__New York Tropical Out 11/9__ After months of serious hype, including a package of .mp3 and .mr4 ringtones (grab them here), New York Tropical is fi


__New York Tropical Out 11/9__

After months of serious hype, including a package of .mp3 and .mr4 ringtones (grab them here), New York Tropical is finally coming to a digital retailer near you. Featuring a blazing remix of Rita Indiana from Kingdom, bangers from NguzuNguzu and La Ola Criminal and a dreamy synth masterpiece from /Rupture. New York Tropical is 12 tracks strong with a little something for everyone. Grab a copy on Amazon, Boomkat, Turntable Lab, or anywhere fine music is sold.


Lamin Fofana drops Video for "Happy 2010// Dark Days Are Coming"

Following the release of his debut E.P. What Elijah Said on DA Lamin teamed up with filmmaker Erik Marika-Rich on a dreamy lost in space video for his future bass manifesto "Happy 2010 // Dark Days Are Coming." Check the video on youtube or vimeo

You can still grab a 320 of "Dance in Your Blood" from XLR8R HERE or a copy of the full E.P. on Itunes, Boomkat, or Turntable Lab


Dutty Zine Open Call For Submissions. Theme: Piracy

So there’s this thing called the Internet but here at Dutty Artz we are mostly focused on bodies. Preferably sweaty ones. What moves them, what brings them together or forces them apart, trying to create spaces where we can melt our boundaries or learn useful ways of navigating each other and The World Around Us, which is part Mr + Mrs Internet but part walls and metal and dirt and apartments and streets and jet fuel and mostly plastic products which is why we’re doing a ZINE. To spread this talk into a physical format, the kind of thing you can leave behind or fold up and take with you, because everything circulates differently offline — call it distributional aesthetics — and nowadays it’s not knowledge so much as vectors of connection, context, and collapse, plus or minus corporate sponsorship and/or access to potable water. Submit at zine@duttyartz.com

all tomorrows parties

Great New /Rupture mix on BBC and All Tomorrow's Parties Show

Rupture dropped a quick mix on the late great John Peels' progeny Tom Ravenscroft's BBC show last week- you can download a copy here, and keep up with Tom's show here. You can also catch Rupture at a rare UK appearance this December 3-5 at All Tomorrow's Parties- curated by Godspeed You! Black Emperor- catch Rupture alongside Parasite, Shitmat, and Awesome Tapes From Africa. and many more.


Kevin Driscoll Joins DA blog family.

We have been fantasizing about adding media-genuis Kevin Driscoll to our blog roster for years. We finally managed to come up with contract terms he could agree to, and now he'll be with us regularly for the foreseeable future. You can check his first post on ham internet and the future of distributional data aesthetics here. Sink deeper on his site, or just follow him on twitter.