WELCOME TO 2012 STATE CHAMPS! In less than two weeks on Sunday May 20th one of the most prestigious races in California will crown 11 State Champions


An overview of the filled up State Champs venue in 2011. -Photo by NICA


In less than two weeks on Sunday May 20th one of the most prestigious races in California will crown 11 State Champions and 6 top teams. And no, I'm not talking about the Tour of California that will be decided in Los Angeles at the same time. Of course, I'm talking about the California State High School Championships where riders from NorCal and SoCal will be converging on the Dirt Club outside of Solvang and Los Olivos!

As the Director of the SoCal League I am so excited to welcome all of our friends from the NorCal League to our area. We look forward to hosting you again after what we believe was a great race in 2011. We also look forward to traveling north next year when you host the race again!

As you, the NICA Coaches, are the cement that holds everything together I wanted to fill you in on some details ahead of the weekend. Regardless of the League you're coming from you'll note that some small details will likely be different than what you have experienced at a NorCal or SoCal Series race. Please patiently read through the following notes and pass the appropriate information on to your student-athletes and families.

• There is NO on-site registration. You likely received the email blast regarding registration updates. If you did not read it, HERE it is. Varsity rider registration is now "open" meaning the 80% threshold has been dropped. We will evaluate the field sizes Friday at noon and determine if we will "open" registration for other fields as well. PLEASE have your qualified riders pre-register ASAP.

• All registered riders will receive a new number plate unique to State Championships at the race. We will open registration at 8:00 AM Sunday and will have plates packaged by team. We may open registration Saturday afternoon for pickup but that is undetermined at this time.

• Call ups for each field will be the top 10 overall SoCal and top 10 overall NorCal riders in the field alternating between SoCal and NorCal. In other words, 20 riders will be called up in every field. Please have your riders pay attention to the staging staff.

• We have virtually unlimited primitive camping on site. We are asking for $20 per night for an RV and $10 per night for a car. This is payable in cash or check when you enter the venue. Camping will be available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. There is no potable water or electricity on site but there are supermarkets and restaurants in nearby Buelton and Solvang.

• No open fires at the campsites. We will have one communal fire pit in Charlotte's Meadow. BBQs or camp stoves are OK with a fire extinguish and/or water and shovel present.

• Weather permitting we are planning on screening movies outdoors in Charlotte's Meadow on Saturday night. Please bring a camp chair and join us!

• There are two pump tracks at the Dirt Club. Many have seen the small track. There is now a larger track as well. The small track will be open for use. I will evaluate the big track and determine if it will be open or closed. In either case --- pump tracks are great training tools. However, if they become JUMP tracks we WILL close them. Please help us spread this word to all of your constituents.

• California Grizzly Bear jerseys will be awarded to the winner of each field and that winner is the State Champion.

• Team awards will be given three deep in each division.

• In the case of high heat we reserve the right to add an additional hydration zone as well as to shorten races. The 'current' forecast is calling for a very warm weekend.

• There will be a coach meeting at 9:00 am on Sunday morning near the SoCal League trailer. Please have one coach from each club plan on attending this 15 minute meeting for any updates on the weekend.

• We will have official 2012 State Championship letter jacket patches available at the SoCal Merchandise tent beginning Saturday at 1:00 pm (cash or check only). Last year we sold out quickly so I ordered twice as many. If they sell out again we will re-order.

• The TikiTaco truck will be on hand Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

• The race flyer and google course map are available on the Race pages of both the NorCal and SoCal websites. Please familiarize yourselves and print out and bring a flyer.

• SoCal is hosting the event but if any of NorCal's folks want to get involved working at the event, please don't be shy in sending them the link to the SoCal Volunteer Page. I send out one large blast email to all registered volunteers Thursday evening before race weekend.

We are looking forward to a fantastic weekend of hard racing and camaraderie!

See you in the Dirt Zone!

Matt Gunnell
SoCal League Director


The SoCal League has a coach and staff only facebook group. Since it launched near the start of the 2011 season, coaches have been sharing ideas and information and the League has used the group to put timely information out to coaches. We strongly encourage you to join if you facebook! The group can be found HERE. Please feel free to use this group as a touchstone to share coaching ideas, coaching questions, and equipment and clothing exchanges.

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