"Wasting time poorly is a sin, because not only are you forgoing the productivity, generosity and art that comes from work, but you're also giving up the downtime, experimentation and joy that comes from wasting time. If you're going to waste time (and I hope you will) the least you can do is do it well." ~ Seth Godin

Wasting time often comes hand in hand with feelings of guilt and of duties not done. But what the hell! Let it go! We spend so much time in our left brains focussed on doing and achieving, that we do not allow ourselves the right-brained creative time, mind-free-wheeling time, play time that is so vital to nourish our soul and our mind.

Because, think about it, where do new ideas come from? They pop into your head when you're doing something else, when you're in the shower, or running, or baking. Certainly not when you're sat at your desk staring at your screen.

Work time is good, of course it's good, but it's implementation time. Don't forget to allow yourself space for imagining, creating, and inventing. That's the material that's going to feed into the implementation phase - of fresh new stuff.

Wasting time stops us from getting stale. Allow it, with immediate effect.


Last call for the Body Wisdom sessions!

There are just 5 sessions still up for grabs at only £20 per session.

I have developed a tool called Body Wisdom, which is part creative visualisation, part physical, mental and emotional healing, and all intuitive wisdom. It's a simple yet powerful process, which is effective for physical issues as well as emotional ones; it creates realisations, connections and healing. The sessions are done via Skype audio, or telephone.

I have started standardising this process to teach it, as it will be useful for coaches and therapists to use with their clients. To formalise the technique, I'm offering a few standalone sessions at a cheaper rate, so that I have a little pool of data to analyse and break down into key stages and learnings. Don't worry - the sessions remain confidential as always, it is my technique (not the content of the session) that I am documenting.

Out of the original 12 sessions I offered to my newsletter readers in October, there are 5 left. If you were humming and hawing about having a session, I would wait no longer.

To book one (or more) session(s), click this link.

To ask anything you like first, email me, tweet me, phone me (07877 038 084).


Stuff for you to check out and ponder

Inspiring, thought-provoking, sometimes lightly rebellious or just plain silly things for you to wrap your brain around. Beautiful creations and quiet questions to challenge the way you see the world.


It all boils down to... love, actually.

I spoke at Ignite Cardiff #7 on 19th October, and I talked about love, and fear, and making deliberate choices, and being authentic and conscious in life and in business.

I sent the talk out by email, but if you missed it, or you would like to see it again, or you wish to share it with other people, it is here for your viewing pleasure.

narayanan krishnan

Giving love, feeding the hungry

This is a 2 and half minute video which should make you stop in your tracks. One man, Narayanan Krishnan, can put love in action, powerfully, generously, in this way.

What can we do to live our lives with more love, in our own way?

People who rock: Nate Damm

"Who?", I hear you ask. Well, Nate is 23 years old, and on 16th October he finished walking across America. It took him more than six months, he walked more than 3,400 miles, most of them by himself, and some of them across desert.

"WHY?" - well, in his own words:

'First, I want to see America in the most slow and mindful way possible. I am also craving adventure and want to test my ability to handle tough and uncertain situations. A cross-country walk has long been a dream of mine, and it’s about time I do something about it. I also want to (hopefully) inspire people to pursue big dreams of their own. The last thing anyone wants to do is get to the end of their life and wonder, “What if?” '

I'm constantly challenging myself and aiming to avoid later regrets by asking "why not?". But stories like Nate's make me realise I could be doing more, being braver, and being bolder.

nate damm

"Why not?"

Talking about being braver, and being bolder - at Ignite Cardiff #7 one of the other speakers was John Haskell, a firefighter from Cardiff who is going to row across the Atlantic Ocean with his teammate and fellow firefighter Jamie Windsor. They're starting on 4th December, are going to cover 3,000 miles, and will be rowing and sleeping 2 hours on / 2 hours off. For 3 months.

I have nothing to add.

Apart from: visit the Atlantic Dash website to donate - these guys are raising £100,000 for charity, which is lovely in itself, but really they deserve all the support they can get for setting such an example, and pushing the "why not?" question as far as they can.

So. What are you going to do with your life?

Hope less. Realize more.

"Do a Hope List. What are you hoping for? Opportunity to knock? The outcome to be positive? The test results to be negative? Replace “hope” with action words, reality words, intentional, faith-bounding, wide-open, change-agent hero words.

There are too many variables out of our control, yet many variables firmly within our control. It’s foolish to plant big desires on the sands of hope. It’s amazing what happens when you decide to not lean on hope (tho’ you may go through withdrawals at first, not having hope as dream-filler can be profoundly uncomfortable.)

When you move beyond hope, you take responsibility. You face facts. You see solutions that you didn’t see before. You stand in the present.

Hope less. Realize more." ~ Danielle LaPorte

And finally?


... how about possibility?...


2012 buyme

Happenings at the beamazingtoday towers

An account of the happenings at mine over the past month:

// The 2012 Moon Diary has arrived! Please join us if you can for the launch party at the Coco Rooms (41 Plasturton Gardens, Pontcanna CF11 9HG) - from 7pm on the most special of dates: 11th November 2011! There will be drinks and snacks including Emma's wonderful raw chocolates. There will be music and games, and some readings from the diary. It will be a light-hearted evening of celebration and laughter.

// The Moon Diary coming to completion is really the main news for October - apart from my speaking at Ignite, which although it was only 5 minutes long, was a MASSIVE deal for me - but I've told you about that already. Other things are still in progress - the 10-week life drawing course, pondering and planning the next incarnation of beamazingtoday, and liminality (the space in between where transformation happens) - still my favourite word at the moment.

// A couple of blog posts to note if you've missed them: how to deal with resistance to change (your own), and a rising star at the forefront of the new paradigm and evolution of consciousness in business.


Things that are coming up in the next month:

// Well, NaNoWriMo, of course. In the next newsletter I shall be reporting back - I'm remaining open about what may come out of this experience/experiment. In Seth Godin's words (yes, he is a bit of a hero of mine): "Perhaps it's worth considering no expectations - intense effort followed by an acceptance of what you get in return."

// I'm running monthly jellies, in case you didn't know - informal co-working sessions at my house. You're very welcome to join in - all details here. By the time the newsletter comes out... well, if you're quick off the mark, there's one this afternoon! And the next ones are at the start of December.

// Obviously then the next thing in the calendar is the Moon Diary launch party on Friday 11th November. Come and celebrate with us! :) And also grab your copy of the diary, and/or get some as Christmas presents. They were very well received last year, we are told!

// A date for your (new?!) diaries, in advance of this event in December. PlayARK, the fantastic people who put on everwake at the start of October, are doing it again and running a festive street game on 11th December called Jokul Frosti (Jack Frost!). You will have to find clues and outwit Jack Frost so he can't spoil Christmas. Book early as tickets are going fast - here's the event booking page.

November is about focussed creativity. Ommm.

That's about it for now, except:


Also, here's the link to the uncrumpler guide, the doodly template to smooth out any challenge in your life. Free, as it always will be. My gift to you.

If you know someone who needs to add more amazingness to their life, do forward this email to them.

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