Piwik Newsletter #6 You are receiving this newsletter because you have signed up during the Piwik installation to receive Piwik emails. Piwik is the


Piwik Newsletter #6

You are receiving this newsletter because you have signed up during the Piwik installation to receive Piwik emails. Piwik is the leading Free Software for Web Analytics.

Piwik User Survey: Your Opinion Matters!

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We are proud to have Piwik running on over 300,000 websites, but we are still working hard to make Piwik even more awesome. Our last survey was a about a year ago and it really helped us with our roadmap and how we developed the software to this point. We are now looking for your feedback again. We hope you will be willing to share it with us. While it's about 15 questions, your answers are crucial to help us determine where we spend our energy and how we can improve Piwik. Fill in the Survey

Piwik At Interop Tokyo 2012 Convention

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Recently, an exhibition was held by our Piwik friends in Japan at an event called 'Interop Tokyo', held at the Makuhari Messe, Tokyo from the 13th to the 15th June, 2012. This is a leading business technology expo which has been showcasing the latest state-of-the-art information technology since 1994. Many visitors to the event got to experience Piwik Real Time Web Analytics, the Dashboard, API, Piwik Mobile and PDF reports. With more than 130,000 visitors over three days, the exhibition was a great success! Read more about it here. And remember, with Piwik available in 46 different languages, it is a true international open source analytics solution.

Welcome to Yahoo Analytics Users

Recently 'Yahoo Analytics' announced they will close for new websites on October 31st, 2012. If you know anyone using Yahoo (or another hosted solution) now would be a good time to tell them about Piwik. As you know, unlike other "hosted solutions" when you use Piwik, you never have to worry as long as you keep you Piwik updated and back it up regularly.

Can Piwik Scale? Yep, 1 Billion and Counting


Sometimes we are asked "Can Piwik really handle the traffic of my site?" Recently on our blog we gave an update via our Piwik High Scale Performance report. With over 1 million downloads and being on 300,000 websites, Piwik has lots of examples of satisfied users. From our high performance list, we've learned some interesting facts, including:

Some users track more than 30,000 websites with visits in one Piwik server.
Some users track more than 7 years history in Piwik after importing historical web server logs… some Piwik Mysql Databases are 100 Gb
At least three users have broken the superb 1 BILLION page views tracked in Piwik!

If you have an amazing story about your Piwik install or need tips on scaling for high performance, Signup to the Performance mailing list, to share your story and learn tips on how to scale Piwik.

Integrate Piwik with your website platform

We have added a new page listing over 45 different platforms: Content Management Systems, Ecommerce shops, Web Frameworks and Programming Languages that provide a plugin to integrate Piwik. This also includes a plugin for Magento just released.


Piwik integates with these softwares

Hot Tip of The Month: GoDaddy Cron Job

Thanks to Nick, who posted a solution in the forum for those hosting on Godaddy and struggling with getting their Cron Jobs working. Check out the solution here.


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Use the Piwik forums for questions, suggestions, or new features requests.

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