OPPORTUNITIES ------------------ ✳ Think Financial Thoughts In this free webinar on December 1 (tomorrow!), boost your financial confidence as BareB

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OPPORTUNITIES ------------------


Think Financial Thoughts

In this free webinar on December 1 (tomorrow!), boost your financial confidence as BareBonesBiz.com's Ellen Rohr and Right Brain Ventures' Libby Ladu explore the case study of School Choice International's Liz Perelstein. You’ll see the real-life financial data of a successful business owner and address topics that include: getting financials into shape; how Liz strengthened her foundation and grew her company; what the role of the leader is; how to be a great delegator. Liz shares what she’s done well and what she would do differently, taking you on her journey from financially literate to financially proactive. Register here.


Get Sparked

Micro-volunteering site Sparked is seeking talent; specifically, yours. What's micro-volunteering? If you're an entrepreneur, it involves taking your professional skills and turning them into social good in your spare time. I know, who has time, right? But you do. And what a fab way to build your resume, boost your company profile, and do something great, too? Bonus: if you're a non-profit, dig into the site for free help with marketing, strategy, tech and more!


Launch On A Shoestring

Need help thinking through your image & branding issues? Point A to Point B Transitions' Catherine Morgan to the rescue. She's extending a special offer to momtrepreneurs: purchase “Launching a Successful Services Business on a Shoestring Budget” at any level before December 7 and receive a complimentary “Brand Aid” session ($150 value) with Catherine to help you sort through your issues. The daily e-mail series is great because the e-mails are short, value-packed, and actionable. They're quick reminders to move your business forward each day. Sign up here.


Embrace This

Social enterprise and non-profit Embrace brings a whole new meaning to the term "bundle of joy." A genius momtrepreneur invented a low-cost infant warmer that is portable & intuitive to use, does not require constant electricity, and unlike traditional incubators that cost up to $20,000, the Embrace Infant Warmer costs less than 1% of that price. Inspiring, yes? They've joined forces with like-minded mom designers to launch the Embrace 2010 Holiday Collection that includes premium baby blankets, charms, and holiday cards. Profits from every purchase will help to make meaningful change in the lives of vulnerable infants around the world.


Do It With Pride

You asked and you shall receive. Visit our homepage where you can now grab a badge for your website or snag our logo for your business cards, pamphlets and fliers. Make it known that you're a member of The Momtrepreneur Exchange -- now a global organization (hello Australia!) that brings moms & mums together to build our businesses. Kindly scroll down and look at the left side of our site. Then grab and go.

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Connect Online

Meeting fellow entrepreneurs face-to-face is a must, and at least once a month at that. But since we're all busy bees, here are tips for how to connect with one another on the internets. This great article lists online communities (PartnerUp), online forums (LinkedIn) and TV sites (MeetTheBoss TV) where resources for entrepreneurs abound.




Desiree Miller, host of The Momtrepreneur Exchange: Atlanta, sent a few fab tips from SocialFresh 7. Check out:

1. How to build a Twitter audience in 8 steps,

2. Why you should pay more attention to Facebook messages,

3. Why Foursquare is worth watching,

4. Top practices for your landing page,

5. How Fortune 500 players are using social media,

6. How to create an easier path for your consumers to take action, and

7. Questioning whether all of this online hoopla is moving your business foward.

Neat, huh? Sign up here for your 7 weekly social media insights.


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