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Nonprofit News, Reviews & Resources   ||   Issue 86 February 2012

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Welcome to 2012! :) We hope you had a restful break - and that the year and the new term have begun well for you.

This first issue of Starlink has been delayed by a week or two, because of a major computer and website catastrophe, which took time, sweat and tears to fix. :)

But we hope the resources, tips and links here will give you some 'good stuff' to kick off the rest of the year!

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

The Essence of Appreciative Inquiry

tree feathered thb

Following the success of these workshops in 2011, we are offering them again in 2012. The first program will be on 29-30 March at the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne.

Visit our website for more information, to download a flyer or to register.

You can also read what previous participants have said.

Donors Too Emotional for Charts and Graphs

chart in brain

Sir Howard Davies, former director of the London School of Economics gave a presentation at the Pro Bono Economics 2012 lecture in London in which he argues that emotional connection - and the power of stories to make that connection - can be a far more effective fund-raising approach than graphs, charts and rational arguments.

Donors want to be inspired, moved and enthused, shown individual illustrations of the particular good they can do, and never mind the size of the bucket. Most of us have quite enough rationality in our daily lives.

And isn't the very same thing true of any any venture, when we want to bring others on board with us? It's hearts as well as minds that we need to engage. :)

Visit the Pro Bono website for more about Sir Howard's presentation and to download a copy of his speech. It makes for very interesting reading!

Kneebone for Your Funny Bone

simon kneebone

Simon Kneebone, a colleague of ours, is an Adelaide-based illustrator and cartoonist. Recently, he produced several cartoons for Pro Bono Australia, about what's happening in the Not For Profit Sector. Check them out - they should make you smile at least - and perhaps even laugh out loud. :)

On Simon's website you'll find more examples of his work to enjoy. He's a keen observer, getting quickly to the heart of any situation, and also has great compassion for human nature in all its quirkiness. His graphics appear on in many publications, websites and on NFP conference walls

School's In ... Let's Get Creative

creative classroms bartel

How not to kill creativity in the classroom


Ideas to Insipire

creative teaching

Creative Teaching Site

kids at blackboard

11 Innovative Ideas

Third Sector Resource Centres

TSM Feb12 cover

The Third Sector Resource Centres hold a large collection of low-cost or no-cost resources for non-profit organisations.

Topics include advocacy, associations, charitable organisations, governance, destinations, finance, events, human resources, membership, information technology, leadership, legal, marketing, social enterprise and volunteering.

(Third Sector is a quarterly magazine for Australia’s not-for-profit sector.)

Dates for Your Diary

Youth Health Forum
14 March, Sydney: Journeys of Hope: Supporting the Wellbeing of Young Refugees

Kids in Cyberspace Seminar
16 March, Sydney. "Bringing together the leading experts and educators on cybersafety and the digital culture of young people"

National Youth Week 2012
13-22 April. Also see "Tips for Planning Your Event" - a useful resource if you are planning to celebrate the week.

National Volunteer Week
14-20 May 2012
The website also has various promotional items for sale or at no cost.

Engaging Adolescents and
1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching
Australia-wide locations, various dates, various presenters. These workshops provide one-day practitioner training, so you can run the programs yourself.

Social Media Boot Camps
Australia-wide locations, March-April. Two-day workshops (presented by Dialogue Consulting) to help organisations manage their social media strategy. They will "teach you all the practical elements of how to run social media profiles and manage risk and avoid the pitfalls of social media"

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